Foxglove: The scientific name means "Finger-like", and refers to the ease which the Foxglove can be fitted over a human finger tip. The entire plant is a poison. Just one nibble from this pretty pink plant is enough to cause death.There have been instances of people confusing it with the harmless Symphytum plant with fatal consequences.

"Are you sure you want to go in alone?"

"I don't like to repeat myself"

"Yes..but if your discovered it will be only you against all of them"

"They won't find out. His disguise is brilliant." A woman's voice piped in.


"Karin do you have anymore information?"

"Hai. It seems the only way to meet him is to get through Foxglove" A woman by the name of Karin spoke.

"Foxglove?" Another man asked.

"Male or female?"

"I actaully don't know. Not much is known about Foxglove only that he is the one protecting him." Karin said.

"Alright I'll return in two weeks."

"Welcome to the Akatsuki master Mason." The maid spoke to him as she led him to his room.

"I would like to know where the other members are? Some were missing during the meeting." The man spoke.

"Ah it was proberly master Itachi. He is rarely out." She spoke.

"I want to meet him" He said.

"Well sir, you could try to talk to Foxglove-san. Foxglove is the only one who knows where Itachi is." She spoke

"Where is this Foxglove?"
The woman pointed to a big door.

"That is where Foxglove-san stays." She spoke.
The man walked towards the door and knocked.

"I'm sorry. I'm not in the mood for visitors." A voice spoke from behind the door.

He opened the door anyways. The room was dark. The only light in the room was from the moonlight. He saw a figure sitting behind a curtain. The person was sitting on a bed.
"I said not to come in" The voice spoke.

Sasuke noticed how the voice was a woman's.

"Hello Foxglove-san. I am Mason. The new member of the Akatsuki" He spoke.

"Well Mason-san, why are you here?" Foxglove inquired.

"I came to speak to the Uchiha." He spoke.
Her head shot up and she turned to look at him. He still couldn't see her face.

"The Uchiha, Huh?" She spoke softly.

"I wish to speak to him" He said.

"I am sorry Mason-san. I can not help you" She said politely

"And why is that?"

"Because I do not trust you" She spoke.

"Your the protective of the Uchiha?" He asked.

"He is my master so of course I am." She spoke.

Mason sighed.

"I geuss that means I'll have to do this the hard way." He spoke.
He attacked Foxglove but she dodged and turned to face him. He still could not see her face. He pulled out a kunia.

"Why are you attacking me Mason-san?" Foxglove asked.

"I wish to see him and your in the way." He spoke.

He saw her pull out a kunia.

"So selfish" She muttered as she lunged at him. He barely dodged her attack.

'She's fast' He thought.

She threw the kunia at him. He jumped quickly but it hit his arm. He gritted his teeth. He attacked her ruthlessly. He then caught her by surprise and pushed her up against a wall next to a window. Moonlight lit her face. Deep sea foam eyes glared at him. Eyes that he thought had died two years ago.

"Sakura" He whispered. Her eyes widened.

"How do you know my name?" She asked.

He gripped her wrists.

"Why are you helping Itachi?" He sneered.

Sakura then tensed. It was like she had realized something.

"Sasuke" She spoke so softly that he barely heard it.

"Sakura answer my question" He said.
She glared at him.

"I almost didn't recogonize you. Why are you here Uchiha? Finally come to kill him?" She spoke.

His grip tightened.

"I thought you hated Itachi. Why are you helping him?" He said a little louder.

"Its none of your-"

"You know damn well its my business!" He shouted at her.

Memories of the past came flooding back to her.

"I won't tell you where Itachi is" She spoke stubornly.

His grip on her loosened a bit.

"I'll kill him when I see him." He said as he turned to leave.

Sakura was surprised he was already leaving.

"If you get in my way, I will kill you. I don't wish to. But I will." He spoke.

"You know your exactly like him" She spoke.

In an instant she was up against the wall again with his hand squeezing her throat.

"Take that back" He spoke angrily.

Sakura smirked.

"Your a coward." She breathed out.

His fist hit her jaw. Her smirk grew wider.

"No matter how hard you hit me. You'll still be a coward."

His fist went at her again but she grabbed it with her hand.

"I let you hit me once but it won't happen again." She spoke.

He glared at her and released her neck. She fell to the floor and rubbed her sore neck. He walked towards the door.

"We'll meet again." He spoke as he opened the door.

"I look foward to it"

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