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When the Past is the Future…

Chapter 21:

Second Chance


Light footsteps were heard on the wooden bridge and most eyes turned to the sound, of course, Sesshomaru's eyes stared. A small figure covered in dark robes walked towards them. With incredible force, the gusts of wind that were Kikyo's soul began to fly to this silent figure, digging into her.

"A soul eater!?" screamed a villager in panic "I thought there was just the Soul-Pipe" he whispered and stood from his bow and began to walk away. Looking at their companion's strange behavior, many copied him.

Suddenly the air stopped, and so did the hooded figure. Everyone was silent and Sesshomaru stood regally, silently greeting the figure behind him.

"I am sorry for your loss, little priestess" said the warm voice of Kagome, smooth and human. "However, with your sister's passing, the Jewel must come back to my protection" she explained softly and her hands removed the veil of her hood to reveal her face.

Gasps were heard around her as the people took on her appearance. "Lady Kikyo!" many exclaimed. "She has come back, she possessed the body of the human to keep protecting us" they gossiped between them, but a growl silenced them.

"I will kill all those who falter to show proper respect to my mate" growled Sesshomaru at the group. "This is not Kikyo, this is Kagome" he growled once again, to assure them that he will not forgive more imprudence.

"My sister spoke of you" whispered Kaede with fear. "She said that she took something from you, that she hurt you" she said raggedly as her eyed once again filled with tears. Her young and real age was shown on those tears and many often forgot she was just a child with a great responsibility. She had to bear the weight of what was required of a future priestess.

Kagome walked towards her and knelt next to her. She placed her hand on top of Kaede's head comfortingly. The next second, the girl launched herself to her embrace and kept crying. Kagome continued to comfort her and began to make relaxing sounds to help ease the young girl.

"She's Inu no Taisho's miko" a villager whispered with realization, but when Sesshomaru growled once again, the villager amended "Was, was Inu no Taisho's miko…she must be the Lady of the Western Lands" he said and bowed once again, this time in reverence of Kagome, not Sesshomaru.

"She was the one who protected the Jewel before Kikyo, she's strong" another repeated, and soon enough, everyone bowed respectfully.

A few minutes later, the villagers neared the females intending to take Kikyo's body to the gravesite to be prepared. Kaede held into Kagome painfully as she heard her sister's body taken away.

"I need the Jewel, Kaede" said Kagome evenly. "You should not carry it, it's a dangerous item" Kagome pressed on, concerned about the young girl's welfare.

Trembling hands searched inside the fold of her kimono and then passed the Jewel to the fellow priestess before her. Kagome took the necklace with a grateful smile. "Thank you" said Kagome as she finally closed her hand around the Shikon Jewel after so long.

However, when her hand closed on the Jewel, a dark aura exploded around her, taking her in a pool of darkness, robbing her from Sesshomaru's and Kaede's side.


Kagome stood hurriedly when a blue barrier covered the entire place. It seemed as if time had stopped. Sesshomaru looked at her with unmoving eyes. Kaede was in the very exact position, her fingers still holding the end of the necklace on her little hands. The leaves of the tree didn't dance anymore and even the clouds remained immobile.

She stood cautiously, looking around her, but she was alone. No one else was moving. She began to walk around the place, her senses on guard and the Jewel was now safely around her neck. What had happened? This had never happen before.

She continued to wander, going further away from Sesshomaru with each step. She had no bow or arrow, but she had the Jewel, she could call upon them, or so she hoped…

Her name being called stopped her, and she looked up to the sky from where the sound came. It was a somewhat familiar sound but she couldn't remember who it belonged to. A moment later, the whole scenario where she was standing changed. No more was she on the wooden bridges with Kaede or Sesshomaru, now she was before an odd-looking shrine, with stone floors. However, the stone floor was made with great care, the stones were all alike, all perfectly shaped.

Kagome! Have a nice day at school!

She turned around just in time to see someone who resembled her running out of the house. She stopped and turned around the house and yelled something that she couldn't hear and waved. A young boy with black hair and an orange shirt ran after her.

Kagome felt her heart shrink. Was that her? The girl looked like her, but her clothes were indeed strange, a white blouse with short green skirts and a brown backpack. She also had long socks and well tied brown shoes. She brought her finger to her mouth and bit it nervously. What was happening? Where was she?

She looked down to her side when she felt something touch her and she screamed silently. A strange animal was at her feet, caressing itself against her leg. It was a fat and furry animal, and she smiled, feeling like it sort of resembled Kirara, a cat.

After this, the scene became blurry again, this time it was darker and lots of skulls and bones were scattered everywhere.

"Kagome! Run!" screamed a more familiar and masculine voice.

She turned just in time to see herself once again, this time dressed in a long sleeved blue blouse and once again, short, light blue skirts. She had a rusty sword on her hand and Sesshomaru was nearing her. She could see as Inu-Yasha raced towards Sesshomaru, but he didn't make it in time, for Sesshomaru attacked her with his demonic powers, with his poison claws. She heard herself scream and then, Inu-Yasha was sent flying by Sesshomaru's kick and he crashed against the wall.

Kagome remained in shock as the scene unfolded before her. This could not be happening. Sesshomaru wouldn't try to kill her like that; that was just impossible. A few seconds later, Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha were once again at each other's throats, well, Inu-Yasha was trying and Sesshomaru was playing him.

Slight movement caught her attention and she turned just in time to see herself coming to her feet. She saw as the girl extended the sword on her hand and shouted something, but she couldn't hear it when she spoke, why?

She shook her head confused. Was she dreaming? When her gaze adjusted once again, she was no longer in the same place, but a darker one. She looked up and she could see light, and then her eyes settled on some vines attached to the walls. It was then that she understood she was inside a well.

"Kagome" screamed a childish voice "Did you bring some candy with you?" it asked with barely contained happiness.

She debated a moment but decided not to answer. Mainly because she didn't know if they would hear her and second…what was candy?

She pulled herself out of the well and was left to stare at the people in front of her. A young fox demon looked at her happily, moving its tail. Its green eyes then narrowed, as if disappointed. She looked forward and watched as a girl around her age, dressed on the black outfit of the Exterminators petted Kirara's head lovingly. At her side, a monk with purple robes was sitting, speaking with the Exterminator.

Then, up in a tree, the red haori which resembled hers greeted her. There was Inu-Yasha, sleeping peacefully while the wind played with his hair.

She narrowed her eyes painfully, she knew these people. Somewhere deep inside, she knew they were something like family, that she should remember them, that she would be happy to be with them; but somehow, she thought she could dig it all out. She turned back to the well, and then her hand instantly closed to surround the Jewel. A flash of memory came back to her like a swirl. She was running, she had been running and she jumped inside the well…and so did him…

"Naraku" she whispered terrified.

Several gasps made her turn back, but then a hue of red and the scent of blood surrounded the place. Then, only painful grunts were heard. She looked around only to feel the air leave her lungs.

Hundreds of demon corpses were lying around the place, and there was so much blood! She took her hands to her mouth to prevent herself from throwing up, what was happening?

"Now!" she heard Inu-Yasha scream.

She turned to the source of the voice and she saw Inu-Yasha sink his giant sword onto the floor. After that, the monk in purple and black robes ran in front of Inu-Yasha and the screamed "Wind Tunnel!" and exposed his right hand, a massive black hole began to draw in all the demons around them.

Kagome could only stare, petrified. Who were this group who held so much strength?

"Hiraikotsu!" another voice yelled and the giant weapon made of bones flew in the dark sky ripping apart every single demon it touched.

"Miroku!" the child's voice once again interrupted, and Kagome turned in time to see the young kid running towards the fallen monk. "Here, drink this" said the child as he helped the monk to some medicine. "Kagome says it will prevent the poison from killing you".

The world seemed to fall apart for Kagome. She knew them, they knew her, she was helping them, but why couldn't she remember?

"Take this!" screamed an all too familiar voice and Kagome turned just in time to see herself between the pools of blood and corpses preparing her bow. A second later, the purified arrow flew and made a hole in the gut of a massive demon, killing it instantly.

"Run, Kagome!" yelled Inu-Yasha furiously. "Protect the Jewel!" he ordered as he slashed some demons on his way.

Kagome turned to herself once again. It was strange, to be able to see yourself, yet not being there. She smiled as she saw her hesitation, they acted the same, but then again, she saw as the blue eyes look determined. The girl nodded and ran as far as she could from the enraged war. Soon enough, a horde of demons began to follow her. Kagome began to take tentative steps to follow her as well, but a voice brought her back.

"We must find the last shard of the Jewel" said the monotone voice of he who she now recognized as her mate.

She turned to eye him and then noticed that she was no longer standing in the bloody war, instead, she was on a silent and dark forest. But why was Sesshomaru looking directly at her? Could he see her?

Sesshomaru turned her back to her and began to walk away. Kagome remained still, should she follow him? Her eyes watched as Jaken passed her, pulling Ah-Uh's reins.

"Let's go, Lady Kagome" chirped the voice of a young girl who appeared out of nowhere and took her hand. She began to pull with her with a big smile "Lord Sesshomaru will leave us behind" she warned.

Kagome smiled and was about to give a step forward when her vision was blurred by whiteness. She gasped and noticed that the other Kagome, the one with the white blouse and green skirts was walking forward, holding hands with the young girl with an orange and white kimono.

Kagome raised the hand that the child had taken and looked at it confused. She had felt it when the girl had held her hand. After a moment, realization hit her and she ran forward towards her other self. What did Sesshomaru meant when he said they had to find the Jewel shards?

After she caught up with them, she looked at the necklace her other self held. It was not the very same one she carried. Instead of the Jewel, the woman before her held a tiny bottle with pink pieces of the Jewel. Why?

So lost in her thoughts she was, that she failed to notice the small dent on the ground and tripped. She growled in anger and helped herself to her feet, but once again, she found herself on a different place.

She was once again near the well, but this time the sun was shining. From the horizon it came out of the woods, Inu-Yasha and her and they were holding hands. Kagome blushed as she saw this. That was not right, she was Sesshomaru's mate, she wouldn't do that.

They walked towards her, neither sensing her presence at all, and she turned to the side as they passed her. She didn't want to see if they trespassed her…that would feel awkward. She watched as the both of them sat on the edge of the well, both looking up at the sky.

She saw herself talking, her lips moving, but she could not hear it. Frustration gawked at her, she wanted to hear what she was saying!

"I love Kikyo, Kagome" Inu-Yasha said and his ears flattened against his head "She died because of me…I can't leave her…I'm sorry"

Somehow those words stung harder than she had believed. But why? She didn't love Inu-Yasha, why his confession of love for another woman hurt her so?

She saw herself smiling bitterly and talking again, but now, she was glad that she couldn't hear what she was saying. She was having a bad feeling about this. Did she really love Inu-Yasha?

A rustling sound was heard and Kagome swiftly turned towards the noise. As she did this, Sesshomaru's face welcomed her. His eyes were cold and calculating, a golden color unlike the color she recognized of her mate.

"Will you return to the half-breed" his monotone and cold voice asked and Kagome flinched. She turned behind her and she saw herself sprawled against a rock, crying silently. Moments passed between them in silence. "He will forever love the memory of the woman who pinned him to the tree for fifty years" he added after she faltered to answer.

Kagome's sobs intensified and a strong rain began to pour down on them. After a minute, Sesshomaru turned to leave but Kagome spoke, she could see it on the tense movement of her shoulders as he did.

Sesshomaru remained still, "It was the only way to kill the demoness inside of you" he said evenly and emotionless.

After a few moments, Kagome turned to Sesshomaru with her teary-soaked face, and then she bowed her head.

Sesshomaru stiffened and fisted his hands. "This Sesshomaru does not lie" he said tersely. "The kiss was not unpleasant" he finished and turned his face to the side for a few moments, and after he earned a smile from Kagome with a muttered 'Thank you', he left her alone and escaped the silent forest.

"Kagome" taunted a voice from the forest. She turned to the voice and frowned, was someone calling her? She turned to where her other form cried, but she was no longer there.

"Kagome" the voice called again and Kagome walked towards the voice. It was a strange voice which caused her to shiver, but she was not really here, so it should not matter.

After a few minutes, she finally made it to a dark castle surrounded by miasma. She recognized the place as the very same one where a war had erupted. The place still had the corpses of the demons and some new ones which were eating the fallen companions.

She walked past them, hardly glancing at them.

"Come in, Kagome" the same voice instructed.

Kagome stopped a moment to look around her, but she couldn't see or sense anyone. She continued forward and walked up a set of stairs and stopped under the doorframe of the entrance of the castle.

"Surprise!" said the voice cruelly "I killed them" the voice added and laughed darkly.

Kagome was frozen on spot. Her eyes set on the dangling corpses of the companions she recognized from earlier: the young fox demon, the demon exterminator, the monk and finally, Inu-Yasha.

"You can still revive them" the voice spoke once again, this time on her right ear. "You just have to make a wish to the Shikon Jewel" it said with a smirk that she faltered to see. "You want to do it, don't you?" it asked with a haunting voice "Then do it" it pressed on.

Kagome remained unmoving, too hurt to even think about wishing anything. Her eyes fell upon the angry, slashed and wounds they each carried. A splash of blood coated the space below each one of them. They had died, why was she safe?

She fell to her knees and her still-shocked blue eyes seemed to see past them. They had died protecting her and the Shikon Jewel, it had all been her fault. Silent tears flew down freely as her heart clenched guiltily. They had been so strong!

…and the killer was…

…the murderer was…


His name made her growl with something akin to hate. He was despicable, was scum, the worst. She had to kill him, she had to rid the world of him, she had to make him pay.

"So" began the half demon with a smirk on his face, "I see that you have a wish" he mocked and appeared in front of her. He took off his baboon mask and looked down at her with those calm red eyes.

Kagome extended her hand and called forth her bow and arrow, but they didn't come. She narrowed her eyes with something next to fear and tried again, but it was in vain.

"You can't use your powers, miko" said the repulsive voice of Naraku "It's just you and me, but unfortunately, for you, I still have my powers" he laughed darkly and charged against her.

Kagome barely dodged his attack by rolling to the side, but Naraku's hand managed to take hold of her fire rat haori and pulled her to him, her thin body being dragged around the dirty wooden floor. She seethed in anger and tried to snatch herself from him, but his hold on her was strong.

"My my Kagome" he murmured surprised. "You have grown more than what I remember" he said darkly "You are…lovelier" he stated and took a sniff of her hair.

Kagome stiffened and began to push down her sandaled feet against the floor to push herself away from him, but she couldn't break free. Once again, she tried to summon her miko powers but they wouldn't obey her. Tears of despair came to her, her powers had left her since so long ago, had rejected her for she had mated a demon. Not only that, but her body had weakened considerably, she was sure that if she had the same training she had when younger she would have the strength to free herself, but she was old and weak.

"It's easier like this" stated Naraku gleefully. "Just be quiet and still, I don't plan to do anything…strange" he said his face once again buried on her hair "You smell so different from Kikyo" he muttered with some annoyance.

Kagome felt confused, what had Kikyo to do with any of this? She felt like there was something she was missing…why was so hard to remember things? However, Naraku's hand on her chest made her squirm once again, what was he doing?!

A smirk plastered on his face as he felt her body tense on his arms, sick pleasure coming to his sensory nerves, but he dismissed it. His hand found the necklace around her neck and his hand settled on the Jewel which rested on her chest, her hand instantly covered his, trembling with uncertainty, but then, the Jewel exploded in a swirl of raw power, two different wishes with unparallel ends, making it unstable. A white flash blinded them and took them far away from where they had been fighting each other.


A flashing sound followed by a grunt of pain directed all eyes toward it. Sesshomaru gasped with surprise, something he seldom felt, when he watched Kagome down on the forest fighting with a demon when she had been sitting in front of him a second ago. The loud thud of Kaede falling to the floor made him frown, it had really been a second ago, otherwise the young girl wouldn't had fallen because of unbalance.

Sesshomaru quickly jumped from the bridge and went down skillfully until he reached Kagome. Kagome was on top of Naraku and they were both fighting for something Kagome had in hand. As soon as they felt his presence, the half-demon Naraku pulled Kagome roughly and it was a miracle that he didn't break her arm with the sheer force of his pull. Kagome fell forward and placed her other hand in front of her to prevent from hitting the ground face off, but her wrist made a sick, cracking sound as her limb felt the pressure touching the floor. An agonizing scream left Kagome's mouth and her arm doubled over, forcing Naraku to let go of her hand and jumped over her.

Sesshomaru dashed forward, one of many other times fearing for his half-mate welfare, but stopped midway. His golden eyes stared confusedly at Kagome's arm, which he was sure now held the Shikon Jewel. Somehow, she had dug her hand, with the Jewel, inside Naraku's chest. Only half of her lower half was visible while the other was embedded inside of the half-demon. The half-demon stopped moving, his red eyes looking at Kagome in the face utterly shocked.

"Kagome" Naraku whispered, "what have you done?" he asked confused, his eyes going down to the arm inside his chest.

"I am killing you" said Kagome with angered tears in her eyes. "You will be no more, but fear not, you shall always be near the object you desire so much… just inside it" Kagome growled brokenly and twisted her hand inside him to make him twist in pain. Her other hand grabbed his neck and a pulse exploded from that hand stealing the demonic strength the half-demon possessed and sealing it inside the Shikon Jewel.

Naraku gasped raggedly and his eyes once again turned to Kagome, as if happy to have her below him as he died. "You…are prettier" said Naraku and his body began to dissipate slowly. "And…let me tell you a little secret…you never…loved Sesshomaru…in the future…you loved…Inu-Yasha" he said and a choked laugh escaped him.

"Sesshomaru hates…you…Inu-Yasha pities you…only I saw you as the woman you were…I would've made you…my queen….but worry not" he grinned sardonically. "I will be…with you when they leave you…because you are the girl…from where the Shikon Jewel returned to us…I will live…inside of you" and with those last words his form disappeared completely, only the echo of a content sigh remained as she breathed raggedly.

Kagome remained on the floor, her blue eyes on the equally blue sky. She felt as if all her bears had dissipated, as if killing him had been her destiny, her mission altogether. Her hand fell to her abdomen and she swirled the Jewel in her hand, to check that she still held it. Everything was safe, she had completed her task in life. She raised the Jewel and it glowed a healthy pink, and its color shone with the sunrays. She smiled as she watched the item, as the memories suddenly became easier to grasp.

She remembered falling to the sky, escaping to a burning palace, she remembered Naraku overpowering her, Midoriko training, a younger Sesshomaru, Sora and his Hiraikotsu, Kirara and the exterminators, Unno and the golden dragon, Kagura who escaped from Naraku… she could remember clearly, she had escaped the fight with Naraku and jumped in the well, but Naraku caught her and she was not sent home.

Tears came to her eyes, Sango had perished before she had escaped the place. Her sister was dead, what about her kit? Miroku and Inu-Yasha? Kaede and Koga…Koga she knew him. She sobbed. He had asked her to mate him and she had refused. She shook her head despairingly, she had met Inu no Taisho, she had met Izayoi. She had changed the future, she was sure, she had altered everyone's fate. Even Sesshomaru's.

Her teary eyes turned to him only to find him frozen, looking tensely at her. Looking at him only made her sob harder. What had she done?! Sesshomaru hated her, and she had twisted things, in this reality, he had marked her! It was impossible, Sesshomaru was cold and unforgiving, this was not Sesshomaru! This was not the Sesshomaru that would aid Rin when she needed him to save her. No. This Sesshomaru was wrong, she had killed the real Sesshomaru!

This was wrong, they didn't love each other, they weren't supposed to, she loved Inu-Yasha! Not Sesshomaru! She had destroyed everything, this was all her fault! Her fault!

She couldn't stop crying, not even when she heard Sesshomaru's boots closer to her. She just raised her arms and hid her crying face from him, she didn't want him to see her, it was all her fault! He was upset, she could feel it weakly through their bond, he was broken, he was sad. It was all her fault! How could she had been so blind to reality! She had been such a fool!

She did nothing as Sesshomaru knelt at her side, neither when his strong arm surrounded her and brought her to his arms. She still hid her face while he walked painfully slow up the steps of the bridges. She said nothing as he ordered the villagers to prepare a room for them, she did nothing. She was a failure and she feared that anything else she did was going to make the ripple in time worse than before.

She had to do something! She needed to fix this mess! She couldn't be the one to alter the future, she had promised herself when she started the whole trip that she wouldn't. She needed to find a solution and soon!


Night had fallen and silence engulfed both occupants of the hut. The hut was bigger than many and was farther apart, it was a place for visitors, the villagers had said, but tonight every visitor was staying somewhere else. Kagome was grateful for the accurate sense of the villagers since if they didn't leave them alone, she was going to ask it. She didn't want Sesshomaru, stressed as he was, near humans.

She looked dully as his hands carefully bandaged her broken left wrist. He had been silent all afternoon, but she didn't blame him, he must be as confused as she was. What was she to do?

"How are you feeling?" asked Sesshomaru breaking the silence between them as he sat at the wall at her side.

Kagome sat on her futon and extended her hand and tried to move her fingers slowly but it hurt. Her lips frowned with irritation, but then she turned to Sesshomaru with a little smile. "I am fine" she said and once again looked at her hand.

"Why are you so affected by the half-breed's words?" asked Sesshomaru, never one to delay the inevitable. "He was lying" he stated with such confidence that made Kagome narrow her eyes with disbelief.

"Why would he lie?" asked Kagome annoyed "After all, it was his dying breath" she added to make her point, her blue eyes were looking at Sesshomaru unwavering.

Sesshomaru's face remained impassive, not even his eyes showed any emotion "Because he was our enemy" he replied simply.

A tense silence engulfed them and Kagome felt a bitter smile cover her face. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes at the intense emotions that were welling inside her: despair, guilt, fear and hope.

"Do you love Inu-Yasha?" asked Sesshomaru evenly, making Kagome turn to him with worried eyes. She was aware of how thorny this topic was, however his eyes remained cold. "You told me you didn't" he reminded her as he narrowed his eyes.

Kagome looked down as the sheet which covered her lower half in thought. "I don't love Inu-Yasha" she said softly and her hands fisted on the white sheets. "That doesn't change what happened in the past" she said and closed her eyes.

"You have proved that the half-breed lied" said Sesshomaru confidently "If you do not love Inu-Yasha, then is possible that all the other things he spoke of where also blunt lies" he explain with an easy logic, but he could feel that he was only making Kagome bear much more pain.

"What he said is the truth Sesshomaru" said Kagome softly, her eyes not meeting his "The Jewel…when I took it from the girl, Kaede" she began "It took me back in time, to where I was before coming here…I was different, you were different and Inu-Yasha was different as well" she said painfully, doubling over and resting her forehead on her knees.

"The visions may have been created" stated Sesshomaru simply. "How can you be so sure that the Jewel was not deceiving you?" he asked, his eyes still impassive, fixated on her.

Kagome chuckled darkly "You all found me on a town that had been attacked by demons, when I awoke three days after, you were lying at my side, it was raining, I was talking with Sora when you came from your rounds around the demon Exterminators and then we talked…and then a massive amount of demonic aura permeated the village and the war began…Unno broke your sword--"

"Enough" interrupted Sesshomaru with a growl. He was standing now and pacing the room. "You speak the truth, that's what happened, but the half-demon is still lying" snarled Sesshomaru as his eyes began to show emotion, raw and dangerous emotions.

"He wasn't lying!" cried Kagome "I remember!" she yelled frustrated. "You hated me! I feared you! Inu-Yasha loved Kikyo and I loved Inu-Yasha!" she sobbed nonstop and her hands were holding her head in place, as if she had a terrible headache. "I changed the future! I messed up with the time line!" and after this, she was choking on her own tears and couldn't speak anymore.

Neither spoke for minutes, Kagome because her sobs still rocked her body and Sesshomaru because he was perturbed beyond belief. After minutes passed, Kagome found herself alone on the hut, Sesshomaru's raw aura shouting all around the village. Kagome dug her head on her legs once again and continued to cry inconsolably.

A few minutes later, a small presence became known at the entrance of the hut. Kagome had stopped crying a while ago, but she was still weak and tired "Kaede" she called. "You can come in" said Kagome softly.

The cloth of the entrance ruffled as Kaede came in silently. The room was dark since there were no lit candles. "Are you all right, Lady Kagome?" asked the childish voice "The demon, he didn't—" she asked concerned.

"He didn't hurt me" said Kagome with a smile sitting down on the futon, her blue eyes found Kaede's brown ones. "He wouldn't" she finally said to reassure the younger girl.

"That's what Kikyo said" said the youngster and unshed tears came to her eyes "and she's dead" she said and clenched her fist on her kimono.

"I'm sorry" said Kagome saddened, "I am sure she was a great priestess" she said with a weak smile and ruffled the young girl's hair. "Tell me why you are wasting your time by visiting me?" asked Kagome with a smile.

Kaede bowed her head and sighed. "The funeral rites will begin soon" she said with a deep sadness coating her words. "I wanted to tell you" she finished, her head still bowed.

Silence ensued, but Kagome's cheerful voice broke it. "I will get ready" she said and stood from the futon. "Of course, only if you make me company" she said with a smile and she saw how Kaede's eyes lighted at her request, the girl didn't want to be alone to watch her sister's burning body.


Kagome and Kaede were holding hands, both silent as they watched the body of the previous priestess being bathed on different oils. All the villagers were present at the funeral site, and hundreds of prayers layered each other as the villagers continued to pray for Kikyo's eternal rest. But she knew better, somehow, she knew Kikyo's soul was not going to its eternal rest. Instead, it will be delivered to an eternal torture, but why?

Confusing thoughts invaded her mind. How could Inu-Yasha love her when she was dead? Her eyes glazed over, trying to allow the deepest part of her brain show her the memories which were still buried. But it seemed to be harder than she had anticipated. She bit her lip nervously, there was something she needed to remember.

The hand holding her own clenched tighter making her look up once again as the elder of the town finally placed the lit torch on Kikyo's body, which burst into flames immediately after. A ragged scream and Kaede's body colliding forcefully against her made Kagome hug the girl tighter. However, Kagome's eyes couldn't leave Kikyo's burning body. The stories told that Kikyo had been burned alongside the Jewel so she would protect it on the other world, but it didn't happen like that.

After half an hour, the only thing that remained of Kikyo were the floating dark ashes that flew with the night's wind. Soon, people began to say their last prayers and Kagome waited impatiently. After a few minutes, people began to walk away, but Kagome stopped them.

Kagome kept her hand on Kaede's shoulders and her eyes were on the crowd in front of her. "It is to be known that the Shikon Jewel was burned with Kikyo's body" she said sternly "It's the only way to keep the Jewel safe. Please understand" she said with a softer tone.

Bows of understanding were her answer and soon, the villagers departed to their respective houses. The fire slowly died and then only the soft sounds of the nocturnal animals were heard.

"Come, Kaede" said Kagome "let's put you to bed" she pleaded with a soft smile.

The young girl numbly nodded and began to pull Kagome with her, to her own house. When Kaede moved the cloth of the door she stopped. Kagome looked inside cautiously and immediately understood why she had stopped, two futons were set on the hut, one of them, which will never be used again. Kagome sighed and walked in and pulled the futons together.

Kagome sat down on one of the futons and lay there, "I'm staying until you fall asleep" Kagome said at the still standing Kaede.

After a moment, Kaede was lying down next to her and squeezed her softly, placing her head on Kagome's shoulder.

"You will be a wonderful priestess, Kaede" said Kagome softly. "You will be the wisest, and we will met again, I promise" she said and kissed the top of Kaede's head.

Soft sobs were heard and between them a relieved "Thank you". After a long crying session, the girl finally fell asleep.


Kagome silently entered the hut she had been given, she was supposed to be there sooner, she knew, but she couldn't leave the girl alone until she fell asleep. Her eyes fell on his discarded armor next to the door but ignored it. Sesshomaru's irritated gaze welcomed her and she turned her face to the floor guiltily. She had felt Sesshomaru's aura calling up to her a while ago.

"Come to me" ordered Sesshomaru lowly, motioning for the cushion which was just in front of him.

Kagome raised an eyebrow, he had really been expecting her. She silently did as told and sat down before him, his legs almost surrounding her "I'm sorry, I was—"

"With the young priestess" he finished for her abruptly, making Kagome narrow her eyes. Sesshomaru's eyes locked onto hers, ripping her soul apart in search of something. After a minute of his intense scrutiny, he spoke. "Are you certain that what you saw was the future?" he asked, with his face turned away.

"Yes" was the soft reply, and she kept her eyes on her fisted hands, her shoulders were tense and her posture stiff.

"Then I ask, are you certain that this Sesshomaru hated you?" he asked and this time he turned to her.

Kagome raised her blue eyes to him and her eyes flickered with doubts, "You tried, to kill me a few times" she said with certainty. "However, you were never one with words…you never said explicitly…but I think you did" she said softly. Images of Sesshomaru and her under the rain, when he said that the kiss had not been unpleasant came and fell on her like cold water. Had they kissed?

"So, you are not completely certain?" he asked while nodding absentmindedly, his eyes taking a faraway look.

Kagome shook her head lightly, her thoughts still taking her from an image to another: Sesshomaru and the little girl, the ride over Ah-Uh in the search of the final shard, Sesshomaru's word of advice, he wielding the sword…Tokijin?

A warm feeling in the back of Kagome's head awoke her of her thoughts and she found Sesshomaru's lips crashing into her own. She screamed at the sudden movement, but Sesshomaru pulled her closer, effectively preventing her from escaping him. After the initial shock, Sesshomaru stopped his attack on her lips and began to play her, kissing and drawing back to kissing again.

Somehow Kagome felt herself relaxing, though she had to admit that his little game was annoying her. So far away in thought she was, that Sesshomaru had to growl to bring her back. Kagome blinked confusedly as he stopped kissing her but their lips were still touching, just not moving. She earned another growl and when her eyes looked up at Sesshomaru, she noticed that he wasn't looking at her, instead, he looked distracted looking down at her lips. The soft touch of his tongue on her lip followed by equally soft nibbling on her lips, that sent the message through somehow and she kissed him back.

A soft, content sound exploded from Sesshomaru's throat and he once again began to kiss her. This time, it felt better, it felt…fun. They way they both tried to kiss the other and the sweet scent she could take from Sesshomaru's mouth was distracting her so much that she didn't stop him when his tongue managed to pass through her fine lips and inside her mouth. She tensed a moment, the strange sensation surprising her, but Sesshomaru softness and his hand playing on her hair stopped her from protesting, after all, it felt nice.

A moment later, Sesshomaru pulled away and Kagome narrowed her eyes at him. "Did you find this kiss unpleasant?" asked Sesshomaru as he moved to kiss her cheek, her nose, her forehead.

Kagome shivered warmly as he kissed her. "N-No" she said as he continued kissing her in any place his lips could find.

Sesshomaru's hand came to her neck and moved her head to the side and kissed her neck up to her ear. "Did you like it?" he asked once again as he began to exchange between kisses and nibbling.

Kagome's right hand came up to his white hakama and clenched on the silken cloth, pulling herself closer to him, her eyes looking everywhere and anywhere at the same time.

He chuckled softly, "I will take that as an affirmative" said Sesshomaru with some humor in his voice, and then stopped his kisses and pushed Kagome a little away from him, locking his golden eyes into her blue ones apprehensively. "That proves it" said Sesshomaru making Kagome frown confusedly. "The half-breed spoke lies" he explained and licked her collarbone. "I am your mate, I want only you" he said and kissed her neck.

Kagome's unsteady hands came to each side of his head and she rested her chin over his head, tears began to fall from her eyes. "No, Sesshomaru" she said slowly, "I was not the woman you were supposed to mate" she explained. "I just got in the way" she tried to make him understand, though it hurt her somehow. With the passing of centuries, she had begun to develop a companionship, a respect and care for him.

"I believe you are thinking too much" said Sesshomaru as he squeezed her to him and raised to his feet, his lips continued to kiss her neck and collarbone since he didn't want to pry his head away from her hold. He settled on her futon and lay down with her over him, both silent and he began to slide his fingers through her long hair. A little smile came to his lips as he noticed she had grown taller, she reached his chest. Few women were as tall…mortality was taking her from him.

"I don't want to cause you pain" whispered Kagome after a while "I am dying, Sesshomaru" she reminded him softly.

"We all die" said Sesshomaru seriously "and you are causing me pain acting like you are now" he admonished her. "Besides, if you just accept me Kagome, you will live much longer" he reminded her.

"Sesshomaru" she called for his attention. "Stop this" she pleaded brokenly. "We will meet again in the future" she promised him. "Leave me with my half-mark" she asked and she pressed her uninjured right hand into the futon to raise and be able to see him. His eyes were confused and sad. "Its powers will disappear by then and if we fall in love then, it mean that we truly loved each other, it would mean we had been destined to mate" she explained with a sad smile.

"No" growled Sesshomaru and pulled her towards him, pulling her lips towards his and kissing her again. "You speak nonsense" he said still kissing her. "Why can't you believe what I say, Kagome?" he asked, his mouth still and his golden eyes boring into her.

Kagome chuckled darkly. "What have you got to say?" she asked back, "that I am the only one you want as a mate?" she questioned and was silenced by his lips once again kissing her.

"No" he said still kissing her, and then he stopped. "What I have been saying is…that I love you, Kagome" he said and kissed her cheeks and chin. "I love you Kagome" he repeated to her shocked state.

"You lie" she whispered breathless. "You don't love me" she said, denial clear on her face. She didn't know what to do in this case, what was right? What was wrong? What did she want?

"I have no doubt of what I speak" said Sesshomaru evenly "However, I need to ask something" he said and his golden eyes once again found hers "Do you have those feelings towards this Sesshomaru?" he asked with an even and apparently emotionless voice.

But she knew better, every time that he referred himself in third person with her was because he was nervous. Confusion was the only thing clear on her mind, she didn't know what she felt nor how. Frustrated, she managed to get away from Sesshomaru but his strong hand stopped her. She had her face turned away, she didn't feel strong enough to face him, but she had to. She knew so when his finger gently took her chin and began to move it towards him.

He looked at her closed eyes and then trails of tears. He felt his heart clench at the sight of her. She seemed to be in such pain, in such a difficult position. But he had waited for too long, this affair had taken much longer than it needed to. "I know your feelings, Kagome" said Sesshomaru softly. "Just…be honest with yourself" he replied evenly, wanting to help her sort things out.

Kagome dug her face in the crook of his neck and relaxed her body on top of Sesshomaru. "I've never understood you" said Kagome softly. "You always treated me so coldly" she said weakly.

"I didn't want to be controlled by fate" said Sesshomaru simply. "I wanted to make my own destiny" he explained "and having been foretold that I would fall in love with a mortal miko enraged me" he said, his words were full of emotions and honesty.

"What do you think about that now?" she asked softly, after all, she was still a human, a miko and half-mated to him.

"I think it was fortunate to be told who would be my soul mate" said Sesshomaru slowly. "I had been able to protect her until she was old enough to be my mate" he stated simply.

"Do you really want me to be your mate?" asked Kagome with incredulity.

"Yes" he replied confidently, "I share with you a life that no one will understand, and I don't want them to, because I want to keep you with me" he stated.

Kagome chuckled. "It's easier to guess you are younger than the Sesshomaru I met" she said with a smile. "You are more emotional and open" she stated.

"Hmm" was his only answer and she almost chuckled again as a certain aspect of his future self had just emerged.

"Then" Kagome began "are you certain that you wish to mate me not caring about the consequences that it could get us to?" she asked.

Sesshomaru remained silent for a few moments before answering. "Yes" he said "My feelings won't change" he professed.

"If that is the case" she said and raised herself up and met his eyes "I will give myself to you, Sesshomaru" she said with a serious expression "in order to finish the mating bond you have requested" she said and kissed his lips softly.

He took his opportunity when she parted her lips from his and held her hand. "You never answered" he reminded her sternly. "Do you share the same feelings for this Sesshomaru as this Sesshomaru shares for you?" he asked, his golden eyes serious and expressionless.

"I do" said Kagome with a smile, deep inside her heart, she had always loved him. She had loved Inu-Yasha, but this Kagome, the Kagome who was raised by Inu no Taisho, who has a sister named Momo, who had lived the life of an immortal, loved Sesshomaru, not Inu-Yasha.

She had no more time to think since Sesshomaru turned her on the futon and began to kiss her wildly. A spectacle of emotions bursting through their half bond made her dizzy and fulfilled at the same time. She had never felt such utter happiness, such contentment and desire from Sesshomaru. She had given him the ultimate happiness with those words.

A little growl awoke her of her musings and her blue eyes found Sesshomaru. He scooped her up into his arms and began to kiss her softly. This time Kagome didn't need him to growl to ask for her to return the kiss, no, she returned it instantly, as hungry as him.

"Show me what mortal love is like, Kagome" said Sesshomaru with a pleading voice, and she held back no more. This moment, she gave her everything, her last piece of love, her last piece of energy, her last piece of skin. She will show love to him, to this demon who had loved her for as long as she could remember, this demon who had achieved what no other had before. To make her feel alive, to make her feel like she was worth her name and her identity, to make her hunger for this kind of love for this kind of burning passion.

And so, in that night, Kagome finally marked the demon, the Demon Lord of the Western Lands, Sesshomaru, as her mate. With such a new state, the mark that had once adorned her shoulder extended to her back and neck, glaring a brilliant blue color. A strange and old kanji, a Japanese scripture, adorned the back part of her neck, under it a brilliant half moon shone and under the moon, at the side, two other kanjis adorned her.

She was unaware of this, since she had been asleep for a long time, however, this was something that Sesshomaru took quick notice about. He silently traced the marks with his fingers, clearly understanding the meaning behind each kanji. He kissed them soundly, taking pride on the new marks that made her his, but also made him hers.

Kagome stirring under his kisses made him rise an eyebrow elegantly. "Mate" he called softly, "you better sleep unless you want to remember how pleasant is to feel loved" he told her darkly.

A chuckle escaped her and Sesshomaru grinned and loomed over her. "Do you not think I know what you are thinking, Mate?" he asked her mischievously "What a wicked mind you have" he admonished her and then lay at her side and pulled her to his arms and began to kiss her again. "I warned you" he reminded her before losing himself in her kisses and his own feelings.


A week had passed since she had become Sesshomaru's mate. He had treated her like a fine lady and he was so attentive it had made her cry a few times. Never had she imagined that the cold Lord who had tried to kill her could have this gentle side as well. He always brought her breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each morning, she had found flowers next to her futon and each night, he would lie beside her and hum sweet songs. She had never expected this sort of treatment. He had taken her to the river and bathed her, he washed her hair with such expertise that she suspected he used to wash Momo's hair; if not, he was indeed a grand demon, if he could learn so quickly. He had taken her to a field of flowers and had even recited her stories about great demons and their mates, hoping, he said that their love will become as big as theirs and many will tell their stories on and on.

Yet, she knew better. Their story would hardly surpass the generations, if it did, it would be a story of sacrifice and betrayal, not of love and loyalty as those he had gotten used to tell her. No, their love was not meant to be. It had just become a painful thing that united them, it had been bad luck that they had fallen in love. Unless, his love for her was forgiving and understanding, if his love was like that, and his heart was strong, their love would surpass a millennium, she was sure.

Fate. That's what she needed, what she had been begging the gods these last two days. Only two, the first day that her new mission, her destiny, had been revealed to her. She rebeled against the gods, she shouted at them and cursed them for their cruelty. But she stopped, she was making the unknowing Sesshomaru upset, and she didn't want that. She wanted to make him happy, to not regret choosing her as his mate.

And so, she finally finished writing the scroll on her hands. She re-read it again, making sure it was good enough. She closed the scrip and tied it with her blue string, which held her low ponytail. This was all she could do. Well, she wasn't supposed to do this, but she didn't care if she was reprimanded. She needed to do this last thing, she wouldn't forgive herself if she didn't.

Kagome slowly took of her fire rat haori folded it neatly and placed it next to Sesshomaru's sleeping body. She was then dressed in a white yukata and finally, she took the script she had written and placed it on his hand. She then went to his face and caressed it, hoping to memorize each curve of his nose, eyes, lips, even when she knew that she would forget. She smiled as she remembered the first line she had written on this script: By no means are you permitted to dispose of this letter. She needed him to keep it, even when he didn't want to, she needed him to keep it. She kissed his lips softly, tears falling from her eyes as she felt the need of him to kiss her back, but knowing he would not. Her hand came to his forehead and a pulse of power from the Jewel re-forced the sleeping spell she had cast over him. He would sleep for half a day, minimum.

With a last glance at the handsome, silver-haired demon, Kagome silently walked out of the hut, with the Jewel around her neck. Kaede was waiting for her outside, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "Are you certain of this, Lady Kagome?" asked Kaede in a broken voice.

"I am Kaede" said Kagome sadly. "This is my duty" she added with a forced smile. "It's not what I want to do, but sometimes, things are like this" she said and closed her eyes, to prevent her own tears from falling.

"We can find another way" insisted Kaede for the hundredth time. "You don't have to sacrifice yourself!" she cried and held onto Kagome's yukata. "Please! Don't leave me alone!" she sobbed in despair.

"Lady Kaede" reprimanded Kagome in a stern voice, "as a fellow priestess you must understand why I am doing this" she reminded the younger priestess. "My body will not survive past this month, Sesshomaru doesn't have the demonic strength to keep me alive, who will take care of the Jewel then?" asked Kagome sternly. "Are you strong enough to protect it after I have passed away?"

The girl shook her head painfully aware of her own weakness "But please, do this at the last moment…not now, do it next week" she begged and fell to her knees, hugging Kagome's legs.

Kagome felt her heart cry out in sympathy for the girl. "I can't, Kaede" she denied her request with little strength. "I am Kikyo's reincarnation, I came from the future" she explained to the younger girl who tensed at her feet. "If my soul isn't freed, I will not be able to come here as I was destined to do, I will not be reborn at the right time, please Kaede, understand" she begged the black haired girl.

Kaede continued to sob but let go of Kagome's legs. She wiped the still flowing tears with the back of her hands and was surprised when Kagome took her hand and walked alongside her. "We will meet fifty years from now" said Kagome with a bright smile. "That's why I am certain you will be a great priestess" she said and her smile grew even more. "Kikyo is very proud of you" she said, stopped and hugged the girl.

"Kagome" questioned Kaede softly, "what do we do when Sesshomaru awakens? He will be angry" she reminded Kagome, looking fearful.

"I know" said Kagome, fearful as well. "Keep the people inside the house and use the protection sutras I made earlier. Place them in the front door of each house, they should last against demons for at least a week" she adviced and once again began her descent to the funeral area.

"But who will tell him?" asked Kaede, she didn't know of someone strong enough to deliver the news to the Western Lord.

"I wrote him a letter, summarizing our lives together and why I chose to do what I'm doing" she said softly. At Kaede's confused face, Kagome sighed and explained. "My wish to the Jewel is to erase myself from this time, where I was not supposed to exist and thus, affecting the time line to a minimum" she said and turned to Kaede with a smile, "still, I am mated to Sesshomaru, so it's a drastic change that I am not sure how it will affect him" she said sadly. "If things go out of hand, I will have to ask you, a fellow priestess, which I have become attached to" she said with a smile "to tell Sesshomaru" she finished with a weak smile.

"Me!" cried Kaede stopping dead on her tracks. "He will kill me!" she said nearing panic.

Kagome smiled. "He won't" said Kagome confidently. "You will remind him of me, besides, he doesn't kill children" she said with a strong voice. "To sum to that, your main powers are creating barriers, are they not?" she asked.

Kaede nodded slowly and continued to walk holding hands with Kagome; deep in thought about the difficulties she will have to fight once Sesshomaru awakens.

"Use them to protect yourself, just in case" said Kagome as she finally reached the funeral bed. The villagers were surrounding it with concerned looks on their faces. "Tell him to read the letter I left him and tell him that I will come back in fifty years, tell him to meet me then, whether is to get revenge for my betrayal or to speak of our love, tell him that my mark will tell him of my return" she explained carefully to Kaede who nodded in understanding. Kaede let go of Kagome's hand but suddenly, Kagome held her shoulder, her eyes narrowing darkly. "Pray, tell Sesshomaru that by no means he is to revive me with his sword, Tensega" she added worriedly. Kaede only nodded her head in understanding.

Kagome finally let go of the younger girl and walked to the wooden bed, prepared to burn her body. She settled on the bed and she couldn't help but notice that it was very uncomfortable.

"Lady Kagome" a villager which was holding one of the pots with oil called for her attention. "Are you certain of this?" he asked concerned with her apparently rash petition.

Kagome smiled brightly at him, "yes, it's the only way" she explained and turned to the villagers. "Please, you don't need to remain here and watch as my body burns, if you wish to say the usual prayers, do it from inside your houses" she asked.

"Kaede will give you a sutra to protect your residences from the demons, also from my mate, I don't want him to wake up and hurt you" she pleaded. "I am in great debt for this favor you are doing me, please, I don't want to see you hurt" she begged and soon enough, some villagers bowed their head in acknowledgment and walked to Kaede who was explaining how the sutras worked.

"Lady Kagome" asked the villager which was holding the torch. "Don't you want us to kill you before burning your body?" asked the villager horrified at the thought of burning her alive.

Kagome sighed nervously. "It won't be necessary" she said softly "I will ask the Jewel for a wish in exchange for my life, it will be the payment I will give the Jewel so it will not be tainted" she explained.

"So, we will burn your body once you are dead" confirmed another villager "That way we will be certain that your wish has been granted"

"Yes" said Kagome as her blue eyes stared at the empty blue sky above her. "I will need a moment of silence, as I make the wish" she explained and her determined eyes focused on the small group of villagers that still surrounded her. "After my life has been taken, oil me and burn my body" she finished and closed her eyes.

She was scared, these were not the feelings she must have when asking for a Jewel for she will taint it. She needed to be calm, but how?! She was dying, she was leaving her mate alone! She was betraying him! But she needed to do this, for the future, for her and for him as well, she was not from this era, she was dying.

Several minutes passed as she tried to enter in a meditation state, as she rationalized all the benefits that doing this presented.

"Lady Kagome" asked a villager, checking if life had left her. Kagome moved her head to silence the man.

After a stressful while, she finally found the calmness she desired, she felt as there was no sound, only the winds of the spiritual world.

"I call upon you, Shikon no Tama" she said in her mind and a sparkle answered her call. "In exchange of my life, grant my wish" she asked. "Make the disturbance of my presence in the past as minimum as possible, that is my wish".

In that precise moment, Kagome felt as if a spear had pierced her and as if all her insides escaped from her mouth, she felt her body go numb and her force leaving her, she felt her body crumble and her mind going dark, dying…she was dying.

A smile appeared on her face…fulfillment…

Her wish had been granted.


Sesshomaru's slumber had been interrupted by the feeling of wrongness, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't manage to wake up. He tried once and again, but his eyes wouldn't obey him, his muscles wouldn't respond to him. He was afraid, never before he had felt like this, but today, he was afraid. He couldn't smell, nor hear, he couldn't be sure if his mate was securely at his side, or of this feeling of wrongness meant that she was in danger.

Was he dead? Is that the reason he was unable to wake up?

After thinking that, an unbearable pain settled on his heart, burning him wildly, poking him with immense cruelty. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think! What was happening to him?!

He could feel his body trembling wildly, he could feel a terrible pain in the back of his neck, but he couldn't wake up. He needed to wake up, he was dying! This pain was consuming him, was breaking him apart. How could he remain asleep?! He felt as if a horde of demons was eating his flesh. Sesshomaru, wake up! He told himself over and over, but he remained unmoving. This was torture, one's mind awake and aware of such a pain but unable to wake up and end it. It was going to drive him mad, this pain was going to drive him mad!

The pain remained for hours, but in the end, it had changed. Something inside him had twisted and the pain had subsided somehow…in its stead, a deep sadness had unfolded. A feeling of dread and madness had settled over him. He was sure that something terrible had happened.


It was all he could think, she was hurt, he was sure. It had to do with Kagome.

Long time no see. A too familiar voice spoke inside of Sesshomaru's head. The voice was respectful and low.

'Who are you?' asked Sesshomaru, suspicious.

Your other you, I have awoken. The voice said darkly, as if regretting to have been awakened.

'No' dread fell over Sesshomaru. He once again tried to wake up, but he couldn't. His other part couldn't be awake, he refused to accept it. 'Go back to sleep!' growled Sesshomaru with tears pricking his eyes.

I don't control such a thing. The voice made a soft sound that resembled a whine.

'It can't be' said Sesshomaru full of disbelief 'Jaken said that the only way for my beast, and my demonic powers, to return was once Kagome died' he ragged 'She can't be dead!' he yelled filled with frustration.

She is, the voice said with regret. I will help you awaken, but he must kill her murderer! The voice took a dangerous tone and a snarl resounded all around them.

With those words, a surge of power exploded from Sesshomaru and he was finally free of the sleeping spell. His eyes were red, his senses were on their peak, his smell, his vision, his hearing and his speed.

He raced out of the hut blindly at amazing speed and collided full strength with a barrier. However, this barrier lacked the power to push him away.

"That is the scent of my mate" the unrecognizable voice of Sesshomaru spoke hollowly "You have burned my mate!" he ragged hatefully.

Cries of horror sprung at his declaration, a few villagers were still on the burning pit.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" cried Kaede "Please, listen to me" she begged coming near to the barrier and him.

"Silence priestess!" yelled Sesshomaru, still with an unbelievably dark voice. "I will kill you, I will kill you all!" he promised and began to pounce on the barrier.

"Lord Sesshomaru" she tried once again, knowing that her barrier would last a little longer. "Lady Kagome begs your forgiveness" cried Kaede falling to her knees. "She said that she loved you!" she screamed, but there was no response from the enraged demon Lord who kept pounding on the barrier. "Lady Kagome gave her life in exchange of a wish to the Shikon Jewel" she explained and she saw as his red eyes flashed angrily towards her. "She said that she will return to you in fifty years, that you must read the letter she left with you!" she explained, her voice almost shouting so he would hear her.

"You lie!" shouted Sesshomaru, "I will kill you all, I will not rest until I have slaughtered each and every single one of you!" he screamed and stopped beating on the barrier "You will not be able to hide there forever" he said with a smirk on his face, the bloodlust going to his brain.

"I lie not!" screamed Kaede frightened. "As a dog demon you should be able to tell!" she shot back frustrated.

In that instant, Sesshomaru snarled and his humanoid form began to change, and for the first time since he marked Kagome, he transformed once again into his beast, the massive white dog covering ¼ of the village. Sesshomaru howled in pain and the villagers were forced to cover their ears or risking the change to go deaf at the loud sound. After said howl, Sesshomaru placed his head above the barrier that covered the young priestess, a few male villagers and the burnt body of his mate. Soon enough, his poisonous saliva began to fall over the barrier, but the barrier held. However, some of the gaseous poison began to enter the barrier.

"The girl speaks the truth, Lord Sesshomaru" cried another villager, his fear was evident on his sweating face. "The priestess ordered us to burn her body after she died" explained shakily the villager.

Another howl erupted from Sesshomaru and in his anger he hit the barrier with his paw, making each person on the barrier cry out horrified.

"You are shame!" cried Kaede "What would Kagome say about this behavior?!" screamed Kaede with tears on her eyes. "Read the letter!" begged Kaede and with the last of her energy lost shouting, she fainted, making the barrier disappear.


A few days had passed since everything had gone wrong. Three days since he had become lost on a land that seemed so familiar to him. Why was he here? He had asked himself that very same thing a hundred times. Why was it that each time he tried to use his demonic powers he felt as if he hadn't used them in two hundred years?

He walked silently through a dense forest, no demon made a sound, they were all afraid of him. As they should be for he was Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Three days had passed since a terrible and unbearable headache had settled on his forehead. He was a demon, and demons didn't suffer headaches. He was greatly confused about this certain thing.

He continued to walk confused. He felt as if he should remember something important, but he couldn't. There was an uncertainty inside him, it screamed to him that he had lost something very important. He didn't doubt it. He felt as if his life had been ripped from him, as if his soul had been shattered in half. Still, he couldn't pinpoint why he felt as such.

He finally came out of the forest and he looked up at the sky. It was lighted with a thousand stars, but it was also lighted with the full moon. He hated the full moon, it always brought him sadness. Like it did now, but this time, tears fell from his eyes. he didn't feel them until one of them touched his lips.

His hand immediately came to his face, to the trail of his tears and his mouth hung open with disbelief. Was he, Lord Sesshomaru, crying? This was unbelievable, he never cried! What has come over him?

A few minutes passed as his heart bled out, without no apparent reason and without being able to stop. Once again, he turned to his hand and thescroll he had in it. He opened it and read… the refined handwriting of… possibly a woman.

It was a story, of the love between a demon Lord, which casually shared his very same name and a human priestess. It was preposterous, no demon should mate a human, less a miko, but somehow, he was unable to be disgusted towards the demon as he had suspected he would. The story was carefully describing many difficulties, and in the end, the priestess was a strong woman who had gained his trust, loyalty and love. Even when her only defect was being human, he had to admit that she would probably be a fine mate.

He didn't know why, but the ending of the story caused him much grief. The priestess had died in order to protect the Magical Jewel from the enemies and in order to give the demon a more reliable and stronger mate, since she was gravely ill. The way it was written, the farewell of the priestess was so sincere that he had to confess that it had tore at his heart. The great love she had felt for her beloved had been intense, however, duty had won the fight. As it should have, there was nothing that could oppose duty, besides; she would return to his mate in fifty years, it was not a long wait for a demon.

Higurashi Kagome. That was the name of the miko on the story, the immortal miko. The sound of her name was alluring, as if it fitted her perfectly, as if that simple name could represent her determination, her softness, her powers and her heart.

What amused him the most was the first line of the story: You will not dispose of this letter. He remembered he had smirked at the line, it was so strange. First of all, it was a story, not a letter, and someone had to dispose of it before because it was now in his possession. Second of all, who could write something so foolish, it was like a threat and a punishment for the person who disposed of it.

He shrugged. He wasn't planning on letting go of the scroll, he had enjoyed the story and he would make sure that his future heirs knew about the story of the demon and the immortal miko.

And so, he walked without a certain place or time in mind, he just walked in search of that which he had forgotten, that which had parted his soul in half. He would go in his long awaited journey to enjoy the coldness of the night and the heat of the day, but most important of all, he wanted to find the author of this story. He wanted to ask such person the meaning of the first line, he wanted to ask if there had indeed existed such a demon and such a miko. Something urged him to do so and he, Sesshomaru, never went against his instincts.


Five hundred years from there, on the very same lands, power had shifter in favor of technology. Human had grown in exchange for the extermination of the weaker demons. Now, the world was mostly controlled by humans. No longer had a bow and an arrow or a sword served to make your place. No, now it was money or an automatic gun.

A young black haired woman, with a round belly walked alongside a brown haired man silently. The couple held hands, a content smile adorned each of their faces. They were deeply in love, or so it appeared. After some more minutes of walking the couple finally stopped before a clinic, watching the sign before entering.

After an hour, the woman was called inside by the doctor and her husband silently followed. Their anxiousness and curiosity could easily be smelt in the air, easy for someone like him.

The woman put on a white clinic cloth, her still small, yet round, stomach was easily visible. After small talk, the doctor began to place a slimy gel over the woman's stomach. A laugh escaped the woman as she explained that it was very cold, but her husband touched her hand and held it firmly, showing his support.

After that little incident, the doctor made a soft joke and proceeded to place a strange yet sophisticated machine over the woman's womb. Seconds later, an image appeared on the monitor, yet it was very dark and hard to discern.

The eyes of both parents looked anxiously at the image as the doctor looked at it carefully. He seemed to be anxious about the pulsing of the baby inside the womb. He accurately moved the machine with his hand searching for something, however, only a small creature was seen.

'Is there something wrong?' asked the husband, in a voice filled with concern, his hand still gripping his wife's and the other was playing with her short black hair.

'I am not sure' replied honestly the experienced doctor. 'It's a baby girl, I am sure' said the doctor.

'A baby girl?' asked the woman. 'But the ultrasound from before said that I was carrying twins' she explained confused.

'I know' said the doctor softly, his hand stroke his beard. 'But there is only one baby' he said, equally confused.

'What does that mean then?' asked the husband.

'It's only a supposition' said the doctor as he looked at the concern couple 'but there is no doubt that there are two pulses instead of one' said the doctor 'in theory, it means that your daughter has…two hearts' said the doctor.

A few hours later, the doctor had asked for more regular visits and some more tests to understand the miracle that was the Higurashi child, the couple was finally able to escape the obnoxious clinic.

On the way to the Higurashi Temple, a strange man with incredibly long silver hair intercepted them. He had been following them from the clinic, the woman had felt him, had known that a demon had been curious about them. None made an offensive movement, both parties wanting simply to engage in conversation.

'How can we help you?' asked the woman cautiously, and she made her miko powers flare to show him her identity.

The silver haired man in front of them nodded and his golden eyes settled on them "Fear not for your child" said the demon slowly. "She will be born healthy and she will be stronger than yourself in way of her miko powers" explained the demon. "I have come to offer the medical service at my disposition for the rest of your pregnancy, and should you wish so, for the rest of your lives" he said seriously.

"Why would you do such a thing?" asked the husband, his hand pulling his wife a single step back, hovering protectively in front of her.

"Because she, Higurashi Kagome, is the reincarnation of my mate" he said simply "I am Lord of Japan, son of the great Inu no Taisho, Sesshomaru".


The End


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