When she smiles so sickly sweet, I can see the angelic belief that is behind it.

She believes that we believe her when she smiles.

She believes.

Any god needs belief behind her.

Maybe she believes in herself enough to keep going through the day. I can't say. Anything behind the smile is occluded by her belief that there is nothing there.

Her world is constructed of beliefs.

As her doctor – and her Dragon – it is my duty to hold these beliefs above anything that could threaten them.

Ah… perhaps one day she'll discover the world. And it will hurt her, losing her beliefs, just as it does any child when they accept that not every aspect of their accepted religion – previously held as infallible – is absolute truth. But she will recover.

She is a strong person.

My Akito.

She will recover from the total loss of her own world.

How could she not?