Part 55

The Grand Councilwoman's ship blasted off for space just barely before the arrival of the med-evac for the NID agents. Jack took great pride in telling the wounded bad guys about the latest alien protection garnered for the planet, and that its continuance was contingent upon both Daniel and Stitch remaining with SG-1.

"So keep your filthy paws off both of 'em," he gloated.

Sam, meanwhile, was staring at Bubbles. "CIA?" she questioned. The conservation officer was definitely more than he seemed to be.

"Former," Bubbles corrected. "Saved the planet once: convinced an alien race that mosquitoes were an endangered species."

"If only," replied Teal'c, slapping at one of the blood suckers as it buzzed around him.

"Just once?" Sam grinned. "So I guess that's when you met Georgie H?"

"You assume correctly," Bubbles nodded, "however the details of the circumstances remain, as yet, classified." He rolled his shoulders. "I should return to my patrol. Have a good day, Major. Colonel. Daniel. Teal'c."

"Thanks for your help," Jack offered, extending his hand. The conservation officer accepted the shake, then readjusted his sunglasses on his nose. "I don't suppose I need to remind you that this is all classified?"

Bubbles' lips quirked. "A minor incident with a group of poachers. The Air Force was conducting a reconnaissance drone retrieval operation in the area at the time, and rendered assistance. As the poachers were also in possession of classified material stolen from the crash site, they were remanded to the custody of the U.S. Air Force."

"Sounds good," Jack agreed. After Bubbles departed through the trees en route to his truck, the colonel turned to Sam. "'Georgie H'?"

She shrugged. "Apparently, he and General Hammond go way back."

Jack raised an eyebrow, glancing around the wrecked camp. "Have a little fun, did we?"

Sam beamed. "Shot a few bad guys, built the world's fastest boat and got to blow it up... add in a pedicure and a caramel macchiato, and this just might turn out to be a perfect day." Taking in the strange looks she was receiving, she stared back at her teammates. "What?"


Alarms squawked, warning everyone in the immediate vicinity that the Stargate was about to open. Stepping into the 'Gate room, Colonel Jack O'Neill hefted his P90 a little and gave General Hammond a jaunty wave. This was SG-1's first mission post-Kelowna, and Jack was nervous as all get-out. For five years, his team had been four--himself, Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c--but the accident had changed everything. With Daniel now pint-sized, there was no way he could join his team on first contact missions.

Not without extra protection anyway.

"You two ready for this?" he grinned, glancing down at Daniel and Stitch. Daniel wore a child-sized version of the team uniform, while Stitch had a custom-made olive drab jumpsuit which accomodated his extra set of arms. Both proudly displayed the SG-1 patches on their shoulders.

"Jack, it's just a trip to the Land of Light to check on Jumba and Pleakley," Daniel reminded him, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, but it's your first trip through the 'Gate shrimp-sized."

"I'll be fine."

Jack grinned and ruffled the boy's hair. "Of course you will." Looking to the blue alien, he asked, "What about you, Stitch? You gonna be ready if Daniel needs you?" Stitch nodded happily. "And what if he wants to stay and play with his rocks when it's time to head home?"

Cackling gleefully, Stitch grabbed Daniel and hoisted the boy over his head. "Put me down!" Daniel shouted, kicking his legs, but not quite able to reach the ground.

Jack chuckled. "Thanks, Stitch. You can put him down now." The look of indignation Daniel shot him was so adorable, the colonel couldn't help but ruffle the kid's hair again. The affectionate gesture drew a smile from the little archaeologist, and he settled for just lightly punching Jack's thigh.

The Stargate opened, and the spectacular kawoosh! elicited an excited "Ooooooh!" from an appreciative Stitch. Then SG-1--Colonel Jack O'Neill, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Major Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Stitch--headed through the event horizon.

The End!

Author's Notes:
Thank you to everyone for taking this wild and crazy little crossover journey with me! Special shout-outs must be made, though: Bug Eyed Monster, whose innocent comment spawned this fluffy terror; the insane gang at Little Stargate; Nyx Ro, the perennial cheerleader; Disney, for giving us the wonderful world of Lilo & Stitch; and my cat Rusty, for being his inspiringly cute and fluffy litle self.