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Home sweet home! Oh really?


"Order! Order!" the King knocked his big black gavel. "Let's begin the trial of the Prince who rejected to marry me and thrash the 'awesome beautiful' royal house of Mr. White Rabbit! Bring in the first witness!"

"Hey! What madness is this?! I don't do anything wrong!"

"Silence!" the King knocked his gavel again. "Our first witness, Evil Crimson Lady Anissina!"

"Mwahahaha! This beauty prince ran away from my experiment! He is guilty!"

"Anyone would run away!" shouted Wolfram. He could see the panel of judges scribble 'Guilty' on their paper.

"Silence, Prince! On to the next witness! Bring in Blue Flurin!"

A woman with pale blue hair entered, bowing at Wolfram. "You sure loves cookies aren't you, Prince?" she whispered.

"Your Majesty, the Prince had eaten the forbidden cookies! He is guilty!"

"Hey I don't know those cookies were forbidden! You gave me that cookie!"

The panel of judges scribbled 'Guilty' again.

"Silence, silence! Bring in Mr. White Rabbit!"

"I missed the last episode of Kyo Kara Maou!, co-starring me, the awesome Sage! He is definitely guilty!" Mr. White Rabbit pulled out his pocket watch and gasp. "Oh no! I'm late for my OVA shooting!" (a/n : This is certainly an advertising for the upcoming KKM OVA :D)

"Next witness! Bring me Günter the Hatter and Dakaskos the March Hare!"

"Your Majesty, this pretty girl, uh, I mean boy, sat on your Royal chair on the tea party! He is guilty!"

"Wait! What's that all supposed to do with Mr. White Rabbit's house anyway?!"

"I said SILENCE, Prince! Panel of Judges, tell me your opinion!"

The panel of judges consisted of small bear-bees, held up their papers, forming a huge text: Guilty, Nogisu!

"Whoa…" said the Cheshire T-Zou who came out of nowhere.

"Help me! You're the one who gave me those stupid BIG and small Cookies in the beginning!"

"Silence! Who are you talking to, Prince?" the King asked.

"This floating sheep!" Wolfram pointed at… nothing. "Hey, where did you go?"

"I didn't see any sheep, Prince. And if I did, it would came to me and glomped me in an instant!"

"The Cheshire Sheep! Cheshire T-Zou! Don't you know him?"

"What are you talking about, Prince? I see… You're delusional as well. Then you are guilty indeed! Throw him to the royal cute dungeon of bearbees!"

"Waaaaiiitt!" Wolfram yelled, "This trial is crazy! I don't do anything!" He grabbed the last cookie in his pocket and ate it. "You're a wimp King…" Wolfram grew taller and taller… "… with this lunatic kingdom, crazy duel, and mad trial…" Grew taller and taller… THUD! His head bumped to the hard glass ceiling. "Ow! My head!"

"You!" He pointed to the rabbit-boy with glasses with his giant finger after rubbing his head. "Tell me how to get back home or I shall crush you and this wimpy King…" Wolfram pointed to the King (who is by now hiding under the court table, whining)

"Attack! Attack!" said the Orange Knight.

"Ha! You think that little sword…" Wolfram held Yozak's sword with his bare fingertips, "…would harm me… Hey!" Wolfram gradually shrunk to his original size. The Orange Knight smirked. "Talking big, aren't you, kiddo?"

"Gyaaa! Get me outta here!" Wolfram ran away, didn't care where he was heading. The Cheshire T-Zou followed him, still floating in the air. "I told you before… Mad… mad… mad… Everyone is mad people here…" the sheep sang before he vanished, leaving only his wide grin. Seconds later, Wolfram bumped to a black door. He turned around and saw the Orange Knight, Brown Knight, Günter the Hatter, Dakaskos the March Hare, Evil Crimson Lady Anissina, The King and all of his troops still chasing him. Hesitantly, Wolfram turned the doorknob, but only to find the door talking to him. "Ouch… ouch.." said the Black Door. "Where do you want to go?"

"Out! Let me out of here!"

"But you are outside… silly Prince."

Wolfram eyes snapped open and all he can see around him was the rose garden. "Fuh, glad it was all just a dream."


"Alice! Uhm, I mean, Wolfie! Where are you dear?"

"I'm here, Mother!"

"Oh, what happened to your dress?" asked Lady Cheri.

Wolfram frowned. Was that all just a dream?

"Now, Wolfie dear, I want you to meet the Emperor and Empress of Shin Makoku and their son."

Wait, wasn't that the name of that crazy land? "Shin Makoku?" Wolfram asked.

"Yes. The royal family from Japan. Have you forgotten them, Wolfie? The Empress, Jennifer Miko Shibuya, is my best friend, you know! We never met his son, though…"

"Lady Cheri? Are you here?" said a Japanese woman with brown hair wearing a pink kimono.

"Ah, Jennifer! Is that your son? He's so handsome and cute!"

A boy with black hair and eyes came and smiled.

"Aaah! The wimp!" shout Wolfram.

"Huh? Why all of a sudden you're calling me a wimp!?"

"Now Jeniffer dear, let our cute sons alone so they can get along." Said Lady Cheri, dragging Jennifer away from the rose garden.


"My name is Yuuri, not Wimp!"

"Oh so you do have a name!"

"Of course I have!"

Wolfram sat down on the garden bench, feeling tired after all those mad things in his dream. Yuuri sat next to him, smiling.

"Why are you smiling like that, wimp?"

"That blue dress. You're so cute in it."

"Shut up, wimp!"

"Hey, Murata! Come and join us!" Yuuri waving at a boy who just passed by. The boy has the same black hair and eyes as Yuuri and he wear glasses.

"Murata Ken, son of the wealthiest company in Japan, Shinou Co." Yuuri introduced. Murata put on a sly smile on his face. "Well, Shibuya, still want to throw this cute thing to your cute dungeon of bearbees?"

"Nope. I'm taking him to Japan. And he totally owes you a DVD!"

"Yeah. And thanks to that trial, I was late for the shooting!"

Wolfram stood up abruptly, "Aaargh! What are you talking about?! That was just a dreaaaaaaaammm!!!!!!"

"Ow, cute Prince! You're dreaming of me? I guess Lady Anissina's invention, 'Love-Love-Dream-kun' was a huge success!


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