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When Jess Saw Sam

The first time Jess noticed Sam; she knew that there was something different about him. Skittish and quiet, he seemed to be waiting for something terrible to leap out at him from the shadows. Lost boy, she thought.

The second time she noticed him, their professor was handing their mid-terms back. Sam scored an A. She could see that he had gained his equilibrium. That he had finally settled into his place. Smart guy, she thought.

The third time she noticed him was in a bar while he stood between two drunken linebackers twice the width across than he. Calmly, he negotiated a peace between the two. They backed down and the game of pool was finished without bloodshed. Brave man, she thought.

The last time she noticed him was behind the same bar as he helped one of the linebackers to his feet. Apparently he had taken offense to Sam's negotiation skills and tried to jump him. The result did not go as planned, but Sam didn't hold it against him, and offered to take the guy to the Emergency Room to check if his nose was broken.

It was then that Jess stopped noticing Sam and actually started to see him.

Now there's a man worth more than the sum of his parts, she thought.