Sequel to Darkfire and Part III of Dragonfire

Story by ArkansanDragon

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Chapter 1: Lightning's Find

Somewhere in the forests of Central Park...

Lightning looked out over the nighttime meadow. The half moon cast a silvery light that made his fur shimmer. The unicorn foal looked over at his mother, who was grazing nearby. Thinking that she wasn't looking, he started walking away. She didn't seem to notice. He started galloping. Her warning neigh stopped him cold.

Don't wander off.

He'd been caught. Lightning walked back to her slowly, with his head drooping.

'Aw Mom,' he said dejectedly, why can't I go play?

Moonbeam looked down at her son. Lightning, you know you're supposed to stay close to me. You saw what happened to me when that rogue dragon attacked us. Do you want that dragon to get you next?

I'm not scared of dragons. He said boldly, puffing out his chest. Just let him try and come back! I'll show him a thing or two!

Moonbeam nuzzled her foal playfully. That's my little stallion. Then she added firmly, But you're still staying close to me.

Awwww! He whined, But Mom-

No buts. She said, Now behave yourself, and no wandering off. Then, she went back to grazing.

Soon, she had her back to him. Then, Lightning, thinking himself a very clever foal, slipped away from her and into the forest.

Now I can have some fun, he said to himself. Soon, the young unicorn was galloping off through the forest, bucking and rearing as he went. It wasn't long before he was dancing around, fighting off imaginary enemies.

Ah-ha! Take that! And that! He said, slashing his horn at an invisible foe (though it was really a tree sapling). After a few minutes of this, he stopped.

Phew! He panted, All that fighting bad guys sure makes a guy thirsty. I bet there's a stream around here somewhere.

He wandered around some more until he heard the sound of running water. Following the sound, he soon came to a river. What he saw next made him forget his thirst instantly.

There was something on the bank, lying half out of the shallows. Lightning crept toward it slowly. It was some sort of creature, lying on its side in the dirt, barely breathing.

He came closer and sniffed it. He could tell by the scent that it was female, half grown, and badly hurt. He sniffed again, careful not to touch it. It smelled like a dragon, but yet, not like a dragon. It had another smell that he hadn't learned yet, and it certainly didn't look like a dragon.

Gently, Lightning prodded it with his horn. A low groan came from it, but it didn't move.

He backed up to get a better look. The creature looked more like an elf then anything else, but its ears weren't pointed like an elf's, and it didn't smell like an elf either. It was dressed all in red, and its golden hair was tied back behind the head in a long braid. It was very pale and looked sick, and there were vicious slashes and bite marks all over it.

Lightning thought back to what his mother had taught him about the other creatures that lived around here, not that he'd ever payed much attention to it. But he was sure his mother had mentioned something like this before...

Then he remembered. His mother had once told him about creatures called humans. The non-magical beings that lived here, completely unaware of the magical community that surrounded them. Lightning looked down at the creature again. Could this be a human? He'd never seen one before, but his mother had told him that dragons could take human form. It was why they had been chosen as Guardians over the magical world, after the creatures had been forced into hiding.

I'd better tell mom about this. He thought, She'll know what to do....

Moonbeam looked up from her grazing, then dropped the mouthful of grass she'd been eating. Lightning was gone! She looked around, frantic. Then she saw him galloping out of the forest.

Lightning! She said as he halted in front of her. Where have you been?! Don't you ever run off like that again! What have you got to say for yourself?!

Mom! Come see what I found by the river! He said excitedly. And before she could stop him, he turned tail and ran back into the forest.

Moonbeam sighed. Lightning was a good foal, but his curiosity and adventurism often led to trouble. Shaking her head, and wondering what on Earth he could've found this time, the young mare followed him...

When they reached the river, Moonbeam stopped, stunned by what she saw. Lightning! She called, Get away from there!

But why, Mom? Asked Lightning, standing beside the creature. What is this thing?

That's a human! She cried, placing herself between the girl and her son. And not just any human. This is one of the Huntsclan.

A Hunter? Asked Lightning, But I thought they were all dead. Besides, she smells more like a dragon. Then a thought came to him. Do you think this could be that Huntsgirl-Dragon we've been hearing about?

I don't know. Said Moonbeam, But I think we should leave now. She started nudging her son back toward the meadow.

Wait! He cried, We can't just leave her here! She'll die if we don't do something!

Moonbeam stopped, looking down at her son.He met her gaze. Please.

The unicorn sighed. Alright. She said.

She slowly went over to the girl and nudged her. The human stirred slightly, then slowly raised her head. Her deep blue eyes were bright with fever as she looked at the unicorn.

There's something familiar about those eyes. Thought Moonbeam. She bent closer and sniffed at the human. The girl scrambled back, staring at Moonbeam with fear in her eyes.

It's alright. Said the unicorn, coming closer. I'm not gonna hurt you.

She didn't think the girl could understand her. Humans rarely understood any creature that didn't speak their language. But she did hope this one would at least see that they were trying to help her.

Then she recognized the girl's scent. It was the same as that female dragon she'd met the night of the attack.

It's you. Said Moonbeam. Then she turned towards her son. Lightning, come here and help me. Lightning came over to them, as his mother bent closer to the girl.

Huntsgirl, Moonbeam was sure it was her, stared at the unicorn. She seemed too scared to move. Moonbeam nickered softly, nudging her again. This time, Huntsgirl seemed to get the message. She reached out her hand and stroked the unicorn's head. That's right. Said Moonbeam, We just want to help you. She lay down with her side facing the girl and looked at her. Huntsgirl didn't seem to understand.

Moonbeam gently gripped the girl's arm in her teeth and tugged slightly, then tossed her head to look first at her back, then at the girl. Huntsgirl seemed to get it this time. She tried to push herself up, but was too weak to do even that. Moonbeam turned to her son and said, Lightning, see if you can help her up. I need to get her on my back.

Lightning went over and braced his side against Huntsgirl's as she tried to rise again. This time, she was able to pull herself onto the mare's back. With the last of her strength, she pulled herself up, so that she was sitting astride the unicorn. Then, twining her hands in the silky mane, she lay her head against its neck, before passing out again.

Moonbeam got up slowly. She knew that if Huntsgirl fell from her back now, she would be too weak to get back on. Lightning looked up at his mother. So now what do we do with her? He asked.

We're taking her to Luna. Said Moonbeam. She'll be able to help. And with that, they made their way back through the forest...

Luna and Starchaser had stopped in a glade to rest after their nightly walk together. Suddenly, Starchaser pricked up his ears, listening. "What is it?" asked Luna.

Hoof beats. He answered. They turned toward the sound, and saw Starchaser's mate, Moonbeam and their son Lightning coming toward them. That's when Luna saw the girl on Moonbeam's back. The girl fell to the ground as Luna rushed forward.

"What happened?!" she asked, stopping to check on the human."Where did you find this girl, and why did you bring her here?" She felt the girl's neck for a pulse. It was there, weak but steady.

I found her by the river! Said Lightning proudly.

"But why did you bring a human here?!" asked Luna. Starchaser came up to them and sniffed at the unconscious girl.

This is no human. He said, I can tell by her scent. She has dragon's blood in her.

Yeah! Said Lightning, This is the Huntsgirl-Dragon! But she's been hurt bad by somethin', and she's sick too.

"Starchaser," said Luna, "can you help me with her? My camp isn't too far from here." Starchaser lay down, and Luna placed the girl on his back. He stood up, and together they headed for the camp...