A/N: Ok I'm going to get straight to the point; I've ultimately decided after rereading what I've written for A Reason for Living more times than I can count to scrap the whole "band of misfits" plot I've been going with and redo the entire fic. Now before you decide to kill me, send me threatening responses to this and the like, let me give you my reasons for doing this. First off, as many people had previously pointed out to me, TO MANY CHARACTERS!!! I now see the error of my ways of trying something so foolish. Second, plot holes, several small easily fixed ones, and a few bottomless pit-like ones that would ultimately lead to the story's implosion at some point. Third, the story WAS intended for an eventually romantic relationship between Naruto and Anko, but somewhere I lost sight of that and decided that even with that endless vote I had going that a blonde threesome between Naruto, Temari, and Yugito would be more entertaining to write than stressing over how to get Naruto and Anko together. Lastly, despite it being an AU fic, I had some characters way out of character, especially Tsunade and her not fearing blood. That, and the fact that I took every opportunity to bash Akatsuki, namely Orochimaru, though he does deserve it. Simply put, it was a mess; yes it did have its entertaining moments, yes the Hebi-teme bashing was nice, and yes Tsunade's miniature traveling orphanage of eventual ninja awesomeness was unique, but all in all I want to rewrite the whole thing, possibly make something better out of it, and if not go back to this and beg forgiveness for abandoning this idea. I've now officially closed that four month poll for Naruto's mate/ partner or whatever you people want to refer to the chick as. Here are the results:

Temari – 35 (Blonde two-some, interesting)

Anko – 34 (Looks like she'll just stay as Naruto's nee-chan)

Yugito – 31 (Damn I thought for a moment we might have a blonde three-some going on)

Tayuya – 7 (Foul mouth redhead doesn't get the "innocent" blonde)

Kin – 4 (Wow, she got more than three votes?)

That's it, that's all leave any and all comments and complaints in the reviews section just watch the language.