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Getting in the car with Edward to embark on a journey I really didn't want to take set my stomach a flutter. I mean don't get me wrong I really wanted to meet his family but I was amazed I hadn't checked into the psych ward yet. Vampires? Rapists? Could my life get any weirder? Then again my new man..vampire..whatever Edward was. My savior. My knight in shining armor was there driving the car down the foggy highway.

"Bella?" He turned his eyes off the road and focused in on me. The piercing stare made my heart beat fast and slow all at the same time.

"Yea?" The ease of my voice surprised even me because it was like nothing mattered around him except us.

He turned his eyes back to the road only for a second then to me once again. "Thanks."

I was kinda lost. Thanks? Why was it a thanks. "Thanks for what?"

"Thanks for saying yes."

"To meeting your parents?"

"Yea. I mean you could have said no you could have done a million different things but you said sure. And I don't think you'll realize how much it means to me."

I didn't say anything just smiled and sat quietly listening to the gentle hum of his engine. Then he took a sharp turn that almost choked the seatbelt around my neck. We veered off the road onto a rickety path close to the woods. Then the path disappeared and it seemed like Edward was driving on pure memory. He sped up and by the time I had the air in my lungs to ask where we had arrived at one of the coolest escapes I'd ever seen. The house was much more than I ever expected. In the middle of a clearing near a river, was a private domain- no domain didn't cover it, it was a sanctuary… Of vampires.

As he fumbled to grab the key I just calmed my breathing and stood quietly holding his hand. I could hear voices on the other side but I just kept quiet. He opened the door and then there was a huge monsterous roar that made me cringe in my skin.

Two people were wrestling each other and they continued even after we entered the house. I could make out just enough to tell that it was Emmet and Jasper Cullen. Two more that I didn't know in his family. Emmet had Jasper in a head lock and Jasper quickly escaped chasing Emmet in my general direction. I froze.

"Now who is the greatest vampire in all the land??" Jasper screamed as he backing almost into me. Still not noticing me or Edward.

"You think you are? I'll get you! I rule. You suck!" Emmet roared and laughed raucously.

Jasper then turned around saying, "Jasper is the greatest vampire!" He revealed his teeth half way through the turn and by the point of where he was completely facing me I suppose he realized that we were there because if it was possible I'm sure I was paler and it was kind of like those actors that switch for happy to sad or mad to giggly at the drop of a coin. He was in a tiger stance and straightened up producing a colorful string of words from his mouth. Though I was scared it was entertaining to see them in a relaxed form as opposed to how they acted at school.

When Edward addressed them it was relatively hysterical. Jasper straightened up and backed away from me immediately. Emmet just chuckled a little and sat down on the couch.

"Yeah um Isabella…I'm sorry." Jasper said quietly. He was giving Edward quite the look. Though at this point I was very surprised that I had not been eaten yet. My heart pounded in recognition to the fact that a blood thirsty teenage boy (haha this should scare me more) was about two inches from my face thirty seconds ago. I was still.

"I-it's okay." Dammit, my voice was shaky. I turned shyly to Edward and he looked like he was ready to tear the skin off of his brothers. I tugged on his arm, and it took him a second to get out of his angry trance and realize I was trying to get his attention. I cleared my throat. "So… Your parents?"

"Oh, right, right. I'm sorry guys, I brought her here to meet Carlisle and Esme.." He trailed off.

Emmet erupted in laughter again," wait, you have got to be kidding me? You want her to meet him?" He said it with such a tone of disgust in his voice I felt as if the friendliness in the room had just dropped 18. Edward shot him a death glare. "Don't look at me like that, and in any case, they're not here."


"Oh, well then I will show her the house until they come back. They're at work right?" Edward had already started into the next room. I was immediately behind him, clasping his hand as tightly as possible.

"Yeah?" was Emmet's reply, but I didn't hear it very clearly due to the river rushing past my eyes. A completely glass wall shown the most picturesque thing I had ever seen in my life. It was the modern furniture and pristine beauty of the reflection that put me in shock. Edward let go of my hand and gestured to the outside.

"This is my home." He stood proudly.



He suddenly looked self conscious and glanced down at his feet, but quickly regaining his stature said, "I know it's not much, but given our… Situation makes it a little difficult to obtain proper regulations for housing and –" I cut him off with a finger to his lips; he was silenced and I stepped back.

"I think it's wonderful. It really is." I smiled up at him. I took in my surroundings. Edward and his slick figure leaning up against the glass with his hair gently brushed in front of his eyes, and an unreadable lookpainted on his god-like face. It made my heart skip a slight beat. The water rushing past the window and the dim beauty of the green was amazing; the sun peaked in very lightly through the top of the trees. I was really taken aback by all of it. I suppose Edward slipped away because when I turned around he was gone. I peered into the next room and saw him walking in with a glass of iced tea.

"You looked thirsty, so I brought you something." He smiled. Something felt odd though. I couldn't quite place it, but maybe it was just hunger for breakfast.

"Thanks," I took the tea and tried as politely as possible to guzzle it down. "The view is beautiful. I like it."

"Thanks I… I really appreciate it." He hesitated and that made me wonder, but I brushed it off as absentmindedness. "Do you want to see the rest of the house?" I was about to nod when I heard someone yell.

Just outside of the room I heard raised voices. I was rather afraid. It was a female voice and another female voice. Edward walked out of the room.

"Why should she be allowed here? She's not like us!"

"That is not your decision to make, Rosalie!"

"Says who? I have just as much say as anyone else in this house!"

"When you pay the bills you can do whatever you want. She's allowed here if Carlisle and I feel she is!"

"Dammit Esme!"

The fight was getting louder and more heated. Edward moved quickly out of the room looking embarrassed.

I followed him letting my curiosity indulge me. There was that girl from school. Rosalie was standing with her arms raised and her anger flaring. She was yelling at another woman. It hurt to look at Rosalie; she was too insanely beautiful. The woman she was arguing with was just a beautiful, but it was a different kind of beauty.

Rosalie stood with the grace of 1000 swans and the woman she was yelling at turned once I was fully in the room. Rosalie spat, "What is she doing here?"

"Rosalie, you do not speak to guests that way!" She chastised her daughter-I'm guessing- and Rosalie simmered down standing in repose in the corner of the room. " Hello, I am Esme Cullen. Pleasure." She placed her hand out and I walked up with as much composure as possible.

"Hello." I glanced at Rosalie momentarily and she was hissing at me like a wretched demon.

"I'm terribly sorry if you heard our little dispute; Rosalie takes some time to get used to people."

"It's o-okay." It was thoroughly awkward to stand there with the tenseness in the room. Just as I was about to give up on "meeting the parents" a strikingly handsome man walked into the room with such poise that I thought I might fall over.

"Hello Carlisle." Edward grunted.

"Good morning Edward," he turned to me, "Hello Miss Swan," he turned to Rosalie," We need to talk. Now."

Edward jumped and looked annoyed, "But Bella was supposed to have breakfa-"

"No, me and Rosalie need to talk. I apologize Bella, but we shall all have a breakfast another day." Carlisle was very contrite and I just let Edward take me where he would. He was muttering to himself the whole way out the door. We got into his car. I was continually silent and didn't want to make him mad, but I was beginning to feel badly out of place in his life. This was going to need some sorting out.