Title: Worries
Author: Scarlet Pencil
Pairing: Okita Sougo/Hijikata Toshiro
Fandom: Gintama
Theme: #1, look over here
Rating: PG-13, for Hijikata's foul mouth.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gintama or its characters. It is the property of Hideaki Sorachi.




It was a weird feeling, not knowing where Okita was. A cat knocked over a beer can, and Hijikata resisted the urge to shudder. Good lord, who knew what death traps Okita could be planning for him?

Hijikata didn't think that he was paranoid. He knew that the world was a dangerous place, and that accidents happened all the time. (Like that time when he had been walking down the street and a taxi had nearly run him over. Hijikata could have sworn that he'd seen someone with brown hair in that cab…) But no, it wasn't that he was paranoid.

It was that Okita was fucking nuts, and Hijikata worried about him whenever he wasn't nearby. Of course there was the omnipresent threat that Okita would actually succeed in killing him, but Hijikata had gotten very good at avoiding bazookas, swords, and other bad things.

Still, it was surprising that he was more concerned about Okita's well-being than his own. Hijikata came to a stop at the street corner, sighed, and flicked away the ashes from his cigarette. One day, Okita was going to screw up and kill somebody important. No doubt the Shogunate would order Okita to commit seppuku if that happened. And Okita would do it, to protect the Shinsengumi and Kondou-san.

Hijikata shook his head and resumed walking. No sense in thinking stupid thoughts. He'd just continue doing what he always did.

Keep an eye on Okita as much as possible, and worry himself sick when the swordsman was out of sight.

It was because of these musings that when, fifteen minutes later, he heard the innocent drawl, "Hey! Hijikata-san!" and the accompanying explosion, Hijikata didn't react as violently as he would normally. Nor did Hijikata comment when he heard Okita mutter irately about missing again. He just sighed tiredly, missing the somewhat bothered look that crossed Okita's face.

"Tch. Come on. We'll miss our soap opera." Hijikata started walking back to headquarters. Okita fell in step behind him.

"Ne, is something wrong, Hijikata-san? Perhaps some distant relative of yours has died, leaving you a large inheritance? One that will force you to go overseas for an indeterminate amount of time?" Okita sounded hopeful.

Hijikata twitched, but continued walking. "What kind of a far out explanation is that? And nothing is wrong."

He managed to walk about five more steps before he heard Okita drawing his sword. Hijikata dove for the ground, saw an unlucky barrel of wine cleaved in half, and rolled away from Okita, fumbling for his own sword.

"Bastard! What the hell do you think you're doing?" He roared, glaring at Okita. Okita, who was smiling innocently, already wiping the alcohol off of his sword.

Okita sheathed his sword and extended a hand to Hijikata. "I just wanted you to look at me when we were talking," he said calmly.

Hijikata accepted the hand, glaring. "Normally, people ask when they want something; they don't try to slice people in half!"

Okita tugged on Hijikata's hand, and suddenly Hijikata found that he was far to close to Okita's face. He tried to pull away, but Okita tugged again.

"But Hijikata-san," Okita smirked, leaning in even closer. "We're not normal people, are we?"

It took Hijikata a minute to realize that Okita had let go, and another minute to realize that the swordsman had started walking home.

Their lips hadn't touched, exactly. But they had been pretty damn close to it. Hijikata shuddered and started walking after Okita. Dear god, why did Okita insist on screwing with his life?

Ahead of him, Okita smiled.


AN: I love this pairing. I haven't seen a couple of guys with so much innuendo on an anime for… well, I've never any. XD Especially episode ten, when Okita puts a collar and leash on Hijikata. Ah, so much love! XP