Elphaba thumbed through a thick volume, squinting through her glasses at faded writing.

"Foreplay," she murmured into the dusty silence of the library, "is a set of physical acts between two or more people to induce sexual arousal..." Now that didn't make sense. Why would more than two people be sexually aroused together? "It can be anything from provocative clothing to kissing to oral sex." Elphaba's cheeks colored a deep green. She slammed the book back into the shelf and hurried back to the room.

Glinda lazily munched a section of tangerine, giggling when the juice slid down her chin and onto her collarbone. "Whoops," she licked her lips and scooped the dribble of juice from her skin.

"Elphie!" Glinda greeted as Elphaba clomped into the room and fell onto her bed.

Provocative clothing reverberated in Elphaba's mind. Sultry looks. Licking or biting one's lips. Curious, Elphaba stared at Glinda and bit her lip. Glinda stared back, tangerine juice dripping down her wrist slowly.

"What are you doing?" She giggled, and turned her head to drag her tongue up her arm unceremoniously. Elphaba turned away and muttered what might have been "foreplay" into her pillow. Glinda waited a moment to clear her ears, and then burst into a melodious peal of laughter.

"That's not foreplay, Elphie. You were flirting." She shook her head. "Badly. Here," she stood and straddled Elphaba's waist before the green girl could protest. "I'll show you how to flirt."

"What?" Elphaba opened her mouth to verbally force Glinda off her, but Glinda smeared her lips with tangerine mush instead. "Glinda!"

"Lick your lips like this Elphie," she demonstrated, dragging her tongue sensually across her full lower lip. Elphaba copied her sloppily, and Glinda shook her head. "Invite me to do it, then."

"Will you... lick my lips?" she awkwardly propositioned, and only made Glinda laugh again.

"Oh, I've got tangerine everywhere," Glinda winked coyly. "Help me clean it off?"

"Alright," Elphaba leaned up and cradled Glinda's lip between her own, sucking gently and running her tongue across the glossy expanse. Glinda's breath hitched and she pulled back with a huge grin.

"That's how you do it."

"Osculation," Elphaba observed, between kisses, "is really an excellent pastime."

"Osculation," Glinda rolled her eyes and panted against Elphaba's cheek. "Really, it's foreplay."