Note : This is not like the original story of Alice in Wonderland, and oh, there's no Tweedledee and Tweedledum in this fic.

I found an original KKM picture on the web, and all casts cosplaying as characters from Alice in Wonderland. Thus, this story is created.
(This story not beta readed)

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Once upon a time in Bielefeld land, live a beautiful queen and her princess… No, wait… Not a princess…


"Your daughter is very beautiful, Lady Cecilie."

That so-called daughter bow slightly and said, "Nice to meet you. My name is Alice Bielefeld." The girl wear a baby blue and white dress. (you know, that Alice in Wonderland's outfit…)

Lady Cecilie smled brightly. "Of course she is. She has all of my beauty! Beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous emerald eyes! "

They're in the middle of a garden party in the Bielefeld Mansion, most of the guests are rich businessmen, noble-women, and celebrities. Lady Cecilie is leader of the High Class Society.

"Now, my dear Alice, can you sing for us later?" asked Lady Cecilie.

"Yes, Mother."


Alice Bielefeld walk away from the crowd and went to her secret hiding place, a secret garden far away from the huge mansion and it's surroundings. "Fuh, it's hard to act as a girl!"

Yes. This girl is actually a boy. A 16 years old boy whose name is Wolfram Bielefeld. His mother loves to play dress up, and she always announced Wolfram as her daughter to every person she ever met.

Wolfram sighed, sitting near patches of red roses. He pulled off his baby blue ribbon. What a boring party! He thought.

A noise from the trees broke his thought. Wolfram never expect for anyone to come to his secret garden. He stand up and went searching for the source of that noise when all of a sudden, a boy with rabbit ears jump out.

"What the-?!"

"I'm late! I'm late!" The boy has black hair and eyes, wearing glasses and a formal suit. He kept looking at his pocket watch and kept saying, "I'm late! Excuse me, Miss, I have to go! I'm late!" The boy ran off to the forest (yes, the garden is connected to the forest).

"Wait!" Wolfram began to chase the rabbit-boy.

The rabbit boy ran faster and faster and without any thoughts, Wolfram kept chasing him. Wolfram screamed, "Wait!" but the rabbit boy disappeared, and Wolfram fell down a deep dark hole. "WHOAAAAAAA!"


"Good morning! Good morning! Little princess!"

"I'M NOT A GIRL!" Wolfram shouted and regains his consciousness. He remember he chase a rabbit boy and fell down some kind of trap hole. He looked around and found himself surrounded by small doors. Only a rabbit can get passed through those doors!

And that rabbit boy he was chasing now ran across him, still saying "I'm late!" and then ran through a black door. A very small black door. How did he managed to get passed through that door???!!!! This is CRAZY!

"Where do you want to go?" ask a voice. "Choose the door!"

Wolfram search around and found a very fluffy SHEEP floating in the air, speaking to him. The sheep is very fluffy and has T-mark across its face. "I'm Cheshire T-Zou! Choose the door! Choose the door!"

"Argh! Fine! I'll choose this black door!" Wolfram reached out for the doorknob and found that the door is locked.

Cheshire T-Zou give a huge wide toothy grin (imagine that!) and flying around a small table. "Here's the key!"

Suddenly a glass jar came out with a golden key inside. Next to it are two jars of cookies, one with chocolate chips on it and one are just plain cookies.

"But I can't fit into that door!"

"Figure it out yourself." Cheshire T-Zou grinned again and vanished.

"Hmph!" Wolfram took the key and some cookies from both jars. In case I get hungry, he thought. Well, I am hungry now…

Wolfram took a bite of the chocolate chip cookies, and before he realized it, his hand, leg, head, and body getting bigger and bigger. "WHOA!" He felt like a giant stuck in a doll house.

"Oh no!" He felt his body crushed against the wall. One of the cookie jars fell and broke, caught Wolfram's attention. A paper came out and he can read 'SMALL' written on it.

So he struggled to reach for the plain cookie, but it's so hard with his giant hand twisted to the wall, but he managed anyway. He took that tiny cookie with his giant hand and throw it into his mouth. No longer after that, he felt his body shrinking, literally.

Finally! Back to normal!

He lay down and stare at the ceiling. I don't remember the ceiling being that high!

He stood up and turned around, facing a huge brown table pole and GIANT chocolate chip and plain cookies and GIANT jars, then stumbled upon a GIANT golden key.

"Well, at least I can get passed through this black door!" He said, lifting up the giant golden key, put it in the slot and turn it with all his might.

When the door finally opened, he got sucked by a black hole…


"Look what we have here, Your Majesty!" A brunette tall man gaze upon a crystal ball.

"She's beautiful! Oh what a magnificent beauty!" said a man with tall hat.

"She's a HE, Günter."

"Really?" The one called 'Your Majesty' asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty, it's a boy." Said the brunette again.

"Well, I want him here in this castle!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"


"My, what a lovely young boy! Capture him immediately!"

"But, m'Lady, the King might get hold of him first…"


"Waaa! Yes! Yes, of course, m'Lady!"


"I'M LAAAAATEEE!" the rabbit boy stepped on Wolfram's body literally.

"OUCH! Hey watch where you're going!" Wolfram sat up, suddenly remember the rabbit boy and the black hole. He strangled the rabbit boy, "Now tell me, where am I?"

"Can't! I'm late!" The rabbit boy pull out his pocket watch again and with a little struggle he managed to get off Wolfram's strangling.

"Hey, wait!" He chased the running rabbit boy again and ends up lost in the thick forest.

"Oh, great…"


"Hello! You must be lost! Come in! Come in!" a lady with pale blue hair startled Wolfram.

"Come in where…" he was about to ask but suddenly a small house pop out of nowhere.

Wolfram came into the small house and the lady offered him a glass of milk and cookies.

"You must be hungry." She said.

"Yes, thank you." He ate one cookies and wondered why the lady smiled and ran away. It's too late when Wolfram suddenly realize what cookie he's eating. A chocolate chip cookies.


And he's jammed inside that house. Like a giant trapped in a doll house, again!

"NOOOO!!!!" His feet and arms sticking out the windows. When his head broke off the ceiling, he saw Cheshire T-Zou grinning widely. "Another trouble, eh?"

"Get me out of here!"

The Cheshire T-Zou grinned more widely and vanished, again.

"Aargh!" He needed to reach out for the plain cookie inside his right pocket, but he can't.

He tried to stand up, but stumbled backwards to the ground, causing the house to tear apart. He managed to free one of his arms and quickly snatched the plain cookie.

"Good, I'm returned to normal."

Two pair of arms grabbed his shoulder. "You are coming with us, young lady!"

"What? Where? Ouch! Let me go!"


"Welcome to my castle! MWAHAHAHAHA! You're just the one I need for my ULTRA EXPERIMENT!" said a lady with long red hair and blue eyes.

"Ex… experiment? What kind of experiment?" Wolfram ask nervously, wondering if it would be like Frankenstein experiment or something worse.

"I'm Lady Anissina von Khrennikov, the best inventor you could find in this great land of Shin Makoku!" She snapped her fingers and a velvet red curtain behind her opened, revealing a big machine.

"MWAHAHAHA! Behold the great Evil-Machine-Beauty-Enhancer-kun version 1! This machine will turn anyone beautiful in a mere second, so I don't have to hire anymore painters to paint those white roses into red! But I need a power charge, and that's you! Now lend me your magical power and beauty!"

"What! No way! I don't have magical power!"

"DRAG HIM IN!" She ordered.

"No! Wait! Don't!" Wolfram struggled.

"What the-?" Wolfram suddenly snatched by a flying man (no, he's not literally flying. He's using a rope… Hahaha…) holding a sword.

"Sorry, Lady Anissina, but he's Your Majesty's guest! Bye!" And with that, they flew out of the window…

What now? A knight came to rescue?!


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