yeah, i know, should be working on one of my other stories, but this one has been bugging me to be written for sometime now, so finally i gave in and started on it!! hope you enjoy, bambers;)

Alone in the Dark of Night

Chapter One

Sam glanced bleary-eyed through the spider web of broken glass at the wispy black smoke rising from the engine of the Impala, and then at the huge oak tree directly in front of him. Oh yeah, Dean is so definitely gonna kick my ass for this.

Blood trailed down the side of his face, and also into his eyes from a deep gash on his forehead where his head collided with the steering wheel. Gingerly touching the wound, he winced, a low hiss escaping his lips. What the hell happened?

The last thing he remembered, he'd been driving on a dark, back country road, when something large ran out in front of the car. He'd swerved to avoid it, and thought he had, until whatever it was jumped on top of the hood of the Impala, red serpent eyes glaring directly into Sam's. The next thing Sam knew, he was waking up, staring at nothing but trees.

Okay, first assess the damage to the Impala, then call Dean. He opened the door, and started to get out, stopping short when sharp pain raced up the length of his left leg. "Gawwd," he cried out, squeezing his eyes closed, and taking short panted breaths.

So, maybe call Dean first and he can assess the damage after he takes me to the hospital.

Sam yanked his cell phone out of the pocket of his jacket, and stared at the buttons, trying to remember which one he needed to push to call Dean. Which one? Should know this. He squinted, brows furrowing in confusion, he continued to stare at the phone. Gotta be the first one, right?

He hit the first button, and the heard the phone ringing, after several rings, he heard his brother's voice.




"Yeah." Sam blinked hard, his vision starting to blur. A strange hollow buzzing, filled his ears, making it hard to understand what Dean was saying.

"Where the hell are you? You've been gone for hours."


"Where - are - you," Dean asked again, stressing every word in irritation.

Sam glanced around at the darkened forest, and then searched for signs of the road, but couldn't see anything beyond the veil of trees. "No' real sure."

Dean was quiet for a moment and then asked, "You been drinkin', dude, you sound kinda strange?"

"Don't know wh-where I am . . . nothin but trees." Sam rubbed tired eyes with his thumb and index finger, trying to clear the double images appearing before them, and then looked around again, seeing nothing to indicate where he could possibly be. Panic coiled in his stomach, his grip tightening on the phone. "H-hurt, Dean — car. . . ." Sam's voice trailed off, forgetting what he was going to say.

"Dude, you crashed my car?" Dean asked, a tremor of concern replacing the irritation in his voice.

"Thin' so . . . somethin' jumped on the car . . . red eyes."

"Sammy, you're not making any sense."

"Tree, Dea — car." Sam squinched his eyes, everything growing more and more fuzzier by the moment. "Tired . . . gonna sleep."

"Listen, you gotta stay awake for me, Sammy," Dean said, in a breathless rush. "Tell me where you are."

Sam peered out into the darkness, several pairs of menacing red eyes darted through the trees at lightning speed. He glanced behind him, and saw even more of the creatures, and heard low, vicious sounding growls surrounding the Impala.

"Dunno . . . d-dark road . . . red eyes . . . need you."


Hearing the desperation in his younger brother's voice, Dean grabbed his leather jacket, and bolted out the door, still holding the phone to his ear. Christ, he could be just about anywhere. How the hell am I supposed to find him when he isn't even making a lick of sense.

A deep worried frown creased Dean's forehead. "Look, Sammy, I'm comin' to find you, but I need somethin more to go on then just a dark road and red eyes. Were there any houses, a street sign, anything to point me in the right direction?"

"Trees, Dea — "

"Yeah, dude, already got that there are trees. Anything else?"

"Fezz . . . k-kee ow."

Fear knotted in Dean's stomach, listening to his brother slur his words. Damn it, he's gettin worse, an' I have no idea how to find him.

"Didn't understand ya, dude, you gotta try again for me."

"Fizz . . . fezz . . . fezznce."

"A fence?"

"Mmhmm . . . kee ow."

"With a keep out sign?"


"Okay, it's a start. Don't worry I'm gonna find ya, Sammy."

Okay, so I'm lookin for trees, and a fence with a keep out sign posted. That's no freakin help at all.

Dean strode to a dark green sedan parked furthest away from the motel they were staying at, and quickly checked to see if the door was unlocked. Finding it locked, he snatched a heavy rock off the ground and smashed the back window. He reached inside, unlocked the front door, ducked inside the car, and quickly hot-wired the vehicle.

The moment the engine roared to life the twang of country music blared throughout the car. Who in there right mind would listen to this crap. He hastily turned it off so he could hear Sam's faint voice. Gripping the steering wheel, he backed up and peeled out of the parking lot.

"Sam, you still there?"

"Seep, Dea . . . . tired."

"No, no, no, you can't sleep. Go to sleep and you may not wake up." Dean's heart pounded fiercely inside his chest, fearing he wouldn't be able to find Sam in time.

Okay, think, Dean. Dark road, definitely not in the city, maybe country?

"Think hard, Sammy, did you see any barns, horses, cows . . . whatever the hell else they have on farms."

"Thin' so."

Definitely country then. So, If any of them were dairy farms, they probably would've had some sort of sign posted.

"Were there any signs on the barns you saw?"

Dean knew he was grasping at straws, anything his brother said was probably unreliable at best, but he really didn't have any choice. He couldn't call the police, and Sam had his computer with him, so tracking Sam's cell through GPS was also out of the question.

"P-Pendesh — Penderrstuns." Sam was quiet for a moment, his shallow breathing the only thing Dean could hear, and then Sam's garbled voice became more urgent. "Clozzer, Dea — red eyes, clozzer."

"Something's coming after you, Sam?" A sick feeling of utter helplessness, overwhelmed Dean as he listened to everything his brother said, but couldn't help Sam.

"Clozzer . . . comin' clozzer."

"Just stay in the car, Sammy, I'll be there as fast as I can."

Penderrstuns? That can't be right, but maybe it's close. Dean nervously tapped his silver ring against the steering wheel, scanning the sides of the road for any skid marks or evidence of an accident. Penderrstuns, Penderrstuns . . . God, I feel like I should know this. I must've seen it somewhere. Slowly, it came to him. Peterson's Dairy Farm. We passed by it on the way into town. He recalled there was a large wooded area surrounding both sides of the large dairy farm that was situated out in the middle of nowhere. Damn, i know he was pissed at me, but what the hell was he doing way out there in the middle of the night?

"Was it Peterson's, Sammy?


"The name on the barn?"

Sam was quiet for a moment and then mumbled, "Mmhmm."

Dean did a quick u-turn and headed in the opposite direction. "I know where you are now, Sammy. Hold on for me, okay?"

"Red eyes . . . see um," Sam mumbled with a fearful tremor in his voice. "Comin' fer me."

"Is it a demon?" Dean hit the accelerator, blowing straight through a red stoplight, at a four-way intersection. The driver in a westbound traveling car, blared its horn at Dean, tires screeching, it narrowly missed crashing into the back end of Dean's car.

"S'every where . . . hear growlin'." A deep snarling noise came from Sam's end of the phone line, followed by an evil sounding feminine voice.

"Well, well, what have you brought to me my pets," The woman said, then laughed. "I promise, you can have him when I'm finished with him."

"Sam . . . Sammy, answer me." Stark searing heat burned the hand Dean was holding the cell with, and he dropped it, crying out in surprise. Momentarily stunned, he stared in disbelief at his now melted phone.

Oh shit, Sammy, what the hell did you get yourself into.


"What comes this way on such a dark and dreary night." The woman smiled wickedly at Sam. "My hounds smelled fresh blood, and were hoping to feast on your flesh, but I have other plans for you."

She ripped the door of the Impala off the hinges, reached in and dragged Sam out of the car. He struggled to break free from her tight grip, to no avail.

"Dea — help — " Sam cried into the phone.

"I'm afraid, he won't be able to help you." The woman stared at him through one pale blue eye and one dark black one. "No, you are all alone in the dark of night, and that is a very wicked place to be."

"Who. . . ."

"My name is Morraema, and that is all you need to know for now." She lightly touched his forehead, and said, "You want to sleep, so do so."

Sam's eyelids drifted close, his body going lax in her arms. The woman hefted Sam over her shoulder, and sauntered away through the darkened forest. "Come along my pets," she called after her, and several red-eyed creatures scampered to match her long stride.