by Pip

Summary: Firsts are always so imporant. DV

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The afternoon was quiet - thunderstorms threatening upon the horizon the only disturbance.

'A lazy day,' Daniel had called it. She was watching a movie while he worked. The room went silent as a loud boom was heard, a bright flash lighting up the room momentarily before it was bathed in darkness.

Vala rose from the couch and carefully began to make her way out the room. She stopped in the entryway when she found what she had intended to look for. He was standing with the front door open, comfortably leaning in the doorway. She walked up to Daniel, watching him curiously.

"Transformer blew." He said quietly, his eyes watching the storm. There was a pleasure there she had never seen before. Vala placed her hand on his arm. Daniel closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

"I love the rain." He murmured as he exhaled. "My mom loved it, too. She taught me how to listen to it..." Daniel opened his eyes and turned them on her. "Have you ever just listened to the rain?"

Vala smiled with amusement. "It's just water, darling."

Daniel nodded, a knowing smile going to his lips - lips she had only recently gotten to truly know. "When you grow up in the desert, you learn early how precious water really is." He reached out and took her hand, slowly pulling her out onto the porch.

"Daniel?" Vala questioned, uncertain of his intentions.

Daniel brought her to a stop against his chest. They were just barely undercover. Vala felt a few drops hit her face.

"Close your eyes." Daniel leaned in and whispered in her ears. Vala looked up at him a moment. He brushed her bangs back from her face. She sighed at the smile he was giving her, and closed her eyes slowly.

"Now, just listen." He said softly. "Listen to the music of the rain."

Vala pulled back as he began to pull her out into the storm. Her eyes flew open and she glared at him.

Daniel just laughed. "Close your eyes, listen, and trust me, okay?" Slowly, Vala nodded and closed her eyes again. She listened to the steady rhythm of the rain as Daniel pulled her out into its downpour. She inhaled as the cold water impacted against her.

Daniel smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, closing his eyes as well. Vala rested her head on his chest. He started to hum softly to whatever he was hearing, and soon Vala realized, as she began to hear the same song, that they were dancing slowly.

Smiling, she opened her eyes and pulled her head away from his chest. She looked up at Daniel, who was giving her an affectionate smile as he continued to hum. He leaned in and placed his lips to hers softly.

The first time Vala danced with Daniel, he taught her to listen. And she would always remember the taste of his kiss through the rain.

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