Bloodied Roses, Prologue

A/N: This is my first Vampire Knights story, which I am very excited about! Please enjoy! And this is the prologue, so it'll be a little short…


A footstep sounded through the hall, startling the young girl awake. She opened her eyes wide as she heard the footsteps walk closer to her bed and moved them slightly to see what was coming to her. She blinked and breathed in relief as she saw the tall frame of a sullen looking person staring down at her. "Zero," she said lightly. "What are you doing here?"

"Just…" He shrugged and walked over to the window. He put a hand on the curtains and gripped tightly at them. "I just… I just had a nightmare, really. That's all." He turned back to her. "Yuki, I dreamed…" he started to whisper, and then shook his head. He turned back to the window and flung open the curtains, bright sunlight seeping through.

Yuki sat up and put her feet on the floor, throwing the covers away. "Zero… it was just a dream," she said, looking at him with a light smile.

Zero grunted. "And you're late for class, at that."

Yuki's eyes opened wide and she gave a light yell. She sat up and ran over to the window, shoving Zero out of the way. "Why didn't you tell me sooner!?" she asked as she pushed him out of the room. She didn't give him time to answer and shut the door. She heard him slump against the wall, waiting for her.

Yuki sighed sadly, realizing that Zero was going to be in a grumpy mood all day. How many nightmares did this make? She'd lost count. This wasn't the first time… she thought it had been of his past. The past that she didn't really know about and probably never would, the way Zero kept getting more distant and distant.

He had arrived here around four years ago, covered in blood and mute for awhile. She had bathed the blood of his neck, his chest, asking questions about whatever she could do for him. He had been so quiet for the first day… week he had been there, she had been afraid he was mute. Yuki felt like he needed protecting and taken care of, and slowly, she began to break through Zero's barrier. The one time where she had washed his clothes that had been strewn about in the room and folded them nice and neat for him, he had said thank you from where he was slumping against the bed, just watching her do the work. Though she felt his eyes on her, every time she had looked at him, his eyes were distant and sorrowful.

When he had said thank you in a light voice, she had turned with a surprised look on her face. "You're welcome," she had said and stood there, not quite knowing what else to say. Just then she had heard the dinner bell rang, and she turned to him and smiled brightly. "There's dinner! It's going to be a mix of delicious things tonight! There'll be potatoes, salad, meat… anything you can think of," she ended with a small smile.

Zero didn't respond and kept looking at the floor at her feet.

She gave a little sigh and walked up to him. She reached out her hand and gave another smile. "Come on!" He looked surprisingly up to her, a confused look on his face. "You're going to have to eat, no matter what, Zero." His eyes seemed to cloud over and he gave a barely seen nod and took a light hold of her hand.

And, of course, now he spoke more. "Yuki, if you don't hurry we'll be stuck with supplementary classes till the end of the week," she heard him grumble through the door.

"If you're so worried about that, why don't you just go?" She shouted as she buttoned her shirt. Now things had greatly changed about Zero that she would never forget. Things that changed his life… as well as hers.

"Somebody has to make sure you don't fall asleep on the way over," Zero replied in a dull voice.

"Shut up," Yuki lightly said. She pulled on her socks and then her shoes, not bothering to tie them up properly. She stomped over to the door and yanked it open, walking briskly passed Zero, knowing he would follow after her.

He followed slowly after her, putting his hands in his pockets and watching her with a slightly bemused look on his face. He slowly stopped walking and placed a hand over his heart, feeling it beat harshly. Suddenly feeling sick to his stomach, he slouched over to the wall and held his stomach, trying his best to not alert Yuki. He held his stomach till his knuckles turned white, the pain slowly subsiding, though it mostly felt the same to him. He looked up through blurry eyes to find that Yuki had indeed not notice that he had stayed behind, and he collapsed against the wall, breathing harshly. "Dammit," he cursed as he tried to catch his breath. He looked up to glare at the accursed Night dorm across the yard, feeling the invisible eyes beat down on him. He turned away and clenched the wall, willing himself to get up.

He knew what was happening to him, once again. He had been turned into a Vampire by the beast that had killed his family… a Pureblood Vamipre. It had been a long, slow process that had changed him to the lowest level of Vampires. He was at risk of losing himself to the Vampire side… the Vampire side of him that called out for more than just blood tablets… the Vampire inside him thirsted for blood. Real blood that he couldn't get a hold of… except for Yuki's. He shook his head. He had vowed that he would never do that again.

But he would never let Yuki give up her blood to that Vampire…

…Kaname Kuran.


"How long are the Vampires going to live here?" the husky voice of Toga Yagari droned out from where he was standing in the dark room.

"However long the peace remains still," Headmaster Cross replied back in a lively voice. "I believe that the world of Vampires and humans…"

"Don't give me your pacifism crap," spat Toga. He rested his hands on the handle of his gun. "There's going to be another war, and you know it."

Headmaster Cross sighed. "Wars can be stopped. The Pureblood Vampire, Kaname Kuran, believes in living peacefully."

"Vampires are Vampires," Toga replied angrily, "They will never stop being bloodsuckers. It's time someone took those bastards out. More Vampire Hunters…"

"The Vampire Hunters are slowing dying out," Headmaster Cross said quietly. "The Kiryu clan is an example. As the Vampires live peacefully with the humans, no worry about Level E Vampires will be around. It'll be a peaceful world…"

"… That sounds too good to be possible," Toga growled. "You need to face realization. The Kiryu clan was killed by Vampires… now what do you suggest to do about the person that did that? And they also created a Level E Vampire from that incident. Who knows? They're probably planning to brew Level E's for an army."

"That is almost impossible, as the Pureblood Vampires are only succeeded by Kaname Kuran and two other Vampires… and only they can turn humans into Vampires."

"The Vampires will not live nicely by us… once more Pureblood Vampires are born, eventually a war will start out. Vampire against human," sighed Toga Yagari, accomplished Vampire Hunter. He stood up and headed for the door. "Just make sure you watch your back."

"What's to watch, when all I want is peace?" Headmaster Cross smiled a forced smile at him. Toga grunted and headed out the door, slamming it loudly behind him.

Headmaster Cross shrugged and smiled joyfully this time. He lifted his arms in the air. "Yukiiiiii! Zeroooo!" he yelled in a singsong voice. "Dinner is getting cold!" He listened for the sound of footsteps but heard none. "Yuki? Zero?" He said as he walked forward to the hall. He peered out and yelled again, "Where areee you!?"


Yuki sat against the railing, ignoring the calls from the Headmaster. She was staring at the Night dorm, lost in thought. The Vampires that were in the dorm were now in the school, and she had just finished her rounds for making sure no Day class students were still out. She was about to go in but stopped as she saw a dark form in the shadows down on the ground. She leaned over the railing and frowned, starting to lift herself over the railing.

"Yuki," the light voice of Zero came beside her. "Where are you going?"

"I saw a form down there…" she said. "I guess a Day student got out."

Zero peered down and gave a growl. "Why is he here?"

"Who is it?"

"It's my master, Toga Yagari. I thought he had left on another hunt," Zero sighed.

"Let's go," Yuki shrugged and jumped down to the ground. Zero jumped after her and landed lightly beside her in a crouched position.

"Zero," Toga said as he walked out of the shadows. "And the Headmaster's adopted daughter, Yuki…"

"What are you doing here?" Zero asked him impatiently.

"Just warning the Headmaster of what is to come… eventually…" Toga shrugged. He looked at Zero and Yuki strangely. "There is a fate that both of you hold… and it is all determined on what side you are on."

"What side?" Yuki asked in a wavering voice.

Toga grinned wryly and cocked his head slightly to one side. "You should know the answer to that one, Yuki Cross." His eyes flickered onto Zero. "Being the Vampire that you now are… what side will you choose?"

"Master…" Zero murmured slowly, not quite sure what to say.

"Think about it," Toga said and turned away into the darkness. They both stared at where his form had been and said nothing.

"To answer his question," Yuki said slowly, "I would choose both, because I believe that it will work that way."

Life doesn't work like that, Zero thought. "We'll see…" Zero said in a low voice, "When that time comes."


"Oh. Right. The Headmaster said he would make us dinner and for us not to be late, no matter what," Yuki said, remembering. She headed off in the direction where the voice had come from.

Zero followed slowly after her, hands in pockets. The time will eventually come… the time that all Vampires shall die… he shook his head at his venomous thoughts, not being able to change his mind on the outlook on Vampires, even though he was one himself, and he didn't know anyway at all to change it.

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