Chapter Four:

Suddenly I hear Kyoya cry out in pain, and his blade falls to the ground with a clatter. Opening my hazel eyes, I see the ornately decorated hilt of a dagger protruding from Kyoya's chest. He falls to his knees, and then, with a grunt, he falls flat on his face. Blood is pooling beneath his now motionless body. I am in shock. Turning to the doorway, I see Mori, Hunny, Hikaru and Kaoru standing in a group. The only one without a look of utter shock on his face is Mori. I also notice that in his hand, he carries a dagger, identical to the one in Kyoya's chest. The twins walk to me in long strides and they pull me to my feet. Hikaru is one who notices my heavily bleeding arm first.

"What the hell happened here?" Mori asks as he lifts Tamaki's body. I tell the four the whole story. Once I have finished, Hunny did the most shocking thing every. Turning to look at the body of Kyoya, he spits on the floor, saying, "So the bastard deserved what he got then."

I am too shocked to say anything, so I just nod. Then, the twins pull me from the room, saying I need to get my wound cleaned and wrapped before I loose too much blood. I am getting very dizzy from the blood loss, and thus I do not put up much of a fight.

Later, after my arm has been cleansed and wrapped tightly, I go and see Tamaki. I find him lying on his bed, still out cold; the doctor is standing at the foot of the bed, talking with Mori.

"So will he be okay?" Mori asks.

"Yes, although he may be out for another couple hours. That was quite the blow to the head," the doctor remarks. Mori and I both breathe a sigh of relief.

"Well, thank you, doctor," Mori says bowing respectfully.

"You are most welcome. Take care," was the doctor's reply. Then, he turns and walks from the room.

"So, Haruhi, how is your arm?" Mori asks, his eyes focusing on the gauze Hikaru and Kaoru had tightly wound around the wound.

"Good. The twins did a really good job of cleaning it up," I reply, looking at Tamaki with sorrow.

Mori notices this and gives a sort of grunt before leaving the room, mumbling something about needing to find Hunny.

I walk over to Tamaki's bed and gaze down at his sleeping form. 'He looks so peaceful,' I say to myself. Unexpectedly, tears well up in my eyes and overflow, running down my cheeks. I touch his hand gently and sit down on the side of the bed. Hours pass. The twins bring me a bowl of ramen at suppertime.

Just as I am about to leave, Tamaki moans. His baby blue eyes flutter open.

" that you…?" he says in a croaky voice.

"I'm here," I coo, laying my hand on his.

"Haruhi…I-I-I'm sorry…I couldn't fight him off…"

"Shh, baby. It's all alright now," I say, putting a finger to his lips.

He just closes his eyes and, grabbing my hand, he pulls me along side him. I wrap my arms around his slender form and close my eyes. Instantly I succumb to sleep.

End Chapter Four.

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