The revolt against the Vampires didn't stop. It kept on coming. The guns specially meant to kill Vampires kept being heard throughout the day, the Day students quietly hiding in the dorms, afraid of the massacre going on outside. The Hunters had begun to take refuge in the Day dorms, killing what little Vampires remained behind.

Some Vampires had fled, and Kaname had been one of them. Being a Pureblood, he was the one Vampire that was needed to be kept alive. Hanabusa Aido, Akatsuki Kain, Senri Shiki, Souen Rika, Tohya Rima, Takuma Ichijou, and Seiren… all stayed with him. Zero followed them against his wishes, with Yuki at his side.

Zero, the lowest of Vampires there, had his name included on what Vampires to kill. The revolution against the Vampires was being led by his twin brother, Ichiru.

The final confrontation between them was coming.

Zero could feel it.


Yuki stretched out her arms after having setting down her bag. They had been traveling for several days at a brisk pace by car and foot, heading to the headquarters of the Vampires. She didn't know what to expect when she reached there, being the only human around.

It wasn't before long that they reached an old house out in the middle of a forest, where the whole base was. The Vampires all headed in, greeted by their parents and nobles. Their glares rested on Yuki and Zero, who knew they did not approve of them being there.

"Headmaster Cross informed us that you were coming," one of them said. "I'm glad to see you made it safely here, Kaname-sama."

"We were able to escape, though some were not," Kaname shook his head. "The Vampire Hunters must've gathered secretly. I never ruled that this revolution against us would happen, but I didn't think it would happen right now."

"This Zero Kiryuu was once a Vampire Hunter," a Vampire said. "Tell me, Kiryuu, did you know anything of this?"

"I've lost contact with the Vampire Hunters ever since I was brought to the Headmaster's place," Zero said sternly, lowering his voice. "But I would've seen this coming."

"So you're saying we asked for it?" Akatsuki Kain said, sitting down and crossing his arms. "We have sought peace all this time. They had no reason."

"The last of the Hunter clans have gathered. They have decided to end this, no matter what," Zero crossed his arms, mimicking Kain. "This was to be expected and you must be prepared."

"I don't trust you, Kiryuu Zero," one of the nobles said, "I want you and the human to leave. You have no rights in the affairs of Vampires."

Yuki began to protest, but was cut off by Kaname.

"Zero Kiryuu is being hunted as the rest of us," Kaname murmured. "He is to stay here with us, Yuki included. Now go and prepare for a meeting. I shall take these two to their rooms."

Kaname headed to a door and opened it, revealing a set of stairs that headed down into a dark chasm below. "Never has a human seen this before, Yuki." He whispered as he walked down with her. "This is a place that has many underground halls and rooms, this house passed down for generations. It is used as a safe house and a meeting place."

Yuki ran her hand across the wall. "I can't help feel that this is the last time I'll see this place."

Kaname smiled sadly down at her. "That may be a good sign," he said, but he sighed. "But it can also mean pain."

They reached the bottom of the stairs, a few torches hanging on the walls showing them the different paths. Kaname chose the left path, passing doors and cobwebs. "We'll stay here until the revolts die out, but how long that it is going to be is unpredictable."

He stopped in front of a door and opened it, showing a room that contained a bed and a desk. "There are many rooms like this here… long has it been since a Vampire stayed in here, not since the wars hundreds of years ago. Zero, this is your room."

Zero walked in, dropping his belongings on the bed.

"I trust that you'll stay here for the time being," Kaname said. "You are not to go anywhere unless I or any other Vampire from the school are present. That goes for Yuki too, except you must have Zero or myself around. Even here," Kaname shook his head, "there are Vampires that have anger against humans."

"And obviously there are humans that have anger against the Vampires," Zero said.

"That is why they are the same," Kaname said. "Look at yourself, Zero. There are not many differences between the two. There are emotions that are constantly at war." He started to close the door. "Get some sleep, Zero-kun."

"Yuki, your room is right across his," Kaname said. "I must leave now. I trust you'll adjust to your new room."

"Thank you, Kaname-sama," Yuki did a quick bow and headed into her room, grabbing the torch beside the door.

Kaname headed back to the first floor, knowing of what was to come and how he must prevent it.


Zero needed to escape. He needed to get out of here… but how?

He looked around to find what he had: A desk. It couldn't do anything. No windows. A bed. He sighed and sat down on his bed, knowing he was stuck. The Hunters would win… that's what he was feeling. The Vampires reign was at an end. Once the vampires died out, the Hunters would be no more and they would go back to their normal lives.

He still couldn't see that the Vampires could have human feelings, unless they were a human beforehand. But he was the only one and he was getting closer and closer to falling into darkness.

He had to get out of here in order to survive. He knew the hunters – it was a lie that they would kill him. He knew Ichiro would stop at nothing to rid of the Vampires and he also knew that Ichiro would accept him back, even as a vampire. The darkness was going to plague him soon and the hunters would be able to vanquish it, in other words, kill him.

Besides, it would be for Yuki. If she stayed here, she would perish with the Vampires. He needed to get with the Hunters to rescue her so when he fell to the darkness, she would be out of the Vampires grasp and be safe from him.

A growl came from his throat as he thought angrily of Kaname. He knew it was jealous and just pure hatred that was creeping up against him. Long has he harbored it against Kaname. This pacifism that the Headmaster Cross thought of was never going to happen. The Vampires will slowly die out, Kaname included. This world will never have Vampires again.

Now, he just needed to meet Ichiru.


Yuki glanced uneasily at the mirror on the top of the only desk in the room. It was broken and she found herself staring at multiples of her. She ran a hand across the broken glass, making sure that she wouldn't run her hand over the sharp places. She rubbed the dust off and stared into the mirror. She shook her head, wondering about the history about the mirror.

She turned to the bed, which had clean pure white sheets on it. She set her bag down on the bed and began unpacking it, feeling that she would be staying there for several weeks. She had almost nothing to do in this room except sit. Having no windows made it dark and the flames from the torch were slowing dying out. Time could easily be lost in here. She rubbed her hands against the heat and then noticed a box that was partly out from under the bed. Getting down on her knees she pulled the box out, coughing against the dust that had risen.

She opened the box, peering inside. Several books were in it and as she opened them, she noticed that it was in a language she didn't know. She then picked up a leather bound book and opened it, guessing that it was probably over fifty years old, or even a hundred. The pages were wrinkly and it was in her language. She read the first page, coming to the conclusion that it was a journal.

The journal belonged to a Kuran Juri, which made Yuki gasp. Who was it that was related to Kaname? She turned the page, then another. The woman who wrote the journal was describing a war that had lasted for centuries, and it was close at an end where Vampires and Humans could coexist.

She read the last few sentences aloud, "'this is the last time that I will be spending in this dreaded room. The war is over, and here I rest the rose that I received from … as he journeyed out. Long have I wished the war over and finally I will leave, this journal to be kept here.'"

She looked through the remaining pages pages until she came to the last page, which had a pressed rose in the middle. She brought the book to her nose and sniffed the rose, expecting no fragrance, but she could've sworn that she smelled the sweet smell of the rose. She huddled down against the bed, hugging the journal close to her chest, enveloped in the smell of roses… the dark of night slowly calling her in… her eyes closed and she fell into a deep slumber.

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