Chimera Chaos

Chapter One

"Thanks,'m not really a jewelry kind of guy."

"Jack," Daniel growled quietly "you're embarrassing me, and insulting her...just wear it."


"It's a gift, clearly part of their culture. Humour me."

"Fine." Jack sighed.

Jack leaned forward and allowed the ornately dressed Priestess to clasp the delicate looking silver necklace around his throat. The small brightly polished opal-like stone that hung from the chain glittered with a fire of its own.

"I'm going to have to draw the line if there's earrings that go along with this."

Sam bit her tongue to keep from giggling. She glanced over at Teal'c and to her surprise she noticed that he was doing the same. Sam looked around at the natives gathered around for this gift giving ceremony. They had only been on this planet a few days, but they seemed to have made a good impression on the friendly, yet silent, natives.

Laughter was the only sounds these peaceful forest dwelling people seemed to make. Other than that they didn't appear to have a spoken language of any sort. It was actually a bit unnerving, particularly for poor Daniel. He always had a hard time wrapping his mind around the idea of a civilization without a written or spoken language.

It had taken some time but Daniel had eventually found a way of at least communicating to them that the team wasn't a threat. After that they were treated to a tour of their homes that lay in perfect harmony with the woods around them. Now the woman that Daniel guessed to be some kind of High Priestess had presented them each with one of the stunning necklaces. Looking around Sam saw that there wasn't a single man, woman, or child that didn't have one.

They reminded Sam strongly of the Nox, only quieter. There was a feeling that there was a technology here so advanced that it had reverted once again back to nature, but there was no immediate signs of it. Interrupting Sam's thoughts Jack cleared his throat and looked around in his restless way.

"Well...not that this hasn't been fun," Jack said somewhat politely "and not that you haven't been wonderful hosts, but we really need to get home."

"We've barely just arrived." Daniel protested. "We have so much more to learn here."

"Danny, we're surrounded by mimes...what else is there to know?"


"We're leaving."

"Aren't you even the least bit curious?" Daniel sighed.

"No." Jack replied. "And for good reason. Curiosity killed the cat."

"That's only half of the expression, Jack."

"Really? What's the other half?"

"'...but, satisfaction brought him back'."

"You just made that up."

"Actually," Sam chimed in "he didn't, Sir."

"Well, it doesn't matter. We're leaving. If you want to come back later I'm sure SG-someone-else will be more than happy to baby-sit for you."

Daniel rolled his eyes in helpless frustration. There was no arguing with Jack, it was worse than trying to argue with a brick wall. At least with the right equipment a brick wall could be moved.

Sam looked back to Teal'c and once again the normally stoic Jaffa flashed her a grin of shared amusement. Daniel had given up the fight for the moment, but she was confident that Jack had not heard the last of this. The team said good bye to the Priestess, she smiled and giggled in return.

Back at the base Sam sat on one of the medical beds patiently going through the routine medical check. She'd lost track of how many of these she'd been through, at least one for each planet she'd returned from. Which was another number she'd lost track of over the years.

"Nice necklace." Dr. Frasier commented.

"What?" Sam asked.

"The necklace, I don't think I've ever seen you wear one while on duty...other than your tags."

"Oh right, I'd forgotten about it." Sam admitted. "I think it was a gift."

"You 'thi..."

"Daniel, I don't want to hear it." Jack argued in the background.

"Just because they didn't have weapons doesn't mean that they don't have technology or even just culture that we can lear..."

"Doc, are we done here?" Jack asked, cutting Daniel off.

"Yeah, you're all clear." Dr. Frasier replied. "In fact you can all leave."

Jack did leave, but Daniel stalked after him. Sam smiled, those two never seemed to see eye to eye on what planets were worth the team's time, or on anything for that matter. How they remained friends was sometimes a mystery to her.

In need of a shower after three days on a forested planet Jack headed towards the locker room. He could hear Daniel following him, but he did his best to ignore him. Once in the locker room he pulled off his shirt. He briefly noted that he was still wearing the sparkly necklace but decided against bothering with it and started rummaging around in his locker for his soap.

Jack stopped as he was suddenly struck by an almost overwhelming desire to return to the planet they'd just stepped away from. The feeling was so counter to his actual thoughts that he fought it bitterly for a moment. However this new found curiosity could not be ignored.

"On second thought maybe we should go ba..."

Jack started to say as he turned around. He was cut short when he caught sight of his friend standing uncomfortably close behind him. He'd been so distracted by his own thoughts of return to the planet that he hadn't even noticed his approach. Daniel was starting at him with an expression like he'd never seen Jack before and seemed somewhat horrified by what he saw.


Jack was cut off as Daniel aggressively pulled him into a shockingly passionate kiss. Jack was momentarily frozen by the sheer surprise of the unexpected move. Quickly coming to his senses he shoved Daniel away with enough force to throw him back into the metal lockers. Jack spat violently and rubbed his forearm across his mouth. Daniel was having a similar reaction, spitting several times on the concrete floor.

"What the hell was that?!" Jack roared.

"I...I don't know..." Daniel stuttered and then spat again. "I...I suddenly..."

"Lost your mind?!" Jack provided helpfully.

"Yeah, I...I think so..."

Daniel rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth, looking more than a little green around the gills. He shook head violently. Spitting again he turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Jack demanded.

"I have brush my teeth."

"I noticed." Jack snarled.

Jack hastily retrieved his shirt and put it back on. Daniel hadn't made it more than a few steps when the Base's general alarm went off. He and Jack exchanged a concerned looked.

"Gateroom." They said in unison.

Forgetting their incident for the moment they both rushed back to the Gateroom. The scene was complete chaos. At first all they could do was stare. Five soldiers stood with their weapons ready to fire. They were aiming at Teal'c, who was holding Sam by the wrists. Bright red blood dripped from an obvious gun shot wound in Teal'c's upper arm.

"Stand down!" Jack barked at the men.

"Teal'c?" Daniel asked in concern.

"I'm fine." Teal'c growled.

"What's going on in here?!" Jack demanded.

"I...I just shot Teal'c." Sam admitted. "I'm so sorry..."

"What?!" Jack exclaimed. "Why?"

"I...I don't know...I...I suddenly...just felt this rage against him. Like I...I...suddenly..."

"Lost your mind?" Daniel provided helpfully.

"Yeah, I...I think so..."

Jack was getting more agitated by the second. An hour ago life and everything in it made perfect sense. Now everything was absolute chaos, bordering on insanity. He wished that Hammond didn't have the day off. He could use a little help here. Even in his own mind his thoughts were starting to stumble over one another.

However what was bothering him the most was losing control of the situation. In a desperate attempt to regain command he ordered the five guards out. However no one left, they just started at him blankly.

"What did you just say?" Daniel asked shocked.

"I said...wait, what did I say?"

"I'm not really was in about seven different languages." Daniel said in surprise. "Four of them Alien."

"No, not possible." Jack argued. "I barely know English."

"I know, your grasp of Alien grammar is no better."

"For crying out loud, what the hell is going on here?!"

Everyone froze. The last statement was something they were used to hearing from Jack, but it had been Teal'c speaking the words this time.

"This is not good." Daniel muttered.

"Teal'c go to medical, now." Jack ordered. "You five are dismissed. Carter, try not shoot anyone. Daniel, keep a minimum of five feet from at all times from now on. ...Was that all in English?"

"Indeed." Daniel replied and then furrowed his brow at his own word choice. "I meant 'yes'...mostly away."

"Good, then hop to people!" Jack barked.

Teal'c hesitated but he released Sam and left for medical. The five soldiers left shortly there after. Sam had already dropped her gun, but now she kicked it away. Having somewhat restored order Jack turned on Daniel.

"Now then, Daniel, you were muttering something about this not being good. Did you just mean in general, or have you figured something out?"

"I figured something out."

"Care to share it with the rest of us."

"Actually, I don't think that's going to be a problem...if anything just the opposite..."