Here's a poem I rescued from my old Piczo site.

I really love this piece and extended on it a bit. I hope you like it. Yes, the poem is mine. I came up with it.

Written in stone, To stand the test of time
Names so sweet, poetic in rhyme
These people will live on in life
Whose hearts were stolen in the night
Remember these people, remember these places
With empty hearts and nameless faces

May they never be Forgotten

May they rest in Peace

May they find their Hearts

May they Smile again

Long live the Nobodies

Yes. It is short. But I felt the need to put it here. I'm sorry to those who wasted their time reading this time-wasting poem. but please... give this struggling Author a base to place my feet... and a hammer to smash my writers block. Please R&R! I'm begging you on my hands and knees.