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Chapter 18

Tenten cocked her head to the side out of confusion. "What do you mean by 'Nice to be working with you'?" she asked him slightly dazed. Neji's milky white eyes were so close to her chocolate brown ones and Tenten found herself getting lost in the mist of his gaze. A couple of light coughs from behind her, and Neji's sweet voice brought her back down to earth. "At the art festival not only will you all be performing the dance you just did but you'll work with us in coming up with some sort of performance to accompany the songs we choose to play." After looking at his fellow band members Neji returned his attention to the stage area and announced, "That's it for today; see you at a later date to discuss ideas and such." With that the boys got up and left the auditorium.

The girls watched them leave with disbelief in their eyes. "What are we going to do? Don't you think we'll end up standing out to much if we agree to participate in all of this?" Hinata whispered frantically to the others.

"It'll be fine." Ino said in hopes of calming her friend. "All we have to do is pretend like we're novices at performing." She shrugged.

"I think it's a little late to play the innocent act." Tenten whispered as she pointed to the doors to the auditorium where a suspicious trio stood watching them carefully. The girls waved at them and the boys soon left.

Sakura sighed, "This is where our battle to protect our identities begins."

Time skip to the next day

The time had finally come for Sakura and Sasuke to perform their modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. The scene that they were to perform would be where Romeo dies.

"Before we perform this scene allow us to explain that in order for our story to work we had to change a few things about Romeo and Juliet's positions." Sakura told the class before falling into the story they had created.

*Somewhere near the end*

A loud crash could be heard as many men in dark suits and sunglasses entered the CEO's office of (blank) Corporation. "What is this? You can't just barge in here!" The head of the (blank) family shouted at the intruders as he jumped up from his chair.

"Well actually we can, you see I am the rightful heir to this establishment. Don't you agree that such details entail me to certain rights pertaining to both the way this company is run and who it is run by?" A young boy stepped out from behind several of the burly bodyguards; he was no more than sixteen years of age.

"Romeo! This can't be! We disowned you!" the man said as he practically crawled into his chair. His rage filled eyes glared at the boy. "What do you plan to do? All these men have a contract with me as well as you. What's to stop me from making them carry you out of here?"

Romeo shrugged. "Who knows? I had wondered why you hadn't tried that immediately."

His cocky attitude only enraged the man further. "Oh? Well, if you're here, what happened to that lovely young actress you ran off with?" He smirked as he saw the smirk on the boy's face flicker.

"S-she didn't come with me. I told her to stay behind. I thought that all this rough housing would be too much for a girl." He looked over his shoulder discreetly at the piece of wall that separated him from his beloved Juliet. He had been unsuccessful in convincing her to stay behind so the best he could do was to keep her out of harm's way.

The older man saw the direction he was looking in and gestured to two men in the back to go check it out. Romeo noticed the exchange and upon turning to stop them from grabbing her found himself face to face with a wall of guards. "Wait, you all can't do this! You pledged your allegiance to me!"

A loud cackle from behind made Romeo whip back around. "No dear boy, for you seeā€¦ their orders come from members of the (blank) family. As you are no longer a member of that family your orders fall on deaf ears."

Romeo backed up as the men advanced on him. With no where left to run, the men grabbed him just as the two from earlier brought in a kicking and screaming Juliet.

His eyes widened, "Juliet!"

"Romeo!" she called out to him, but neither could step closer to each other. Juliet was brought to Romeo's father who looked down at her with disgust.

"Son," he called while drawing out a dagger, "You should know that our group doesn't take treason lightly." Romeo knew well, their company was actually an underground mafia family and Juliet was from a rival family sent to spy by participating in the company as an actress. Romeo tried to turn his head away as the knife drew closer to Juliet. "Don't look away son! I want you to watch as the life leaves her filthy Capulet eyes!" Just then, he plunged the dagger into Juliet's chest and her body became limp. The guards that had been holding her dropped her unceremoniously to the floor.

Upon the completion of the dead the other men keeping Romeo back let go and allowed him to rush to Juliet's stone cold body. Tears ran down his cheeks and created salty pools on her pale skin.

"Now you see what comes of double crossers like her! She was nothing but a lowly vixen bent on seducing you for her own purposes! I assume that you'll take on your full responsibilities once again tomorrow morning." He added as he gestured for someone to take away Juliet's body.

As those that volunteered stepped forward, Romeo pulled the knife from Juliet's chest and pointed it at the guards. "Don't move! Don't you dare touch her!"

Everyone in the room was stunned into silence. No one moved until Romeo's father let out a booming laugh. "My boy, you can't be serious. This siren's song must've played some trickery on your mind. She's dead son! Only the black god cares about her now!" He made a movement to take the dagger from him, but Romeo quickly dodged it.

"There's no reason to live while my love lay dead on the floor. What reason is there to breathe when the air of life was stolen from me?" He looked around at the people in the room and with tears staining his face he raised the dagger above his own chest and cried, "Juliet! With this happy dagger, allow me to join you in death!"

With that he plunged the dagger into his chest and allowed himself to fall back and free himself of his tortured life.

*The End*

The class erupted in applause. Jaraiya-sensei clapped heartily and patted Sasuke and Sakura on the back. "I must say that was a great show!"

Just then, the bell rang dismissing the class and cutting Jaraiya's praise short. "Remember tomorrow will be voting, be sure to think over everyone's plays so far!"

The class flowed out into the hallway where Sakura immediately joined up with Hinata. "So, what do you think?" she asked.

Hinata smiled, "Well, of course it was wonderful, a little strange with the mafia twist, but still wonderful all the same."

Sakura laughed and linked arms with Hinata, but was quickly dragged away by Sasuke. People were scattering to get to their next class so the hallway was almost empty. Sasuke had his arms on either side of Sakura pinning her against the wall. A little unsure of what was going on she asked, "What do you want?"

Sasuke glared at her, "Just let me warn you, if our play gets chosen, I'll never forgive you." When he spoke Sakura caught a scent of cool mint, was Sasuke chewing gum? It smelled so nice and inviting. She found herself drawing closer to Sasuke, who was backing up as she came forward.

It was his turn to look confused, "What are you doing?" he asked her. She'd seemed to be in some sort of trance.

Sakura seemed to snap out of whatever zone she'd fallen into and realized what she was doing. Her hands were now on Sasuke's chest her face a mere inch away from his. After a few blinks she jumped back out of surprise. She was about to apologize when the bell rang.

"Ah, class." Sasuke said slowly.

"Yeah, guess we'd better get going." She added shyly. With that both of them took off down the hall, going their separate ways.

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