Being a Rockstar in High School

Chapter 1

The smell of blueberry pancakes wafted through a mansion into three seperate bedrooms. In the first, a 16 year old girl with bubblegum pink hair moaned in her sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed until her eyes shot open to reveal sea- foam eyes. "Hinata's making pancakes again." Sakura muttered. She threw the blankets off of her petite body and rose out of bed in her Happy Bunny pajamas. She stretched and headed to the bathroom before a certain blue-eyed pig woke up.

In a room at the end of the hall a certain brunette was stiring. Her arms were thrashing about as if she were hitting something. Or rather she was hitting a lot of things. But just as suddenly as her pink haired friend her eyes snapped open. She sniffed the air before sitting up and coming to her conclusion,"Someone's making pancakes." She rubbed her eyes, then looked over at her digital clock. In bright green letters it flashed 6:47. She groaned and walked across the room in her smiley face pajamas to her bedroom door. Tenten opened the door enough to glance into the hall to look into the hall at the bathroom. The door was closed and steam was pouring out from under the door which told her that Sakura must be in there. Ino probably wouldn't wake up for another 20 minutes. She crossed the room again to get to her closet. Sliding back the door she rummaged through her clothes and found the school uniform and exchanged her pjs for an olive green, black, and white, plaid and pleated mini skirt. She tugged on a chain belt. Slipped on her black button-up shirt. Lastly she tugged on some black socks. Tenten left her hair down and desended the stairs down to the kitchen.

Meanwhile downstairs

A girl the same age as Sakura with white eyes and short black hair was cooking some pancakes. She wore the same uniform as Tenten except she didn't have the chain belt and she wore a butterfly choker with silver earrings with small, silver butterflys at the ends, As she cooked she hummed the latest song her and her band, Call Me An Angel, had just released in their latest album, Fear is Sanity. She had just finished the batch of pancakes when Tenten came down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Hey Hinata! Those pancakes smell good. How early did you wake up this time?"she asked as she grabbed a plate from the cabinet and started piling some pancakes on it.

"N-not th-that early. I-I woke u-up at 5:50."Hinata stuttered as she followed Tenten's lead and started piling pancakes on a plate for herself."Anyway Tenten, w-why do y-you have your h-h-hair down?"

"Well when I got up Sakura was already in the shower so I figured I could get in after breakfast and worry about my hair then." she explained calmly while she place her plate on the table and went to the fridge to get some orange juice.

Hinata got out four glasses and Tenten began to fill them. "I wonder how much longer until Ino wakes up and starts freaking out. I really hope Sakura's down here by then. I'm not in the mood for another shouting match."

Just as Tenten finished that sentence Sakura came sleepily down the stairs. "yawn Hey, Morning, Man I'm tired. Why'd we stay up so late when we new it was the first day of school today?" she asks while getting her breakfast. Sakura is wearing the sam as both Hinata and Tenten but she has a barrette shaped like a Sakura blossom in her hair, plus she is wearing a pearl necklace and bracelet. "Ino not up yet huh?"

"Y-y-yeah, she's really sleeping l-late today maybe I should g-g-go wake her u-up."Hinata suggested.

"Yeah that sounds good. I'll go get my turn in the bathroom before Ino starts flipping out."Tenten added.

"yeah we wouldn't want that. Ino-pig is always so frantic in the morning." Sakura mumbled.

When Hinata finally made it to Ino's room she swiftly knocked on the door. No answer. Hinata opens the door to a completely dark room. Hinata marches over to the window pulls back the curtains and opens up the shutters. Light came spilling into the room. Ino didn't stir. Hinata decided to be cruel. She walked over to Ino's bed and crouched down beside her,"TIME TO GET UP, INO-PIG!!!!!!!" Hinata yelled into Ino's ear. Ino shot up in surprise and landed on the floor. Her eyes opened and stared at Hinata who was giving Ino a stern look.

"What?" Ino asked while laying on the floor.

"H-happen to l-l-look at your c-c-clock yet?"

Ino took a glance the red numbers flashing 7:30. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ino's scream could be heard throughout the huge house. Ino started scrambling around her room pulling off her pafamas and putting on her uniform. She ran to the bathroom where she found Teneten putting the final touches on her hair. She now wore a silver bobby pin to keep back stray hairs and a silver locket. Ino quickly got ready and then added on silver stud earrings, a silver necklace with a heart on it. Then she pulled up her hair into a high ponytail. After adding a couple touches of make-up she ran out of the bathroom leaving Tenten stunned and staring at the spot where her friend had moved at turbo speed. When she walked out of the bathroom she met up with Hinata in the hallway.

"Have you ever seen her move that fast? That was a new speed for her."

"I-I k-know I can't b-believe it either."

They walked down the stairs to find Ino speed eating some pancakes. By now she'd finished all of the pancakes Hinata had made that morning.

"Better watch it Ino-pig. Anymore food and your name will fit you perfectly."Sakura teased.

"Shut up Forehead Girl! It's not like that forehead of yours has shrunk any!"Ino shot back at her.

"Please just leave this fight right there." Tenten interrupted knowing that Sakura was about to retort. "We've still got to get to school and get our schedules."

The four walked into the front room and slipped their choice of shoe on. Tenten wore black combat boots. Sakura wore black dress sneakers. Ino wore black converse. Hinata chose to wear black slip-on converse. Everyone picked up their messenger bags and left the house.

This way Call Me An Angel's first day at this school. School had been in session for three weeks. Since their tour ended their agent decided to put then pack in school until summer. The girl's hadn't gone to school since 6th grade now they were all 16 going into 10th grade. They were going to attending North Fire High.

"So what do you guys think this new school will be like?"Sakura asked her companions as they walked down the street towards their new high school.

"I don't know. Think there will be any cute boys there?"Ino asked. The girls all squealed. Even though they had thousands of guys chasing them down daily they were still normal teenage girls.

"Oh hey, guys. Let's try to fit in. Don't mention the band. We always wear tons of make-up or fancy clothes on t.v. if try hard enough no one will find out who we really are." Tenten suggested.

"Oh. D-do you th-think we'll find a g-garage band?"Hinata stuttered.

"A what?!"the other three asked. By now the school was in sight and they still had twenty minutes to get their schedules.

"You know like you see on t.v.! Those boys that play their hearts out in their garage because they can't find the money to get noticed, and get a record deal."Hinata explained while they walked up the steps of the school and into the hall.

"Oh, right!"they all said in unison.

"Where are we supposed to go?" Ino asked as she looked around.

"I don't know."Sakura admitted as she looked around. She saw two boys arguing nearby by she went over to them cutting of their arguement when she asked,"Excuse me, do you know where my friends and I can get our schedules and locker assignments from?"

One boy whose hair looked like a chicken's ass just said "hn". While his partner screamed,"Sure! I can tell you where to get all that stuff! By the way my name's Naruto."

"Oh! Thank you so much, Naruto"Sakura said as she signaled her friends to come over.

"Come on Sasuke-teme! Let's show them where to pick up their schedules."Naruto yelled at the guy with the chicken's ass hair-do.

The other guy apparntly Sasuke just shrugged. Naruto and Sasuke led them further down the hall pointing out things as we went like how the the cafeteria was at the end of the hall and how the locker rooms were down the first hall to left. Then almost to the cafeteria Naruto and Sasuke took a sharp right turn and there was a big sign that said 'Office'.

"Just go in and there will be a lady up front named Shizune. Tell her you need to see Ebisu about schedules. He'll take you from there." Sasuke informed them. It was the first time the girls had heard him speak and Sakura felt herself get goosebumps. His voice was so melodic, and strong. "Hey pinky! What're you staring at?!"Sasuke snapped.

Sakura flushed,"Nothing! I was just thinking how stupid you chicken ass hair do is!"

Now it was Sasuke's turn to blush. He looked away from them saying,"Come on Naruto we helped them get here now let's go."

The two boys walked away. Naruto waved goodbye to them and then the girls went inside the office to get their schedules. When they entered the office the first thing they saw was a young woman running around sorting papers, answering calls, trying not to trip over a well dressed piglet that was wandering around, and answer to the calls of what appeared to be their new principal asking for Shizune to bring her more sake. All four girls twitched. Their principal was a drunky. Tenten came out of shock first and cleared her throat. Shizune stopped her running around and looked at the girls.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were there. What is it you need?"Shizune asked kindly.

"My friends and I are new and we were told that to pick up our schedules with Ebisu."Tenten answered.

"Oh of course! Ebisu is through the first door on your left."

"Arigato!"The said in unison. They walked to said door and entered the office.

"Huh? Who's there?"a young man asked from behind a pile of papers.

"Ummm w-we're new st-st-students."Hinata managed to say.

There was a rustle of papers and all of the papers on the desk were moved to the floor. "Ah, yes. The new students. Your here for locker assignments and class schedules am I correct?"

"yes sir"all the girls said in unison.(wow they're good at that aren't they?)

"Okay then, names?"he said while rolling his rolly chair over to a filing cabinet.

"Sakura Haruno"

"Hinata Hyuuga"

"Ino Yamanaka"

"Tenten Takamura" (I just made that up. If anyone knows her real last name could you tell me?)

"Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, Takamura Tenten." he mumbled while taking different pieces of paper out of the filing cabinet and then placing them on his desk. "Well these are your files. Since you all registered at the same time your lockers are pretty close to each other. Here are your locker assignments and your class schedules. I suggest you hurry and find your lockers so you won't be late for first period."

"Arigato"they all said. The girls walked out of the office and walked towards the first set of lockers they saw to get started.

"Okay so what locker number do you have?" Ino asked.

"324"Tenten replied.

"I have 330! That means we're near each other! What about you Hinata, Sakura?"

"I have 273...that's no where near you."

"b-b-but I have 2-2-277. So I'm near you."

"Well at least no one is alone!"Ino said overly cheery.

"Okay so Hinata and I will go this way and you and Tenten will go that way. Hope to see you in a class. Bye!"Sakura said. So they all went their seperate ways.

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