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Warning: This story contains graphic sex and implied non consensual sex. Over 18's only.

The Bath House

I was looking for Kenpachi Zaraki. I had an urgent message from my captain. I knew that Zaraki normally took a bath at this time. I went to the bath house. If the message hadn't been so urgent I would have waited, but it had been impressed on me that I had to get an answer, immediately.

Walking to the door I noticed a number of shinigami lounging around nearby. I briefly wondered what attracted them to this place. Everyone knew Zaraki did not like company when he bathed. Maybe they were waiting for him to finish. They looked at me as I walked passed. Mentally I shrugged. No one moved to stop me.

I tapped at the door, preparing what I wanted to say. Zaraki was a little scary. Tall, strong, with crazy hair and a taste for violence. I reminded myself I didn't want to get too close to him. I'd heard stories about him that I wasn't sure I should believe but I had listened greedily to the details. It was always interesting to find out information about any of the captains, especially the Captain of 11th Division.

I tapped on the door, louder, having had no response to my first tap.

'Enter,' Zaraki's voice called from within.

I entered. Zaraki was in the tub, his back to the door. He was alone, as I expected.

'Is he so confident that he doesn't worry about approaching enemies when he's bathing? I'd never bathe with my back to the door. Why was the door unlocked?' I wondered.

His hair was wet and it straggled over his shoulders. The bells had been removed. I briefly wondered if he had removed his eye patch.

'Come over here,' he ordered without turning around. 'I want to see who's stupid enough to interrupt my bath.'

I hesitated.

'Move it. Get your arse over here,' he said firmly.

'I'll wait outside until you've finished,' I said hoping my voice did not show the fear I felt.

'You've already interrupted me. Now get over here,' he commanded again.

With some reluctance, I walked over to the tub.

'Stand in front of me,' he said firmly.

I stood, head hanging, refusing to look at this angry man.

'What is so important that a lieutenant from another Division has to barge into the bath house?' Zaraki asked coolly.

'Urgent message from my captain. Arrancars have been sighted in the human world. We're trying to form a squad to go there and help Ichigo,' I replied eyes downcast. 'We were hoping that we could include some members of 11th Division. I am here to ask your permission.'

'Look at me when you address me, woman. It's rude to talk to someone without looking at them,' Zaraki snarled.

'Captain, you are in a bath. I assume you are naked. I am trying to spare us both some embarrassment,' I replied, fighting the temptation to look.

'I'm not embarrassed. You could at least look me in the eye as you address me. Or haven't you seen a naked man before?'

I blushed at the question. Of course I had seen a naked man before. But that was under different circumstances.

Biting my lip I raised my eyes and looked directly into his face, still blushing. He had removed his eye-patch. I could feel the strength of the reiatsu of this man.

'You're blushing. Mmm. Having bad thoughts are you? Go on, have a good look,' Zaraki grinned. 'Might be your only chance to see me like this.'

Of their own volition my eyes wandered from Zaraki's face, over the scars and muscles of his chest, then down further. I gasped. Zaraki's hand encircled a very large erection. My mouth went dry and I nervously licked my lips.

Zaraki laughed as he saw the expression on my face.

'I thought everyone knew not to interrupt my bath,' he said as he got out of the bath and swiftly locked the door to the bath house. 'I promised myself, if anyone interrupted me today, I'd either kill them or fuck them. It all depended on how attractive the person was. You're lucky. You appeal to me. I left the door unlocked deliberately.'

He had come closer, the strength of his reiatsu made me feel weak. Quickly he removed my zanpaku-to and threw it to the furthest corner of the room. Then he ripped the clothes from my body. He held me by the arms, looking at my body.

I struggled and bit him on the arm, but he just laughed and examined me closely. Desperately, I tried to knee him in the groin, but he anticipated that move and held me further away. I started to utter a binding spell.

'Not a good idea,' Zaraki said in a low voice. One hand encircled my throat, squeezing it slightly, until I gasped. The pressure made it impossible for me to scream for help and the strength of his reiatsu seemed to increase. I was powerless and a little scared.

'I could go back to the other idea and just kill you; or I could fuck you and then kill you. Yeah, I prefer that idea. Now, you can either cooperate or fight back. Fighting back might be amusing for me, but painful for you.'

His hand that wasn't holding me by my throat was now touching my right breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers. My body betrayed me as the nipple became erect to his touch. I closed my eyes, shamed by my reaction.

'I think you might co-operate,' he observed and released his hold on my throat so his hand could move between my legs.

I opened my mouth to try a kido spell. The hand on my breast abruptly covered my mouth.

'No. Don't scream and don't try to use kido. It annoys me. The door is locked and no one will come to help you. Didn't you notice the people outside? They're from 11th Division. They won't help you. As I said, most people know not to interrupt me when I have a bath. I think they were probably amused that you decided to interrupt me. They're probably waiting for me to throw you out.'

All the time he was talking, the hand not covering my mouth was busy, the fingers, surprisingly gentle, exploring me, touching my clitoris, entering me. I tried not to react but I shivered slightly at his touch.

'This is going to be fun. I was going to spin this out more, but you did interrupt me at an interesting point. I'm touching you. Touch me,' he ordered.

I shook my head, trying to bite his palm.

'Don't then,' he said lifting me off my feet and laying me on the ground, next to the tub. 'It doesn't matter anyway, because soon you will be touching me, intimately,' he grinned wolfishly as he tied a band of cloth, ripped from my uniform, between my lips as I struggled.

'Might help to have something to bite down on,' he said. 'I've been told that it can be hard on the woman, the first time with me.'

I was trying not to cry as Zaraki prepared himself and me. I told myself I was trying to struggle free, but nothing I did made any impression on him. With one hand he moved my legs apart as far as he could and then knelt between them. He glanced at his erection and smiled, taking it in one hand and guiding it to my entrance.

He grunted as he tried to push himself in. It hurt; it hurt more than the first time I'd had sex. I tried to scream, but the gag interfered. He tried again to penetrate me. I bit down on the gag, but the pain remained. Tears leaked out the corner of my eyes.

Zaraki looked at me and quickly stopped. 'Damn. Need to make this a bit easier.'

He raised himself on his arms and looked around. Reaching out, he grabbed some bath oil with one hand, holding me down with the other. Weakly, I tried to push him off balance but he just laughed. Flicking the lid off with his thumb, he poured oil over his erection. He placed the bottle upright close by.

'Might need that again,' he said to himself as he rubbed the oil over his penis. As I tired to squirm away, Zaraki remarked, 'It just excites me more when you squirm. I imagine what it would be like inside you when you do that. I want to make you squirm.'

Again he guided himself into my entrance and pushed. I felt pain, but the oil made it easier. Zaraki grunted with satisfaction and tried to push in further. I felt myself stretch under his assault but he didn't seem to be getting any further. I wasn't sure if I wanted him to stop, or continue.

'Didn't expect you to be so damned tight,' he said. Without withdrawing he grabbed the oil and poured it over his fingers.

Then he withdrew and gently slipped his oiled fingers inside me, soothing me, trying to stretch me further. I moaned, not sure if it was from the relief the oil was bringing my torn skin, or from fear, or something else. His fingers were working on me too well. I was angry at my reactions to his touch.

When he was satisfied that I was lubricated enough he again pushed into me. This time as he penetrated me the pain was much less. He thrust deeply.

'Still only halfway in,' he observed. 'Still that's far enough. Okay, this is where the fun begins.'

He began to thrust into me purposefully. In spite of myself I was becoming excited. His touch on my clitoris earlier had aroused me, no matter how much I denied it. The way he had prepared me with his fingers was unexpected and exciting. The feel of his erection entering me, gaining more depth with each thrust made me angry and desperate for more all at once. I didn't want him, did I?

He hardly looked at me. That angered me even more. He had craned his neck, and was watching his erection enter me. Quickly, I brought my hands up, prepared to strike him on the back of the head. He stopped moving.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you,' he said quietly, looking at me. 'I'm already fucking you. Don't tell me you're not enjoying it. I can tell. You're moaning quietly and your body is responding.' His fingers slid to my clit and touched it. I couldn't control the moan of pleasure that escaped me as I arched against him.

'I told you. Now do you want me to remove the gag? Do you want me to continue fucking you? Not that you have a choice.'

I nodded and then shook my head.

'Be honest,' he said as he removed my gag.

'I don't want this. I don't want to just fuck,' I cried.

'That's all you'll get from me. But good sex is good sex,' Zaraki said looking at me.

He again moved within me. My treacherous body responded, welcoming each move, waiting impatiently for the next. The tension built quickly. I wanted to stop, or did I want to continue? I wanted to come.

I screamed as I came. I can't remember what I screamed. Zaraki put his hand over my mouth.

When he came, which he did shortly after, he was quiet. His body shuddered and he closed his eyes.

We lay there. His weight no longer supported by his arms was beginning to crush me. I pushed him slightly and he sighed and rolled onto his side.

We lay there in silence. I was confused. I wanted to leave. I wanted to stay.

'That was good. It's been a while,' he said with satisfaction his eyes still closed. 'You can interrupt my bath anytime.'

'It won't happen. I never want to see you again.'

'Stop lying. You enjoyed it,' he said lazily.

I rolled away and tried to get to my feet.

'I didn't give you permission to leave,' Zaraki said.

I turned to see him lying on one elbow, eyes roving over my body. I noticed that he was becoming aroused again.

'I have to give my captain your reply. Will you send some of 11th Division?' I asked, remembering my duty.

'I'll reply to your captain later. I haven't finished with you yet,' he grinned ignoring my question. 'I told you it's been a while. Now you're broken in, we may as well continue.'


'Let's try something different, this time. How about you rape me? I promise I won't struggle too much.'

'You're sick, Zaraki. You've had your fun. I'm going.' I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

'But I haven't finished my fun, yet,' he said watching me closely as I tried to put on my ripped uniform. It was no use. It was nearly shredded.

'You can't go out like that,' Zaraki taunted. 'May as well come back to me.'

I moved toward my zanpakuto, but Zaraki was there before me. He grabbed me, his fresh erection hard against me.

'You don't listen too well, do you? I haven't finished with you yet.'

'I've finished with you,' I replied tartly angry at him, angry at my body. Why couldn't it have been easy?

He looked at me closely. 'Hurt pride. Okay, maybe I forced you at first, but it ended up consensual. You know that. Hell, you were enjoying looking at me in the bath. You wanted me to touch you. I wouldn't be surprised…'

I slapped him with all my strength. He just smiled and removed my shredded uniform with one hand, shredding it further in the process.

'I've killed people for less than that,' he remarked. 'You're lucky. I'm only going to screw you again. You can fight all you like.

'Please, don't,' I said quietly. I wanted time to think.

'Oh, become polite at last,' he rubbed his chin. 'Would you prefer it if I kissed you and pretended that I care? I could do that,' Zaraki said thoughtfully.

Suiting actions to words, he kissed me casually. I kept my eyes open. His lips were soft and warm against mine. I kept my lips firmly shut and tried to pull my head away but he was holding my face between his hands. His tongue flickered against my lips. I opened my mouth to bite it, but found I preferred to take another action. I began to kiss him back.

'That was a surprise,' he murmured after breaking the kiss. 'I was sure you were going to bite me.'

'I was.'

He kissed me again. I closed my eyes and let the sensation overwhelm me. Zaraki pulled me close and pressed himself firmly against me.

Finishing the kiss he stroked my cheek. 'I could get to like this,' he said.

'Don't pretend,' I said. 'You don't care.'

'Didn't say I did,' he said before he kissed me again. 'Just said I could get to like this.'

There was a different quality to the kiss. I was trying to hold onto my anger, but it was flowing away. The kiss was sweeter than it should be between us. I told myself that I hated this man, but I wanted him.

Zaraki let me go. 'Lie down,' he ordered.

'No. I won't. I want to leave,' I said my feeling affecting my voice so that the tone was harsh.

'Don't you listen? I haven't finished with you, yet. Stop being impatient. I'll let you go, when I'm ready. Now lie down,' he said.

'The floors cold,' I protested weakly, anticipation and desire urging me to agree.

He grabbed a towel and threw it at me. 'Lie on that. Hurry up.'

'You told me not to be impatient,' I complained.

Zaraki moved closer. 'Remember who you're talking to. I am a Captain and I will be obeyed.'

'I'm not in your Division,' I reminded him, angry again at this reminder of his position.

Picking me up, he placed me on the towel, looking intently into my eyes.

'Doesn't matter,' he said. 'You will obey me. Open your legs.'

The confidence with which he issued his instructions, expecting an immediate response was infuriating. I refused to obey him. He pushed my legs apart, less gently than previously and penetrated me ignoring my protests.

This time there was little pain as he entered me. I watched as he closed his eyes.

'That feels good,' he rasped. 'Damn, I think I should have tried you before.'

He moved slowly.

Hurting at his attitude and demands and worried by my own reactions, I tried not to respond. I lay there, allowing him to enter, but refusing to react, though my body was screaming at me to enjoy it because it was good, very good.

Zaraki stopped in mid-thrust, looked at me closely and withdrew.

'What's the problem?' I asked sweetly.

'I don't like to fuck corpses. Last time you responded. Now you're acting like you're dead,' he observed looking at me considering my response.

'I told you, I've finished with you,' I began.

He cut me off with a kiss while his fingers moved down and touched me, moving from breast to between my legs. He rubbed me gently, continuing to kiss me. I struggled to move away from his insistent touch, but he wouldn't let me. In spite of myself, his touch was arousing me.

'That's better,' he said gauging my response. 'Still not enough. Now ask me to fuck you.'

'What? What the hell?'

'I said, ask me nicely to fuck you,' he applied a little more pressure with his touch and kissed me again.

Between his kisses and touches I was slowly losing my self control. My own feelings didn't help. I turned my face from his kiss, so he began to kiss my chin, my neck.

'Stop. Leave me alone,' I gasped.

'You want me to leave you alone? Do you, really?' he said amused. 'I think your body is telling me something else. You are so ready. Stop denying it. If I stop now, you'll be disappointed. Okay, I'll stop. I want to see if I'm right.'

As good as his word, Zaraki, stopped kissing me and touching me. He moved away from me, leaving me lying there. I cleared my throat, not sure if he really had stopped. I looked at him. He saw my look and grinned at me, gesturing to his erection.

'One word from you and it's yours. I don't know why you're even pretending. I'm listening to you. I want to fuck you, but this time you have to admit that you want me to fuck you. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

'But you will know,' I said missing his touch.

'So? Come on, say it.'

I bit my lip and looked down. What should I do? I wanted him so much. The mixture of rage and lust was bewildering me, but lust won.

'Please fuck me, Zaraki,' I mumbled.

He caught my chin between his fingers and forced my head up to look him in the eyes. I was scared of what he would see. Whatever it was, he smiled and kissed me, gently.

This time as he entered me slowly, I gasped with pleasure at his touch. He was right, I was ready. I had been disappointed when he'd withdrawn earlier and again when he stopped touching me. As he continued to penetrate me deeper, I heard someone moaning loudly. I think it was me.

Zaraki was kissing me, fondling me, as he slowly moved into me. I ran my hand over his back and chest, desperate to touch him. Unconsciously, I wrapped my legs around him. Zaraki groaned.

'This is better than last time,' he said panting. 'I thought last time was good, but…' his voice trailed away as he quickened his pace.

The faster pace excited me as I was approaching my peak. One more thrust and I was screaming my pleasure aloud. Zaraki came at the same time, again shuddering in quiet release.

He kissed me as he withdrew and lay on his back, his arms behind his head.

'You know, you screamed my name both times you came,' he said in a matter of fact manner, watching me to see my reaction.

I quickly looked away.

'Funny, I've never heard of a rape victim calling out her rapists name as she came,' he continued.

I swallowed.

'Don't think I've heard of a rape victim having an orgasm, either, or kissing her rapist. I could be wrong,' he said.

My face flushed and I began to wonder what he would say next.

'You could have used kido much earlier if you wanted to escape so much. You didn't have to come into the bath house in the first place. So was it rape?' his voice was dry.

I swallowed again finding little moisture in my mouth to ease the dryness in my throat.

'Answer me, was it rape?'

I shook my head.

'That's good,' he sighed. 'I hate false accusations. Now we have another problem. I don't like people who lie to me. We've had far too many lies told in Seireitei. Don't ever lie to me again. You lied about wanting me to fuck you and I bet you know I like my baths to be private? What did you expect to happen?'

I shrugged not trusting myself to speak.

'I don't make it a practice to have sex with people who interrupt me. I usually just throw them out. I'm not a complete thug,' he said defensively.

'I know,' I replied.

'I've noticed you before. As soon as I saw you in front of me, alone in the bath house, I got hard. I wanted you to look at me, to see if you were repelled or interested. You didn't need much encouragement to look. You didn't scream when you saw my erection. I haven't had anyone look at me like that for a long time,' Zaraki said.

I finally dragged my gaze to his, trying to read his emotion. Scared of what I was about to say.

'I've wanted to get to know you better for a while, Zaraki. You're different. I was interested. It's hard to find you alone. Usually 3 or 4 people are trailing behind. I thought if I interrupted your bath you might notice me,' I explained reluctantly.

He gave a short bark of laughter. 'Oh, yeah. I noticed you all right.' He paused. 'One thing I've been wondering is why you pretended to fight back? When I touched you, your body responded so quickly. I prepared you, didn't I? I tried to make it easy. You were so hot, so tight, and so eager even though you pretended not to be. God, entering you was so hard, but it felt so good. You enjoyed it. Why did you go through the charade of not responding? Why not be honest?' Zaraki asked.

'Do you mean I should have rushed in here and asked you to screw me? Or I should have just lain down and opened my legs as soon as you touched me?' I responded. 'I said I wanted to get to know you. I didn't know what was going to happen. You kept ordering me around like I was a recruit, not a lieutenant,' I sighed. 'You didn't listen when I said I wanted to leave and I really hate people giving me orders. It makes me want to do the opposite despite how I might feel. When you were ordering me around I felt like I was a convenience to you, not a person. It made me angry. I fought back because I don't want to just give in. And then you reminded me you were a captain and expected to be obeyed. Not exactly something calculated to make me cooperate.'

'I see. If I'd asked nicely the first or the second time…..'

'I don't know. I just know I wish it was different. I enjoyed the sex. It was good,' I said.

There was a silence as we looked at each other. He ran his eyes over my body. 'I like your body,' he said. 'I like fucking you. I don't want this to be the only time.'

'What do you mean?' I asked desperate to know.

He reached out and took my hand.

'I've decided. You're mine now,' he announced.

'What?' I responded having trouble believing my ears.

'You're my woman, exclusively. No sex with other men. I'll kill them,' Zaraki stated bluntly.

'Why do you think I'll agree?' I was stunned.

'Let me see. I can remember a few sentences you said: I don't want to just fuck. I've wanted to get to know you better. I was interested,' Zaraki looked me in the eye. 'You said those words to me. I listened. I mean you were desperate enough to interrupt me in the bath. You want me.'

Again the floor drew my gaze. 'I didn't mean that,' I mumbled.

'But you do. I told you. Don't lie to me. You're a bad liar. If you keep lying I'll lose interest in you. Do you understand? No lying and complete faithfulness, until we get tired of each other. I won't fuck anyone else, you only fuck me. As I said earlier, good sex is good sex. Can't afford to miss out,' he said thoughtfully.

'Is this a good idea?' I asked stalling for time. I didn't know if I wanted to agree.

'Who cares?'

I sighed. He was right. I wanted him. Looking at him closely I said, 'Okay.'

'Don't expect romance or anything else,' he warned. 'Don't have time for that crap. It's just sex.'

'Just sex,' I agreed. Something was better than nothing.

'I can see one major problem,' I said a little shyly.

'What's that?' he said looking a little concerned.

'I can't leave the bath house. You've shredded my uniform, I can't see anything else to wear and I don't feel like going outside naked.'

Zaraki looked startled and then laughed. 'That's easy. You can wear my captain's coat. I think we can make a belt out of what's left of your uniform to tie it together. As I'm a lot bigger than you, it should cover everything, even these,' he said cupping my breasts.

'I would like to leave the bath house, now,' I said as his erection showed signs of returning.

'Yeah. Okay. A bed would be more comfortable,' he replied, distracted.

He quickly dressed in his uniform.

'Will I get into trouble for wearing a captain's coat?' I asked, concerned, as I tried to fasten it around me. The contrived belt wasn't very effective. I had already retrieved my zanpakuto.

'I don't think so. Not if you're with me.'

'It's no good, Zaraki. It's too long,' I wailed. 'It's bad enough that the belt barely holds it together.'

'I'll carry you,' he said, ignoring my requests to just send someone to get a new uniform.

As we exited the bath house, Zaraki carrying me, I noticed there seemed to be more people hanging around outside than when I had arrived. A few called greetings to Zaraki. I blushed, wishing that I was at least wearing my uniform and not being carried. I quickly checked to make sure that nothing was showing

Excited whispering followed us as Zaraki took me back to his house.

'It's closer' he argued quietly. 'I can send someone to get a spare uniform for you.'

'Everyone's whispering,' I hissed in reply. 'I wish you weren't carrying me. It makes it obvious something is going on.'

'Good. Something is going on. I told you about lying. May as well be open about it. Once this news gets around, no one will try to touch you. Means I won't have to kill anyone for trying to make a move on my woman,' Zaraki sounded smug.

When we arrived at his place Yachiru and Ikkaku were waiting outside, pretending to insult each other, but obviously waiting for Zaraki.

'Ikkaku, I want you to take a message to this woman's captain. Ask him to visit me as a matter of urgency. I understand he wants some of 11th Division to enter the human world. I want to discuss it with him, personally, along with other matters. Yachiru, get her a uniform. Guess her size and I don't want to hear any complaints,' Zaraki ordered as he took me inside, ignoring the questions being fired at him.

He put me on my feet and shut the door. My belt promptly broke and the coat slid apart. I tried to pull it closed but Zaraki quickly moved close.

'Damn,' Zaraki groaned as he reached out, pushing the coat off my shoulders. 'We don't have time,' he pulled me close; preparing to kiss me when there was a knock at the door.

I moved out of sight, fighting my frustration at the interruption as Zaraki impatiently answered the door. He returned with a new uniform.

'Thanks,' I said as I quickly put it on. I wanted to be properly dressed when my captain arrived even though I wanted Zaraki again.

I tried to tidy up using a mirror, but gave it up as a hopeless task. I didn't wish to look at the woman reflected in the mirror. I brushed my hair trying to get it under control. Zaraki's hair was still trailing down him shoulders, but he had put on his captain's coat. I idly wondered if the gossip would reach my captain before he arrived.

'I'm going to explain matters to your captain,' Zaraki said. 'It's important he knows.'

I nodded, a little worried by the outcome of this meeting and exactly what Zaraki would say.

There was a knock at the door. My captain had arrived. Zaraki and I looked at each other. Would this change everything?

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