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Summery: What if Ben Linus wasn't the only Dharma person that Richard Alpert recruited into the Others/ Hostiles? What if, whilst crossing paths with Ben in the jungle, Richard met a feisty young redhead named Jeanie Henderson?

Flashwards to current Island time and Jeanie is the telepathic lover of Richard. Together, they travel to the Temple, with the remaining Others on Ben's orders, only to discover he's been betraying them all along. Will a relationship that has spanned almost 20 years be enough to over throw Ben and his evil scheme?

Author's notes: Hey guys. First of all, sorry for the long disclaimer, I just wanted to cover all my bases.

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This is my first LOST fic (I know, shock, I'm branching out from wrestling and Harry Potter), and I hope all information regarding the previous three seasons is correct. I needed an outlet for my Richard Alpert love, and this is the result. I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter One

"Take the others and head for the Temple," Ben ordered, "I'm going to take Alex and try to catch Jack and his people before they make it to the radio tower. I'll meet you there when I've dealt with them."

"Alright, I'll see you there later," Richard replied coldly, before walking off to inform the others of Ben's orders. Ever since Ben had taken Locke to see Jacob, Richard had been questioning his decisions. Was Ben right to be confronting Sheppard? He guessed only time would tell.

His spirits lifted a little when he saw the redhead sitting outside of their tent, scraping mud from her boots with the knife she'd had as long as he'd known her.

"What did he want?" she asked, pushing the hair from her eyes so that the light made the green hue sparkle like emeralds.

"He wants us to go to the Temple. He and Alex are going to confront Sheppard and meet us their when he's 'dealt' with them," explained Richard.

"And you don't trust him, do you?" the woman inquired, gesturing for him to join her.

"It isn't that I don't trust him, Jeanie, it's just that I'm questioning his actions so much more since he disappeared with Locke," sighed Richard, having the feeling that Jeanie had read his mind like she sometimes could.

"Yeah, I'm worried about that too. I've been concerned ever since they crashed, but since he brought Locke here, Ben hasn't been right. However, what harm is going to the Temple going to do? We can deal with Ben when he arrives later," Jeanie suggested.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm going to start gathering supplies and tell the others then," he agreed, standing to leave, but she caught his arm.

"Richard, you know what ever happens out there with Ben and Sheppard, it'll be ok. We'll be ok," she reassured.

"I know," Richard said with a smile and walked off.

Jeanie could understand Richard's trepidation. For years they'd been following Ben's orders without a problem. But now, in the past few months – since the plane crashed on their Island – things had been different. Ben had been jumpy, jittery, even a little reckless. Then Locke had joined them, and Jeanie really thought Ben was going to go insane. She'd never seen him so scared before, so insecure and unsure of himself.

However, they had to trust his judgement. He was their leader; he was the only one who spoke directly to Jacob anymore. If Ben thought that he and Alex heading Sheppard off, while the others went to the Temple was the right decision, then they had to believe it. She and Richard had to believe it, no matter what else they were both feeling.

An hour after Ben and Alex had left, Richard, Jeanie and the rest of the group were also packed and ready to start trekking through the jungle towards the temple.

Jeanie had a backpack hoisted on her back, containing a tent, medical supplies and food, as well as having her trusty dagger strapped to her thigh. The trip to the Temple should only take them two days at most, so they wouldn't need much.

The sun was beginning to sink behind the canopy of trees now, so the heat wasn't too unbearable. If they were lucky, they'd cover a good distance before they had to make camp at nightfall.

"You all ready?" Richard asked as he approached the spot where she was standing, he too was carrying a heavy pack on his back.

"All set," she smiled pulling her backpack straps a little tighter.

Jeanie and Richard took the lead, walking out ahead, so that they could talk alone.

After they'd been walking in silence for about an hour, they all stopped to take a rest. Jeanie knelt down on a tree stump and opened her flask of water.

"You know, I think this might be where I'd been hiding when you first met Ben, although back then I didn't know who you were," she mused.


The sun was high in the sky, and Jeanie lent back against the trunk as she flipped to the next page in her book.

Right up high on the thicker tree branches was always Jeanie's favourite place to hide, to be by herself. There were always so may people around at the Dharma settlement, someone always wanted her to do something. But out here, she was alone with just nature and the jungle. No one to order her about, no one to beat her when they were drunk. Just perfect silence.

Suddenly, the perfect silence was broken by hushed voices and footfall. Someone else was in the jungle. Jeanie's heart raced, she'd heard all about how dangerous the 'Hostiles' were.

Slowly, she closed her book and slid down from her tree branch. Slipping her book back into the pocket of her dungarees, she felt the leather handle of the dagger she always carried with her. Who knew when her father was going to be wasted next and beat her real bad, so that she might actually need to use the dagger?

The footfall grew louder, and someone approached. Jeanie narrowed her eyes, her hand on the hilt of the dagger, ready to attack. If there was just one of those 'Hostiles', she might get lucky and be able to beat them. She was fifteen now after all and had been helping to hunt the boars for the past five years.

From out of the dense trees stepped Ben Linus. Jeanie knew him from the camp, he was a meek boy who hung around with Annie. A little bit of a freak really.

'What are you doing out here?' he asked, his voice quivering with fear.

'I could ask you the same thing," replied Jeanie, taking a step closer to Ben.

'My rabbit got out and I was looking for him,' he stuttered.

Jeanie took another step towards Ben, so that she was now just inches from him. She could see the fear in his eyes, the sweat running down his face. Tell tale hints he was lying to her, but then her strange abilities told her that too. She didn't need to see the physical signs to know she was being deceived, she could see the deception right there in his head.

'I heard voices,' she pressed, 'you saw one of them didn't you? One of those Hostiles?'

'Ermermno, I didn't. I told you, I lost my rabbit.'

'No you didn't, you took your rabbit with you to test the security fence,' she challenged, picking the truth from his head with her ability. ' What did the Hostile say to you, Ben? What did he want?'

'Nononothing,' Ben stammered. 'I have to go now, my Dad will be wondering where I am.'

Jeanie merely shrugged; she'd gotten all the information she needed from Ben's mind. She'd seen whom he was talking to and she was determined to find him.

End Flashback

Finally, night started to fall in the jungle, and the group made camp. Jeanie felt considerably calmer than when they'd left. Being in the jungle, away from everything relaxed her, reminded her of her childhood. No matter how unhappy it had been because of her father, she could always come out here and be happy. It had been out here that she'd first met Richard all those years ago.

After meeting Ben in the jungle, and leaning from his thoughts that he'd met a 'Hostile', she'd been more curious than ever. Desperate to know if they were really the bad ones, wanting someone or something to take her away from the hell that was her life at home.

She'd only been a few years old when her family had taken her away from Tennessee and moved to the Island. They'd both gotten jobs working for the Dharma initiative and promised Jeanie a better life out there away from all the crime and violence of America.

However, the real violence was always at home. Jeanie's father was a drunk and often beat her and her mother. When she was still in the crib, she'd heard her dad's angry shouts and her mum's scared screams. That's why she'd asked to go hunting with Paul; she'd wanted a reason to get away from her family. In addition, that's why she hadn't hesitated when Richard had offered her a way out, a new life.

"Are you ok?" Richard's voice brought her from her thoughts.

"Yeah, I was just thinking, remembering," she sighed.

Richard pulled her into his arms, stroked her hair gently. She didn't need her telepathic abilities to know what he was thinking, and then they walked over to their tent. At peace... for now.