Chocolate Mangoes

By: TheMusicMistress

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I redid it so many times and I'm still not satisfied with it. So I apologize in advance, because I knew it's very uneven…

This is the last chapter of this very short story, so please enjoy!


The potion crowed at her. 'You can't get rid of me, sweetie! Not until you fulfill your fantasy…'

Fantasy? What fantasy? Surely it wouldn't be to sleep with Zuko!

"I'm sorry," she repeated for the umpteenth time that night. It was a ridiculous notion—that she had to apologize every time she pushed away his hands from touching her too much, but for some reason she felt as if it was her own burden. She'd said before that Zuko had never shown any real interest in her before. That meant that he was being forced to act out on what Katara supposed had to be her "hidden fantasy".


Katara tried to wrack her brains for a time when Zuko gave off any semblance of attraction for her.

Well, there was that one time he tied her to a tree and taunted her—possible foreplay? But no, she shook her head vehemently. She was positive he had nothing on his mind then but capturing the Avatar. He had acted nice then, but he wasn't relishing in it. Jerk.

No, she honestly couldn't think of any time when he showed any interest in her. And the closest they came to touching was when they managed to negate each other's attacks enough to come within a hair's reach of one another.

But that was it.

And now this…

The potion—which she figured out to be her subconscious—was gleefully taunting her.

'You like this,' it would tell her. 'You're a sad, deprived little girl who's just aching for someone to pay her the time of day…'

Well, she wasn't so sure about deprived. She wasn't that old, after all. But still…

Was she deprived? She wasn't sure if she'd classify herself like that just yet. Put out, definitely. Maybe—

Hey, why was she even listening to the potion! Katara was in control of the potion, not the other way around!!

"Zuko," she said calmly, biting her lip when his answer was to languidly pull his wet shirt over his head and toss it onto the shore. His lean chest glistened in the moonlight. "I…uh…" completely just lost my composure.

She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of rippling, wet biceps and flat, washboard abs. "Zuko," she tried again. "I really don't think we need to be—ah!"

She cried out as Zuko, in all of his damn curiosity, rushed forward and cupped her breast in his unbelievably warm hand. She flushed a deep purple. She'd been so focused on finding a way out of this that she didn't even remember to protect her…uh, assets! Oh dear…

Zuko slowly moved his hand up, the weight feeling foreign in his hand. It was unheard of for a Prince, but he'd never even seen a girl's chest, much less touched it. So when he stumbles upon a naked waterbender who is so out of it that she's leaving her body wide open and vulnerable…well what the hell else is he supposed to do? She didn't seem to mind anyway, since she seemed to be moaning…

'I am NOT moaning right now,' Katara thought in denial, even as a throaty sigh escaped her throat as he experimentally ran his finger over her nub. 'I am completely…ah…not…into this…right now…'

And then Zuko found it fit to slide his fingers across her stomach, and then lower…lower…

"AH!" she screamed, not in pleasure but in pure shock. Reacting violently to the way he had suddenly slid his fingers inside of her—hey, that was her private spot, she swung her arm and whipped him viciously across the chest with a water whip. He stumbled back in shock, and the potion's hold drained from his eyes while his eyebrows screwed together in pain.

Katara stumbled back, covering her breasts and glaring at the teen before her.

His expression was so plainly wounded that it made her backtrack.

Zuko was the enemy. Prince Zuko deserved to be hurt, beaten, abandoned. That's the mantra she told herself every night to try and ward off the agonizing guilt of having to constantly fight him and usually leaving him on the ground after she was done. Usually after a fight, after she'd won, she could at least run away from him before the guilt caught up to her and choked her. At least then she wouldn't have to look into his eyes.

Then he deserved it, she would ration.

But this time was different.

He didn't deserve it. Not really.

Zuko was staring at her and she could see in his eyes that he truly didn't comprehend why she would hit him. She had been moaning, hadn't she? Didn't she want him? Didn't she want to feel his touch?

Katara bit her lip.

She experimentally took a step toward him. The movement seemed to have awoken Zuko from his stupor and suddenly he looked very irate.

She hit him.

Even in his state he registered it as an attack.

She saw his hands glow and watched as the light traveled up to the juncture at his elbow. She could see the steam rising off of it, and even from her distance she knew they could melt iron. With a terrible hiss he rushed toward her, and she was slammed against the shore, his arms on either side of her. The heat was close to searing her.

She looked up into his eyes. He looked as angry as ever, and yet there was confusion and desperation behind that. Why? Why hit me, water bender? Are you just using me for your little games?

Am I just being used again?

Katara felt horrified. Had she actually hurt him? No, it wasn't possible. He'd been struck, much deeper, by her water whip before. This was just a shallow cut, and yet he looked more agonized than she'd ever seen him.

The compassionate side of her was suddenly stirred to act, despite the message of 'he's the enemy!' being ingrained into her memory.

She had to do something…

Suddenly she was looking at his wound with much curiosity…

Slowly, as to not alert him, she looked up at him with soft blue eyes and smiled tentatively. He scowled down at her. His eyes widened as she stuck her tongue out and gently dipped it against his wound. His arms cooled down somewhat, his anger slowing being replaced by curiosity.

When she felt his muscles go lax she continued, pressing her tongue completely against the wound and running her tongue's leathery texture against it, removing the blood. It tasted funny to Katara but it wasn't foreign; ironically, it was the man in front of her that usually made her taste her own blood. She was use to the smell, look, and taste of it.

But never had she actually tasted somebody else's.

Zuko was watching her head move hypnotically over his chest and eventually gave in. His arms stopped glowing and he wrapped his arms around Katara, holding her head to him. Her tongue was soft and small and wet, and she was obviously trying to placate him by cleaning his wound. It was weird, when he thought about it—a female licking off his blood. Yet she seemed sincere about it, and no one had ever cared enough before.

She looked up after a while, her lips stained a deep mahogany. Zuko cupped some water in his hands and slowly ran it over her lips and chin, washing away his blood.

Then he kissed her.

Zuko kissed like she would have figured he would—with frightening passion and intensity that only befitted a fire bending Prince. He held her head in place, tasting her fully and extracting whatever sweetness she contained. She didn't struggle; instead she wrapped her thin arms around his neck and tugged him closer, rubbing her bare chest against his.

He groaned, pushing his lower body against her and rocking her against the shore. She whimpered, feeling an intense pressure, like a rock, pushing against her core. Zuko used her momentary surprise to his advantage and delved into her mouth with his tongue.

When he pulled back a string of saliva fell from their connected lips and slid down Katara's chin. She rubbed it off in a daze.

He ran his tongue down her neck, making her suddenly giggle. Heavens, she felt drunk. And it felt so good. All of the resistance that she had…well, he had washed it away with one single kiss.

"Zuko?" she purred, rubbing the nape of his neck with her long, delicate fingers. She smiled at him.

"Hm?" His hand moved from the shore and cupped her breast, flicking the nub with his thumb. She moaned, momentarily forgetting her thoughts.

"…play with me." She finally gasped.

He finished what he was doing with her neck—he'd given her a hickey—and looked up to smirk at her.

"Play with me, what?" The potion had regained it's hold on him, and coupled with the insane amount of alcohol, he was definitely feeling more daring than he ever would. Which is why he found it fit to taunt her, especially after the stunt she pulled by whipping him.

"Huh? Ah!" He had pinched her bottom lightly under the water, making her squeal. "I don't under—"

He glared at her.

"Cut it out," she pleaded, because she had this heat between her legs and he'd just removed the pressure from it, making it feel lonely and barren. He was slowly pulling away from her and at the moment she couldn't stand to not have any contact—

"Prince," she cried suddenly.

Zuko arched an eyebrow, sliding closer to her again. "What was that?"

"PRINCE! Please play with me!" she cried, cheeks flushing.

Zuko smirked, seeming satisfied. He grabbed her wet arms and slid them around his neck, making sure she was gripping him firmly. Then he used his arms and grabbed her bare bottom, lifting her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his trim waist. He grinned down at her and pushed their bodies against the shore.

Katara relished the contact. His skin was warm, and there was that thing under the water that was rubbing against her again, giving her a nice sensation. Oh, the only thing that was separating them was his cursed pants…

As good as it felt, though, she still wanted something else. Something to raise her endorphins and make her even more excited.

She wiggled around in his arms.

"Zuko," she whined insistently. When he lightly bit her neck, she added, "Prince Zuko. I want to play."

Zuko stroked her hair. "Why?"

"Because I want to."

He ran his tongue along her earlobe. "Does fighting turn you on, Katara?"

She didn't know when he had stopped calling her water bender and changed to Katara, but she didn't have time to think about that. She groaned as he mouth closed over her earlobe, sucking on it hard. "Yes."

He removed his mouth from her body with a breathy sigh. He slowly pulled away from her, robbing her of his warmth. She let herself sink lower into the cold water, wanting to call him back and yet wondering what he was going to do.

A giant fireball flew past her suddenly, nearly missing her ear by less than an inch. Zuko stood back, his right hand glowing and a distinctive smirk playing on his lips.

Just like old times.

She threw a few icicle daggers at him in retaliation, too small to cause him any real harm. She didn't want to damage him, after all; just get him awfully randy and excited. He melted most the daggers and caught the last in his hand, snapping it in half. Then he smirked at her and strode toward her, having every intention to hold her in place and ravage her on the spot.

But Katara wasn't ready to give in yet.

Zuko was in an inch of grabbing hold of Katara when she commanded up an impressive tidal wave. With a frown—she really was taking this overboard—he sent up a wall of flames to mirror the water. The two barriers collided and exploded in a hiss of steam. The air around them became uncomfortably muggy and Katara looked like she was a little girl at a circus, smiling like a moron.

"More," she said.

"No. No more," he said back. They played…for a few seconds. Now it was done. Now he wanted her to be writhing under him.

"More," she said, the potion making her angry. Her hand slapped the water and the whole lake shook.

Zuko arched an eyebrow at her.

Brave little girl.

"Come here," he commanded instead, his voice a mixture of ire and desire. She slid back until her back hit the shore, shaking her head, being as damn stubborn as he was on his worse days. He knew that if he refused to please her then she'd return it in kind. Still though, he didn't know how wise that was; he was stronger, after all.

"Come here."

She sneered—very haughtily, in his opinion—and held up her hands, freezing the water around him.

He growled.

Goddamn water bending harpie.

Just as he was about to melt it all and punish Katara for being such a tease, Katara sent her arms into the air with a ferocious motion. Suddenly the frozen water beneath him spiked upward, bringing him with it. Abruptly the fire prince found himself suspended in the air, encased up to the neck in ice and battling a very uncomfortable, cold, and painful squeeze on his manhood.

Zuko wasn't sure what the hell the potion was doing to her at the moment, but he knew that if there was one thing he didn't want it was frostbite on his dick.

Katara gave him a suggestive smile and scampered to shore, effectively mooning him in the process.


That did it.

When Katara glanced back, Zuko's skin had begun to glow and steam. With an agitated roar, he broke the ice crystals around his upper body, melting the ones on his lower body with ease. Whoops. Katara should've known that wouldn't have worked….hadn't she tried that on him before? Not with great results.

Before Katara could even think of running to the safety of her friends, Zuko sent up a crescent of fire, which caught the grass and arched around Katara's body. It hissed and crackled at her and the only way away from the licking flames was straight into Zuko's chest.

She backed into him fearfully and instantly felt his iron grip wrap around her body. He squished her against his lean form, his firm muscles biting into her bare back painfully.

Maybe she had been in charge before, but now she could tell that Zuko was angry with her coyness and was definitely looking for her to pay him back in full.

He growled behind her.

"You're such a fucking tease, water bender," he hissed. He clamped one arm across her chest as his other shot into the water, cupping her womanhood and making her squeal. He continued as she started to writhe against him. "You tell me you want to play with me and you act like you need sex like a starving man needs food, and yet you insult me by trying to escape my grasp.

"Zuko," she gasped as he slid two fingers inside of her. "P-please…I was just p-playing…"

"—and then you're smothered in that damn scent," he said, using his thumb to rub firmly against her. "And you know damn well I can't resist it."

He angled his hand so his fingers went in even deeper. She cried out and struggled, not sure if she wanted him to do more or if she wanted him to let her go completely.

"You toyed with me, water bender," he purred violently into her ear. "So you'll have what you came here for. One way or another, I'm going to have you, and I'm going to give it to you so hard you won't be able to walk the next day. And all of your goody-two-shoes little friends will know it was me because I'll make sure you're covered in my scent."

Katara flushed and dug her nails into Zuko's back as he started to mercilessly delve into her. She barely had time to comprehend his words when something hit her, hard. She arched her back up as her legs twitched violently, and she let out a strangled yell, not really sure what was happening but positive it was the most overpowering thing she'd ever felt. Most curious of all, the pleasure seemed to stem right from the area between her legs.

She eventually slid down from her crest of happiness, and when she hit bottom she went lax against Zuko's wet and warm chest. He held her there for a moment, making her feel sleepy but secure.

"That felt good," she finally murmured. She was completely sated but Zuko seemed to be trying to shake her awake.

"What is it?" Katara looked up into Zuko's face and saw his eyes clouded with desperation. He was gripping her arms tightly, and although he was doing a fine job of fighting off his need it was obvious he wouldn't be able to hold off for long.

"Oh," she said, feeling a little dumb. "Guess I should take care of you now, huh?" For some reason, she was in one of the best moods she'd had in a long time.

Katara started by softly kissing his jaw line down to his neck. She rained butterfly kisses down his wet chest and stopped by one of his pink, pert nipples. She stared at it for a moment before finally taking the nub in her mouth, making him jump. He didn't resist her though, and even pulled her closer, sliding his hands into her braid and slowly undoing it.

Katara abandoned his swollen nub as he freed her hair. She traveled down to his navel and had to crouch now, and she let her bare legs rub against Zuko's clothed ones underneath the water. She placed kisses on his abs, and gently nuzzled his belly button. Then she kissed the area underneath his navel, felt the soft black hairs there, grabbed onto his waistline—

"What the hell are you doing?" Zuko finally cried, because her mouth was really close to his arousal and she was making it much, much worse. Unfortunately though, as much as he was aware of what she was probably going to do, he still wasn't completely comfortable with it. He was a virgin, after all.

Katara glanced up with a frown, the potion swirling deep within her conscious. Huh? What was wrong? She didn't understand why he was suddenly acting so shy. Wasn't he the one that wanted it the most, after all?

The potion growled. 'Damn it, this boy is strong. Most men can't resist me. But he…he's good.'

Good? What the hell was that suppose to mean? Unfortunately, Zuko's embarrassment was rubbing off on Katara, and she quickly kicked the potion in the balls—hey!—before it could make her any more sexual than she was already being.

"Zuko, are you a virgin?" Katara finally asked. Absentmindedly she rested her lips against the side of his navel. He had soft skin and smelled yummy.

Zuko cringed, and immediately his mind went on the offensive.

What? Who did she think he was talking to? He was a goddamn prince, after all. How dare she insinuate that! Just because it was true…hey, that didn't give her a right to ask questions like that! Goddammit!

"Suck me," he suddenly commanded, fire burning in his eyes. Huh, show her that he definitely was NOT a virgin.

Katara blushed. "What? Hey, I asked you—"

As if to prove his point, Zuko grabbed for the waistline of his pants and was all but about to fully expose himself with her face right there….but he stopped.


Katara noticed this.

"You stopped."

"No shit."

"So you're a virgin, then."

He grunted noncommittally. "What's it to you?"

Katara rolled her eyes. "A lot, considering you want to screw my brains out. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Ask about your partner's sexual history before you hit the sack?"

Zuko shrugged. Were they really talking like this while she was crouched in front of his arousal? Really, they found the most uncomfortable times to have deep conversations…

"That's only when you actually care about the other person," Zuko said.

Katara winced. Ouch. Well, what had she been expecting? A warm and cuddly Zuko? Just because he wanted her body didn't mean he wanted to marry her. She should've expected that. She should've known that just because it was warm in his arms didn't mean he wanted her there all the time.

But still.

It'd be nice if the dirtbag showed at least a semblance of concern.

"I hate you," she said suddenly, and she stood up. She wanted to leave, but she was suddenly too embarrassed to even do that. It would be yet another time that a guy rejected her and left her all alone.

Zuko, surprisingly, was quiet.

He turned to her.

"What?" Katara asked, irritated now. See if he ever got a chance at fucking her, ever. She was pissed now.

He looked at her very seriously—surprising, considering he was drunk. "You know…"


"…if you were a fire bender I'd take you with me and treat you like a queen."

She gaped at him.

He moved closer.

"I'd give you necklaces made out of obsidian found in the deepest volcanoes. I'd buy you chests of dresses made out of the finest silk in the whole world. I'd feed you gourmet food every night. I'd let you keep any exotic pet you'd ask for, even a….."

"Why are you telling me this?"

Zuko captured her chin and tugged her in for a slow kiss. "Because it seemed like you needed to be told that."

She frowned into his lips, resisting him, not wanting it, because she was still very upset with him. Zuko's lips were naturally warm though, and after awhile she felt her resistance, yet again, start to crumble. It seemed it was useless to try and fight him.

Zuko was different now. He wasn't growling at her and grabbing at her like he did before. Now he was gentler as he languorously kissed her and ran his hands up and down her arms.

"Mmm," she sighed against his mouth.

Katara had traveled the whole world looking for a guy with at least some semblance of honor and she found none. And yet here, right in front of her eyes, was a man telling her he'd give her anything. Standing around in the forest naked, fighting off sexual advances, listening to idealistic speeches, fighting off more sexual advances…hey, didn't get more romantic than that, did it?



"I think I like you."

Zuko chuckled and slowly broke their kiss. "No, water bender, you don't. You like the idea of a man catering to you and paying attention to your needs and feelings. And…" his hand slipped beneath the water and gently stroked between her legs, "I think you like what I have to offer, too."

Katara gave off a silly smile then. Back with Sokka and Aang at dinner, she believed that she wasn't going to smile again for quite a while. But it was none other than the grouchy fire prince that brought it out of her. Of course, he wasn't so much grouchy as he was seductive now…

"Are you going to sleep with me?" Katara asked.

"One way or another, yes."

She smiled again, and Zuko, for the world, couldn't figure out why. He just told her he was going to have sex with her, whether it was consensual or not. And yet here she was, grinning like a fool. Maybe she was a closeted nymphomaniac? Either way…

…she was rather pretty when she smiled.


"What now?"

"Can we pretend we're in love?"

"Do you always ask this many questions before you do it?" Zuko questioned.

"Just answer the question."

Zuko sighed. "You can pretend we're whatever the hell you want, so long as it turns you on…"


Katara pulled away from him, moving back toward the shore while still facing him. His arm shot out and grabbed her, but she just smiled at him.

"Don't worry," she purred, and even he could see the potion darkening her eyes. "I'm not going anywhere."

He loosened his grip on her and she backed up against the shore. She grabbed behind her and hitched herself up on the edge, her legs dangling over into the water. Her wet skin glistened in the moonlight and she smiled at him. She waggled her finger at him.

"Come here."

And if to convince him, she opened up her legs, giving him a full view of what was in between.

"Shit," Zuko groaned, recognizing his own ache. Maybe in a sane state he would've seen the danger of the situation—a water bender and a fire bender eloping—but by then he was far from being reasonable. With the potion making his desire unbearable and the rum making his sensibilities knotted and useless, he was very, very vulnerable to Katara. And with her sitting there with her legs open while she played with her breasts….well, damn it.

He waded over to her without a thought, like a loyal dog does to his master.

Their bodies wrapped around each other as Zuko moved between her legs and started to kiss her deeply, drawing from her and making her squirm. Somehow in between their heated kisses Zuko managed to slide off his pants, leaving him naked in the water. The water level rocked subtly around his waist so Katara couldn't see his manhood.

Of course, she'd be foolish to think it wasn't there and it wasn't aroused at all.

The next time he kissed her he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. His slick arms clung to her wet skin as he lifted her off the grassy bank. She quickly wrapped her legs around his midsection to ease her weight off of his arms. As she did so one of his hands slid to her bottom, holding her there.

"Zuko?" she whispered. "Do you want me?"

She knew it was a redundant question, but she suddenly wanted every excuse to extract every sweet, endearing, or otherwise dirty comment from him. She didn't know when she became hungry for his voice, but now she certainly was.

Instead of answering her in words though, Zuko simply loosed his grip on her, causing her to slip further down his body. Katara let out an unconcealed squeal as she felt something enter her slightly and give her a sting. She squeezed her legs against him painfully, deterring any further slipping from happening.

"Zuko I—"

"—if you were offered chocolate or coal, which would you take?" Zuko interrupted her.

"Chocolate, of course," Katara said distractedly. The tip was still sunken within her and it was hurting a little.


"Huh? I don't understand." She wriggled a little and gasped as this caused him to slide in even deeper. She bit her lip and clung to his broad shoulders, feeling more nervous in her life than she had ever been. She couldn't even begin to comprehend how he could stand there composed, even as he was half inside of her already.

"You're friends are like coal," he explained. "They dirty you, water bender, and they try to make you sordid and primordial like they are."

"N-nice to know that s-sex makes you a wonderful o-orator…" she stuttered out, trying to slide back up his body. He smirked, noticing her squirming movements. With ease he brought her back up and away from his length. She became eye level with him and she wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into his neck.

Yes, she was afraid of doing it with him. At the same time though, more than anything, all she wanted to do was cling to him.

"Besides," he whispered to her. "Mangoes do not go with coal at all—"

Katara nervously wet her lips, not realizing that doing so in front of Zuko was like baiting a lion with a large piece of meat.

"—But with chocolate…" he drew his thumb on her lower lip, feeling the wetness there. His nose slid past hers so that their lips were touching, and on instinct Katara's eyes slid closed.

"…it's so much more ravishing."

He kissed her so passionately and swirled her emotions so much that she didn't even notice his movements as he carried her out of the water and onto the shore. He laid her body down beneath his on the grass, not breaking the kiss until she was nestled comfortably on the ground. He leaned back at surveyed her body in the moonlight, her blue eyes staring at him out of the dark.


Katara looked ready to say something again, so he kissed her again, his wet hair dripping down his scalp. She sighed and threaded her fingers behind his neck, pulling him closer. He slowly nudged her legs open with his knee, acknowledging her sigh as he did so. She sighed against his lips as he settled himself between her legs, and even wrapped her legs around his waist again in response.

He broke the kiss and dragged his lips across her neck, tasting the wetness there and relishing in it. Her arms left his neck as he proceeded to give her another hickey on the opposite side of her neck. Katara slid her arms underneath his armpits and clung lightly to his shoulder blades.

After playing with her breasts for a few moments Zuko moved back up to her mouth and kissed her soundly. One of his arms slid beneath her leg and lifted it up slightly, opening her further. He leaned over her on one forearm and looked deeply into her eyes. She could see his honey-golden pupils shining down at her and it made her feel oddly comforted.

He kissed her again, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth.

"Do you want me?" Katara repeated her question from earlier as they broke away, panting.

His eyes swirled with lust. "Yes."

Then he thrust into her.

Katara could've taken an arrow to her womanhood and she was sure she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. For a few moments all she could do was writhe and claw at Zuko's back, making him hiss. She was sure she was crying, and Zuko was trying in vain to kiss away her tears.

She wasn't sure when Zuko decided he simply couldn't comfort her through kisses alone, but soon she noticed he was slowly moving within her. At first it hurt constantly and felt uncomfortably foreign, but soon the ache started to fade, only to be replaced by a new one. Her grip on his back faded into a gentler hug as she spread herself move to give him more access.

Zuko was a very sensual and encouraging lover, Katara found, as he whispered dirty things in her ear and moaned out in earnest when she would experimentally jerk her hips upward as he thrust downward.

The pleasure was amazing, but she belatedly began to notice that Zuko seemed to be tiring. He was drunk, after all, and that seemed to be negatively affecting his stamina. With a coy grin and a short peck on his nose, Katara pushed on Zuko's chest and quickly flipped them so that she was straddling his hips. At first he seemed confused, but when she bent down and rubbed her chest against his he relished the change.

Katara nor Zuko could remember how long they continued, and how many different positions were tried (some failed) after that. All they knew was that by the time Zuko wrapped her arms tightly around Katara's body and shot something hot and warm inside of her, the sky was starting to reveal it's first dim rays of sunlight.

Zuko collapsed into a heap beside Katara's body, covered in either sweat or the remains of the lake water—probably both. Katara managed to crawl across his body and nuzzle her face into his chest. He didn't push her away, and instead wrapped his arms around her thin waist.

They laid there for a while, in which they both became aware that the potion was whispering it's goodbyes. They had fulfilled their "fantasy" and now were given back the gift of free will.

But Katara had to wonder, was that all the potion's doing?

She frowned slightly, listening to Zuko's heartbeat as it tried to find a slower tempo. Wasn't she in her right mind when she let him carry her onto shore? And the many times she could've unleashed the full force of her water bending and defeated him, like always? And yet she never really ran away from him; instead, she actually embraced him. Several times. In different positions.

Katara flushed. Oh boy, what had she done?

"Zuko?" she asked tentatively, after she was sure they'd laid there for an hour. The day was becoming brighter, and she was becoming more and more self-conscious of her nude body lying on the grass with his.

"What is it?" he asked, looking down at her. He was absentmindedly threading his fingers through her hair and looking down at her with unconcealed sincerity. Her stomach twisted in knots. How could she say what she knew she had to say?

She couldn't just lie here with him until Aang and Sokka found her. And she couldn't just keep listening to Zuko's heartbeat while fire soldiers were probably stomping through the forest looking for their lost Prince at the moment.

She wanted to. But she couldn't.

"We—" she started, and then utterly failed to complete the sentence. What, what was she supposed to say? We were drunk so it didn't matter? Forget about it? Nice fuck? Every single sentence she thought of came out sounding terribly crude and hurtful.

She sighed. But that's what it was, wasn't it? They had sex, when they had no real right to.

"Katara?" Zuko asked, when she didn't respond. He knew what she wanted to say, of course he did, he wasn't a moron, but he wasn't going to make her say it. Because honestly, he didn't want to hear it any more than she wanted to say it.

He knew that it had been an unspoken agreement that what they did was purely out of physical need. They didn't have feelings for each other. They weren't looking for any commitment afterward. All they had wanted was the pleasure of that moment, and that was it.


Zuko didn't want to admit it, but maybe he needed more than just a one night stand.

Katara had treated him nice enough, hadn't she? She hadn't rebuffed his advances in the end. She'd held him. She'd even said she liked him.

And now…now…

It was ridiculous, a fucking wussy thing to do, but Zuko was starting to think he wouldn't mind having Katara around for more than just a…single night of passion. Because for once, there was a girl who didn't reject him. She didn't walk out on him like all the others.

Yet, anyway.

"I think," Katara was trying to say to him. She looked as vulnerable as he felt. "We can't—" she shook her head, and he was shocked to see that she was sprouting frustrated tears. "Oh Zuko," she said brokenly. "This can't happen again!"

Zuko grimaced and looked away from her pained face, hating the words that she had to say. He didn't want to hear that. Because the night before…it had literally been one of the best nights of his life. And now? It would just fade into a memory.

Katara slowly started to push herself up into a sitting position, and there was nothing he could do to stop her. He wasn't allowed to stop her anymore.

"I enjoyed last night," she said, and she was suddenly crying. "I really did. But we—we're—we're…two different people. And I'm—" she made jerky motions with her hands toward the water. "You know. And you…you're a fire bender. And a Prince…and—" her voice cut off in a sob.

Zuko bit his lip and pulled himself up into a sitting position too. He grabbed his pants, still damp, and slowly slid them on, nodding as Katara continued to stutter out her message.

"We're too young," she was saying. "And I—well, you know…" she quieted her sobs for a second as she thought. "Zuko?" she finally said. He stopped pulling on his boots and looked at her. She was still completely naked, making it harder for him to even listen to what she was saying. She scooted closer and placed her hand over his. "If I'm…you know…"

He simply nodded.

She continued. "I would never…." she bit her lip as she tried to figure out what she was trying to say. "I would never…kill…it. Even though it would be your…child…I still wouldn't hate it." She glanced up nervously at Zuko, but Zuko's expression was unreadable. "I mean," she tried again, "this is only if, but if I was…pregnant…"

Zuko reached out and cupped her cheek. "I'd try to take care of you the best I could," he finally said, despite all of his doubts that that would be even remotely possible. After the avatar found out about their rendezvous—and he was sure the monk would—there was no way that the young boy would probably let him get within a mile of the female water bender.

"I'm sorry," she said miserably. "I know…it's all my fault…"

Zuko's brow furrowed then. "What?"

Katara sniffled and slowly reached back for her undergarments. She wrapped them back around her as if she was in a daze.

"I accidentally dumped some…love potion…or something…all over me," she began. "And it makes the wearer irresistible. And so, you see, it's all my fault."

Zuko almost laughed. "Stupid water bender," he said softly, lightly smacking her over the top of the head. "It wasn't you fault. I was drunk."

She paused, dress in hand, and a small smile graced her lips. "We're even, then," she said softly.

The Prince shrugged. This hurt, but he had to say it. He had to cut this off before he got too attached to a girl that was supposed to be his enemy.

"You should get going," he said. He grabbed his shirt and slowly stood up. It was already heating up, thanks to the proximity of the equator.

Katara slowly pushed herself up, sliding her dress down her hips and concealing her body from him. He internally sighed. Damn it.

"Yeah," she said softly. But instead of moving, she just stood there in front of him.

Zuko frowned, Shit, was she going to make him do it? Would she make him treat her like an asshole so she'd try her hardest to forget about last night? He didn't want to do that—at all—but if it was the only way to chase her away and protect her from the soldiers he knew were coming…

"Run, water bender," he warned.

She bit her lip. "Is this how it's going to be now?" she looked up at him and sniffled.

He sighed.

"For now," he finally said. Then, "maybe…someday…I'll be able to give you what I said I would last night."

"But you said that was only if I was a fire bender," she pointed out.

Zuko smiled softly at her, making her heart flutter.

"Maybe in the future that won't matter," he said softly. And then he grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss. He filled the kiss with all the confusing feelings that were building up inside of him. He kissed her in what he hoped would satisfy her for quite some time.

When they broke away, Katara was looking dazed, while Zuko looked wistful.

"Now go," he commanded her. She nodded numbly, looking torn.

As the beautiful girl started to walk away from the very confused and agonized Prince, he called back to her.


"Yes?" Damn it, she looked way too hopeful for that to be healthy.

He softened his tone. "Please, don't try to seek me out, got that?"

She nodded, understanding his warning.

She disappeared into the line of foliage just as four fire nation soldiers fell into the clearing.



Sokka continued to holler and rant at her, tugging at his hair and stomping his feet in typical Sokka-fashion. Aang was acting in a more reserved way, checking her body for injuries and looking deep into her eyes every once in a while.

"I went for a walk," was her repeated answer.

Of course, that was always accompanied by an unconcealed smile, leading both boys to believe that there was much more than just "a walk" going on.

"Are you sure you're not brainwashed?" Aang asked waving a hand in front of her face. Katara swatted it away.

"I'm sure."

Sokka whipped out his pipe and fake moustache from knapsack, glaring at his sister. "You! Then if you just went for a walk, why are your clothes wet?"

Katara shrugged noncommittally. "Did some water bending on the way back."

Sokka's eyes bulged. "FOR EIGHT HOURS!?"

She shrugged again. "I told you, this is a big forest. I got lost, OK?"

Aang leaned in close to her and frowned, scrunching his nose. "Katara, you smell funny."

"And all of your goody-two-shoes little friends will know it was me because I'll make sure you're covered in my scent."

It was harder to hide the smile now.

"Oh, that," she said. "I had some peculiar things to eat on the way back, too."

Sokka pointed his fake pipe at her while Aang leaned in to her face.

"What KIND of things?" Sokka demanded.

And the water bender named Katara simply stood up and stretched, walked over to the window, leaned against it, and smiled.

"Chocolate mangoes," she said.


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