Yeah, I'm not sure this really constitutes as humour or exactly why I'm posting this...its more a good mixture of weirdness and general WTFness! I guess I'll leave it open to you to try and interpret it (at least I hope there's something to interpret xP)

Reality Battle

Hello ladies and gentlemen! And welcome to another exciting…reality battle! The office is set and our first combatant and narrow favourite to win the match is already here, has been since…5am yesterday morning?! Well Enzan Ijuin does have a reputation for being early to matches, though not quite as good a reputation as our other combatant does for being late!

And here he comes! Netto Hikari opens the match with his signature attack Cheerful Greeting! But it appears that Enzan (as I'm sure many of you have) has anticipated this move and neatly dodged it with one of his best moves, Blatantly Ignoring the Idiot. This naturally seems to have annoyed Netto who is now stepping up his aggression and moving into close combat – but that's strange…instead of pressing his advantage, Netto has opted to use quite a weak attack, Sunny Weather (Not that You'd Notice) and Enzan has answered it with an attack of similar level, Paperwork Pile.

Woah! Now things are really heating up! They've moved into hand to hand combat! This is probably a mistake on Netto's part, hand combat is Enzan's speciality, but Netto's Wrist Drag style of combat has been highly successful before…but it's not going to work today! Enzan has broken free, and now he's in his element! He's just used his infamous Turn into a Smoking Crater Now Glare and now, is he going to…yes! He's just used his signature move, Hair Flick! Not many people can stand up to that, frankly I'm amazed Netto is still standing, and it looks like this battle is over and by the smirk on Enzan's face he knows it…

But wait!...What is Netto doing? He's just used a low level attack, Foot Scuff, followed by Downcast Face and now a slightly stronger attack pout…Wait a minute, could this be the rumoured gesture advance?...Yes, yes it is! It's the Irresistible Puppy Eyes advance! My goodness! What a devastating attack! This match is over, but not in the way we all expected and Enzan realises he has no choice but to ungraciously admit defeat and leave the office arena with Netto.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The favourite defeated hands down. I hope you enjoyed this exciting battle just as much as I have, good night.

Sorry, a little plea for help and a confession here. I'm trying to do some research on Dark Rockman's personality (he'll probably still be OOC but I can at least try can't I:3) but here in the UK we only got up to the end of Season 1 and I'm only up to Axess 27 which is the last subbed ep I could find, so a massive sorry if I mislead anyone into thinking I'm knowledgeable on Rockman beacuse I'm really not! Though I'd love to be...-Stupid UK TV people grrr...- I don't think Stream's been subbed, but does anyone know if there's a dubbed version of stream I can find? Or at least a transcript of one of the eps Dark Rockman is in?