Opposites Attract!

Chapter 1

Dance, Dance

"I'm two quarters and a heart down.

And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds.

These words are all I have so I write them.

I need them just to get by."


It was cold. The rain outside my window had been falling for about an hour now. Hopefully it'd die down soon; I'm starting to feel more Emo than usual…

I suddenly heard a loud 'thud' and a groan. My roommate, Axel, probably fell off his bed…


He and I lived in this small house my wealthy parents bought for me. We met in the twelfth grade, and after school went out, he asked if he could be my roommate, since he had nowhere else to go.

And, of course, my parents made me say 'yes', even though I didn't want to share my house with someone I barely knew…

What? Oh, right. My name is Roxas. I'm seventeen years old, and Axel is eighteen. I'm kind of on the short side, while Axel's kind of on the skinny, almost anorexic side…

My parents are Cloud and Tifa. I have two siblings: a brother named Sora and a sister named Namine'.

Sora was eighteen and Namine was sixteen.

And I, of course, was the middle child. The most neglected one in the family…

I got up out of my bed to check on Axel.

When I stepped into his room, he was face first on the floor.

I let out a laugh.

"Is Axel in love with the floor?" I asked teasingly.

Axel looked up at me and smirked.

"Yes, would you mind leaving us alone?" he answered sarcastically.

Oh, he's good.

"Kairi's inviting us over to her house for some kind of get-together," he said, getting up.

"Who's coming?" I asked.

Axel slipped on a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt with the 'Element' symbol on it in blood red.

"Y'know, the usual gang," he said, walking past me. I followed him into the kitchen.

"Sora'll be there with Riku, Namine', Larxene, Demyx, Yuffie, Aerith, and Kairi, of course," he listed the names and reached for a can of Red Bull.

"What about Zexion and Marluxia?" I asked, not really caring if they showed up or not.

"Zexion is on vacation in California," he said, taking a sip.

"Then why isn't Marluxia coming? He is Kairi's brother!"

Axel chuckled and handed me the can. I hesitantly took it.

"He's older than all of us, remember? He moved out yesterday," he said knowingly, "A twenty-year-old with a well-paying job should have their own place by now."

I didn't say anything.

"So, when's all this happening?" I asked, and began to guzzle down the drink.

"This Sat.," he answered.

I handed him the empty can and walked to the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said over my shoulder, then shut and locked the door.



I watched as Roxas walked into the bathroom.

I turned around and picked up a plate of cookies that were sitting on the counter.

Eww…oatmeal raisin…

I put the plate back down and plopped myself on the couch.

I picked up the remote and began flipping through the channels.

"Hey, 'Jackass' season 2!" I said happily and began to watch.

In about a half hour, Roxas came out of the bathroom.

A cloud of steam escaped the room as he opened the door.

"Yo," I said casually.

He eyed me, and then crossed his arms.

I had been laying out on the couch, and didn't really feel like moving so he could have a seat.

"Can you move please?" he asked, sounding rather annoyed.

I sat my back up against the armrest and changed the channel.

"Hmmm…nope. I don't think I will," I said, waiting for his reaction.

It was so fun to get under his skin, y'know?

No, I don't have anything better to do with my life.

Roxas stomped his foot and pouted.

He looks so cute when he's pissed!

"Axel!!" he whined.

I then grabbed his wrist and pulled him down on top of me.

Our faces were close and level with each other's.

I leaned in and kissed him.

I honestly have no idea what made me do that.

Part of me really wanted to, and the other part just wanted to be an ass and see his reaction.

So, I went with both of them.

I expected Roxas to push me away and yell, "what the hell is wrong with you?! Are you on something?!" or maybe shove me off the couch and chuck the remote at my forehead, but he didn't. He kissed back.

And I bet he'll deny it afterwards.

I slowly pulled away and met his gaze.

He then backed away a bit and pushed my legs off the couch.

"Never, and I mean NEVER do that to me again!!" Roxas said as he turned red as a tomato.

He snatched the remote from me and angrily changed the channel.

I smirked and turned my attention towards the T.V.

This is going to be fun…


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