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Cheesy Lines Gone Sweet Chili

Chapter 2: IN SILENCE

Renji's pride slowly deteriorated as a she-devil sent by hell succeeded in annoying the shit out of him. He was suffering mild nausea caused by triggering his pea-size brain to release so much energy for cheesy lines. These cheesy lines, so far, were wasted.

Damn... why should I bother anyways? He looked at Tatsuki's direction and sighed heavily. The girl was jotting down notes not minding…. well, not minding him.

"Oi, Renji!" strawberry's voice made Renji's brow knotted. Not because he was annoyed at the manner Ichigo called him but the way the girl he was observing reacted tensely.

"Hey! Rukia asks if you could accompany her to a shop... " the strawberry nudged the pineapple.

"I have other commitments." the red hunk surprised Ichigo both in his plain tone and stern reaction. "Why is she asking me? How 'bout you?" Renji sluggishly leaned on his table while making sure Tatsuki was still within his visual field.

Ichigo ruffled his bright colored hair, "I also have other commitments... goin' to meet someone..." Ichigo heaved a sigh and tapped the punk on his shoulder before leaving Renji.

Meet someone? The fukutaichou of 6th division stirred and focused his eyes as quickly as possible at the solemn-looking girl. He nearly toppled out of his chair when he saw strawberry-top happily chiding the tamed dragon. What the…

"Tatsuki!" Ichigo said as he tousled the girl's black hair. Tatsuki looked up and stuck her tongue out. "You shouldn't have made 'Hime cry..." Ichigo gently smack Tatsuki's head. After doing so, strawberry headed his way to his proper seat.

Tatsuki chewed her lower lip. Day 1, only 6 days left and this bad dream will be over. On the 7th day you'll be a dead meat Ichigo. She mentally rejoiced and for the first time on that day a smile crossed her lips. Tatsuki slackly threw her arms up for a stretch. Out of nowhere her black-coal eyes landed on a red punk. She felt goose bumps rise at the back of her neck when she saw his blazing eyes nailed at her.

Looking at me with such eyes is so damn scary. Tatsuki swiftly returned to her earlier pose. The dragoness focused her eyes on the fluffy clouds but still, her arch-nemesis's face kept on popping in her memory. Dammit Ichigo... She glowered.

All ideas, questions, resolutions and violent reactions lingering in each and everyone's mind were cut off by the resounding rung of the omnipresent bell.

Red-head Abarai stretched his arms. Let's play the game, battle mode activated! Renji lethargically stood and search for the pint-sized tamed devil. He was greatly mystified seeing her already at the door leaving the room.

"Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?" Renji hastily strolled in her direction.

The ebony-short-haired knowing she's the one this punk addressed stopped in her fast pace steps. She plastered an annoyed face before facing Renji.

Renji got the hint that Tatsuki was giving him 2 seconds to start making sense. He cracks, "ohh man! You're forgetting me!" Before Tatsuki could give a bored reaction, Renji snatched her hand and stormed out of the room.

The tall red-head succeeded in dragging Tatsuki out of the gates of the school without any severe damages. They were accompanied by the heavy air of silence as they continued promenading in the streets. Because of the Shinigami's lack of ability in observing small details particularly in a girl's action, he didn't notice that it took a total of 30 minutes or so before the lady dragon snapped back to reality and forcefully pulled her hand back. In addition to what Renji missed was the fact that Tatsuki's face is erythematic in color when he held her hand tightly.

"Sorry about that. So say," Renji noticed that Tatsuki was rubbing her hand. Baka. Why should I hold her hand like that? Darn, how careless. Silence accompanied them as they walked a never-ending path leading to who-knows-where.

Tatsuki wanted to run but she knew that would be silly. Why should she run anyways? It's only Abarai, what's the big deal eh? That's the problem, I am with ABARAI! She mentally smacked her head to wake her up in this little trance. She hastily walked.

"I wonder what your room looks like…" Red-pineapple tried hard to break the wall of silence that separates them. Renji naively anticipated that Tatsuki will turn and look at him with her lovely yet fiery eyes. Though absurdly out-of-the-blue, the statement was more likely a question he wanted her to answer. Renji patiently waited for any answer.

Since Tatsuki was not allowed to talk all she could do was to gesture or use minimal facial expressions as a form of communication. Her satanic torturers only allowed her to scowl and do any facial expressions or gestures or else there a big riot of secrets will be revealed. Leave me alone…don't make things more complicated as it is already! bastard!

The petite lady got extremely irritated to be with Renji who's fooling around all day. Tatsuki wished her composure could last for another day, or heck, until the last day of the foolish agreement. She completely ignored Renji's blabbering asking this and that for she profoundly brooded on things that can help clearing things up with Inoue.

The death-god discerned that she was not paying attention to him, again... as usual. "Hey... Tatsuki" the short-haired girl shot an icy glare over her shoulders. She didn't wait for another group of absurd words. Tatsuki straightened her arms, slumped her bag into her back and sped up her pace. A boyish action that made Renji crooked a smile.

"Hey, wait up." Renji gently grasped her right arm. He put his free hands into his pocket and in a split second he held up a closed fist. Tatsuki looked at it quizzically before heaving a sigh. Renji seeing her loosing interest opened his hand and said, "It's my breath from when you took it away."

Tatsuki bit her lip, sheepishly ruffled her hair afterwards she turned and walked away. F.U.N.N.Y. Never thought you're that corny…

This karate expert was inwardly waiting if the nuisance will give up or continue his weird, annoying but funny, attitude. Some minutes elapsed and she believed he already left. She sighed and slowed her stride. She took every step gingerly while she fight the urge of looking back to check if Renji was still there.

Tatsuki reluctantly turned around and scanned her surroundings. No... No sign of him… ok then... She did not realize that she was actually frowning. Tatsuki pouted. Knowing that he left her made her a little bit sad.

Another troubled sigh escaped her lips. For the last time she did a quick scan of the whole street and seeing no sign of the punk, she decided to continue her walk home.

Before Tatsuki could turn and continue her promenade, a male voice caused her heart to crash down. "Are you looking for me?" She froze.

Tatsuki could feel the warm breath of Renji. The punk stood at her back, with his upper body bent forward to enable him to mischievously whisper to her ear. Tatsuki wore an expression no human tongue could explain. Renji was at her back the whole time! She drew possibilities that he saw her searching for him. Bloody hell! Sly are we Abarai!

"c'mon! I'm walking you home…" Renji held his hand. As anticipated, the girl only looked at his hands with empty eyes. Tatsuki scowled and started walking. Renji looked at her, how the hell did you manage to shatter my pride? You're driving me nuts! What's the matter with you? Yah, yah, Let me be your light bulb so I can light up your world….. damn!

Renji's brownish orbs never left the petite girl walking ahead of him. Suddenly, some realizations dawned on him as he stared at her. It can be counted as perverted thoughts. Like she's the only girl he, most often if not always, quarrel with aside from Rukia; and he enjoyed every second they're together; and she's pretty… she's hot.; and he bet she looks like an angel when asleep; and he taught it would be wonderful if he wakes up in his bed seeing an angel at his side beaming a sweet smile at him; and….. They look nice on a wedding cake together. Yes! wtf!

The thoughts made Renji tremble from head to foot. He shook his head to erase those devious thoughts. What am I thinking? He rubbed his tattooed forehead.

"Weakling!" Renji called up. Tatsuki turned and shot daggers piercing his soul. "I mean.. I am the weakling when you're not around, just because you are my strength." He tried to suppress laughter. Seriously, these whole deal with cheesy lines made him lol.

Tatsuki Arisawa, inhale… exhale…. Composure…. Tatsuki sure realized how hard it is to conceal all emotions. She scowled and rolled her eyes. There was a thin red line separating her scowl to her smile. Though Tatsuki's greatly annoyed with her topsy-turvy situation, she couldn't help but smile inwardly for Renji looks like a geek.

Renji pushed his right hand in front of her. Seeing Tatsuki loosing curiosity, he cunningly snatched her left hand and placed his right to hers. "Would you hold this for me while I walk you home?"

Before Tatsuki could react, the red punk, without any hesitation, took her hand gently not wanting to let go. The starless sky witnessed how Renji succeeded walking Tatsuki home. so what if I'm blushing? Damn! At least Renji could boast that he's been touch by an angel.


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