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Chapter III
Tamaki Worsens It

Kyoya was both happy and disgusted at the same time. Sales had gone up since he started releasing tapes and pictures of him and Tamaki together, and nothing made him as happy as successfully pulling off a scheme to earn some extra money. Unfortunately and unexpectedly Tamaki had noticed the fact that Kyoya was getting more affectionate with him and just assumed his best friend had a crush. Needless to say it left Kyoya in a slightly awkward position.

"Kyoya!" Tamaki shouted as soon as he saw his friend.

Kyoya was knocked out of his thoughts as soon as Tamaki ran into him and pushed him onto the ground. "What?"

"What?" Tamaki answered in confusion as he lifted himself right above Kyoya.

"Is there a reason you pounced on me and are now hovering above me?" Kyoya asked with some annoyance. "If not, I have work I need to get finished."

"Oh," was all Tamaki said in a hurt voice as he picked himself up with tears in his eyes. "Sorry." Without another word to the Shadow King he sulked off and went to pout in a corner looking very dejected.

Kyoya fought hard not to threaten someone in order to release his anger. He didn't need Tamaki acting so sulky right before they were supposed to be opening the Host Club's doors. Instead of getting angry like a common person would, however, he decided to see it as a perfect way to make another Tamaki and Kyoya video for the fan girls. He went to his desk, set up a video camera, pressed record, and went over to console his friend.

"Tamaki," Kyoya said as gently as possible. "Are you okay?"

The president shook his head 'no' while secretly thriving on the attention he was experiencing.

"What's wrong?" Kyoya asked as he crouched down to be eye-level with his friend. He put a hand on Tamaki shoulder to make sure there was even more affection in this video than the last two.

"You-you don't like me," Tamaki said quietly, not meeting Kyoya's eyes. "I thought we were supposed to be best friends."

"I do like you," Kyoya said, intelligently leaving off the 'you idiot' he had the impulse to put at the end of his sentence. "We are best friends. What would make you think that we aren't?"

"You were mean to me when I went to hug you," Tamaki accused in a loud and hurt voice as he burst into more tears.

"I'm sorry," Kyoya apologized, trying to sound as if he meant it, "You just took me by surprise is all. I'm not used to physical contact." That would get some fans; girls seemed to be obsessed with pitiful boys.

"Really? That's the only reason you pulled away?" Tamaki asked with trust in his voice.

"Yes," Kyoya answered confidently before cupping the president's cheek and brushing his friend's tears away with his thumb. "I'm sorry if I upset you."

"You're the best friend ever, Kyoya," Tamaki yelled as he flung himself into the Shadow King's arms and starting to cry tears of joy.

As soon as a flying Tamaki launched itself at Kyoya and landed in his arms the poor Vice President lost his balance once again and toppled onto the floor, bringing the blonde boy with him. Kyoya took a well thought out risk and swiftly kissed Tamaki on his forehead. "Now it's time to open the Host Club's doors," he declared. "Are you ready?"

"I'm always ready for lovely ladies!" Tamaki announced as he jumped off his friend and made his way near the door to welcome the customers.

Kyoya got up quickly after his friend and made his way to his desk placed in the corner of the room. Shutting off the video camera he didn't know whether to be amused because of how oblivious Tamaki seemed to be or disgusted at the senseless dribble that he had forced himself to puke out.

"Kyoya?" Tamaki asked quietly a few meters away from Kyouya and his desk.

"Yes?" Kyoya replied, still busily typing away and barely registering his friend's presence.

"Are you okay? Is there anything you want to tell me?" the President questioned with some caution, afraid of what Kyoya would do or say as a response.

"Yes," Kyoya answered in a distracted voice. "I'm fine and no, there is nothing I want to tell you," he assured his concerned President.

"You're sure?" the blonde asked in an uncertain voice. "There's nothing bothering you?"

"There's nothing bothering me," Kyoya repeated the question as his answer.

"No one else is here," Tamaki pointed out, "You don't have to keep lying to keep up appearances."

Kyoya glanced up for a millisecond and realized that what his friend said was true; no one else was around. He had been so busy with the Host Club's budget he hadn't even noticed it was getting late in the evening. "I see that," he answered in his same distant and distracted voice.

"So, is there something you want to tell me?" Tamaki asked again with what could only be seen as nervousness as he shifted from foot to foot.

"No," Kyoya answered, looking his friend in the face for the first time during the entire conversation. "Is there something that you want me to tell you?" he asked after he had sent the President a well-placed confused look. Tamaki wasn't the type of person to be cautious; he normally burst right into things in his overly dramatic way without ever considering the consequences.

"I know the truth," Tamaki declared, finally slipping into the over-dramatic routine that Kyoya knew so well. He struck a pose, flinging the back of his hand up to his forehead and doing his best to look devastated. "When were you planning on telling me?"

"I was waiting for you to figure it out on your own," Kyoya answered, still not sure what the blonde was talking about but ready to make his friend think that he did. It could have really been anything; Kyoya had done quite a bit that Tamaki didn't know about, but at the same time a lot of them were things that Tamaki would have most likely not cared about. Did his friend actually find out something that had made him feel like Kyoya didn't trust him? Or had the blonde just decided to try his hand at acting? Neither were very probable, but Kyoya couldn't think of anything else that would make Tamaki act so strangely.

"Figure it out on my own?" Tamaki asked with an offended expression on his face as Kyoya went through his mental lists, looking for anything that he had done lately that would cause his friend to act this way. "Were you afraid of what I'd do if I found out or was this just some sort of test to find out whether I noticed your feelings or not?"

Kyoya didn't answer because he had figured out what Tamaki had probably found out, and with Kyoya 'probablies' were considered 'definites'. The Shadow King mentally groaned as he realized his friend must have been talking about the crush he thought the other boy had on him. Kyoya had thought Tamaki was already passed it, but appearently he wasn't.

Kyoya let himself really think about it for the first time since he had suspected Tamaki knew about the peusdo crush. Someone had to have told him; obviously Tamaki couldn't have found out on his own, he was much too dense. More than likely the twins had seen his act and had decided to tell Tamaki for the amusement that was sure to follow. The Shadow King's eyes glinted as he began to plan for the pay back the twins were sure to suffer.

"Is it true, Kyoya?" Tamaki asked, dropping out of his dramatic position to become serious once more. "Tell me the truth."

Kyoya never believed in telling the truth, even when his 'best friend' asked him what the truth was, so when Tamaki demanded to know the truth Kyoya's mind went directly to what answer would help him more.

If he said 'no' and then explained the situation chances were that Tamaki wouldn't be able to lie so outrightly to his fans.

He could simply say 'no' and stop at that, but the probabilities of having this conversation again if his behavior didn't change were high.

If he said 'no' and things went back to the way they were before Kyoya's brilliant scheme he would lose money that he had already considered acquired.

If he said 'yes' then Tamaki would still be friends with him; the President wasn't one to let things like that get in the way of friendship. However, there was some risk of Tamaki getting frightened off, which would cause his beautifully laid plans to go to waste.

Which one was the best answer?

"Yes," Kyoya decided within seconds of the question, expecting Tamaki to accept it and never speak of it again. At the very least the rumors would start flowing and Kyoya would get sympathy, which led to more purchases of his supplies being made.

Unfortunately Tamaki did something that Kyoya had never thought had the probability have happening.

He kissed him.

And to Kyoya's surprise and slight amusement he realized that he had enjoyed it.