!Spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World's End!

Keeping A Weather Eye Out

He's gone.


And he won't be back for the next ten years.



Never before has the number ten seemed to large and unforgiving. Never before has ten years seemed like an eternity.

Without Will.

Without anyone.

She's alone.

She wonders, where did that headstrong, sassy girl disappear to? The girl who can run with the best of the pirates (and the worst of them, as well) and win. The girl who never backs down.

Oh, she's still there. She's just fallen in love.

Pure, true love.

Because her love for William Turner used to be marred with distrust and miscommunication, on both sides. But now their love is unhindered.

Except by ten years.

Ten long years.

But Elizabeth knows she will and can wait, for only the power of love can make a woman like her wait for a man like him.

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