Chapter One Cute Girl 2:00

Zack and Cody walked in the doors of the Tipton from school.
Zack saw the most beautiful girl at the check in desk.

Zack- "Cody look at her!" he said pointing at her.

Cody- "Wow!"

Zack- "Hot babe 2:00!"

Cody- "More like 2:30."

Zack- "Shut up! I'm gonna make a move!"

Cody- "No! Why can't I get her?"

Zack- "She doesn't want to waste her time with a boy she would like a man!!"

Cody- "I'm more of a man than you!"

Zack- "You cry when you see kittens!"

Cody- "Theirjust so cute!"he said sobing.

Zack- "Grow up!"

Cody- "I thought you were with Max!"

Zack- "What she doesn't know won't hurt her! Also if a certain brother did not tell!"

Cody- "Fine!"

Zack- "Good! Now go do my homework!"

Cody- "You know what NO!!"

Zack- "What did you say?"

Cody- "I'm tired of being pushed around by you!"

Zack- "I'm gonna give you another chance since I don't wanna see you get hurt!"

Cody- "I don't want another chance!"

Zack- "You better run then!" he said chasing him.

Cody ran to the alley dumpster outside. Zack caught up with him.

Zack- "You are dead!"

Cody- "No!!!"

Zack closed in on him. Their was no escape!!! The next thing Cody saw was a fist then he blacked out!

Cody awoke to a face in front of him. He heard someone say,
"He's awake!" Cody rose up from the bed. He looked around. He saw five people with masks. He was in the emergency room. He saw Moesby, Maddie, London,
Mom, and ZACK!!

Cody- "Get him away from me!he said pointing at Zack.He will hurt me!"

Everyone looked at Zack.

Zack- "What are you talking about Cody? I was in the suite!"

Cody- "He's lying! Don't beleive him!"

Mom- "Sweetheart you need rest! Now lay back down and sleep."

Cody- "But mom Zack did this! He beat me up in the alley!"

Mom- "Just sleep right now. We will talk when you get home later. Bye."

Mom Zack and the rest walked out exceptfor a doctor.

Doctor- "Cody you should sleep! Later if you sleep for at least half the day, I will give you ice cream!"

Cody- "Ok!" he dozed off five minutes later.

Please Reveiw! This story popped into my head then I thought the rest out.
Well bye!