Space for a generation: Prologue

The bedsheets had been tossed on the floor so Kakashi was able to enjoy the view once he exited the small shower. The man he'd found attractive in the bar while dressed was even more stunning when viewed by constant starlight shining on his nude body. "I need to leave early tomorrow morning," Kakashi explained as dark eyes watched him inquiringly as he began to dress. "We were only in port for the night." Thankfully the man only nodded and smiled lazily as he stretched.

"You're a hunter captain, aren't you? Jounin status if I read the tattoos correctly." The brunette sat up in bed and glanced towards the now covered shoulder where the telling mark was hidden.

"I'm so easily known," Kakashi joked. "But I didn't recognize yours." he walked over and ran a finger down the man's bare arm; over an odd design of lines. "Obviously something official," he said teasingly while noting that it was actual scars cut into the man's skin instead of an ink marking. Then he watched with curiosity as a hand quickly moved to cover the mark, and his one night stand actually blushed.

"It's just a population marking from my home."

"There are still planets out there that mark their children?" Kakashi stepped away. "And with knives?"

"I'm from an outer colony. We were only brought back into the fold within the last century. Are you a hunter for one of the federations, or just a mercenary? I've never actually met a hunter from any of the federations." The brunette smiled so charmingly that Kakashi allowed him to move the conversation away from his odd marking.

The tall captain finished belting his suit and quickly stood to attention with a click of his heels. "Of Konoha Federation," he said then relaxed again. "I'm surprised you didn't see that mark with all your wanderings."

"Well, that just leaves me something to find if you're ever back on this station."

Kakashi fully approved of the leer he was given and even more so of the lingering kiss as the man stood and made sure to give him a proper goodbye. With a lazy wave and a quick pivot, the silver haired and well sated man adjusted his eye patch and hid his lower face from view with a cloth mask in preparation to leave.

The brunette could only sigh as he watched the lanky figure walk out of his small quarters possibly never to be seen again. Hunters were not common visitors to Red Wave Space Station.

To Be Continued...

A/N: I was wondering why I couldn't find any KakaIru SciFi AU stories. So I decided to try and write one. Let's all see what happens, yes?!

A/N: Edit 06/17/2007: Just made some keyword changes, but important keyword changes... run your eyes over it again and see if you can tell what I did :D