"Kris, Kris wake up", said a familiar voice.

"Kris you'll be late for the race"

"Huh, what?" added Kris as she slowly began to wake up.

"The race remember, you have to be at the track in 40 minutes."

Kris soon realized that this voice was Junior's.

"Ok, ok, I'm up. replied Kris as she was getting up to jump in the shower.

"I'll be outside waiting". Junior commented, but Kris was already in the bathroom.

Kris was ready in 10minutes.

"C'mon everyone else is already at the track" Junior added when Kris walked out of her trailer on Raintree Farms.

"Good morning to you, too." Kris said sarcastically to Junior

"Sorry babe." Junior said before giving Kris a kiss on the lips.

Junior and Kris had been dating for a year now.

Kris didn't know, but secretly he was going to propose to her tonight at dinner after the race.

Within the next 20 minutes they were at the track, which gave Kris 10 minutes to get changed into her jockey uniform and see Wildfire.

"Have a great race Kris, I love you".

Junior said while heading over to find Matt.

"I love you, too." Kris added as she headed to get changed.

"Be careful Kris"

The next 10 minutes rushed by and before Kris knew it, she was in the starting gate.

After all of the horses were loaded, Kris heard the beep and knew that this was it.

When the horses rounded the first turn, Kris felt a horse coming up on her right.

The horse next to her pushed her into the railing.


Wildfire bucked Kris off to try not to slam into the railing.

Kris felt herself about to fall, and the next thing she knew she was on the ground.

A horse stepped on her left leg.

They had to airlift her to the nearest hospital.

Shortly after Kris arrived at the hospital,

Junior, Matt, Pablo, Jean, and Todd arrived.

One of the nurses asked who they were there for.

"Kristine Furillo, is she okay?" asked a very concerned Junior.

"What happened to her?" Junior was full of questions for his soon to be fiancé (hopefully).

"Jean Ritter?" asked the doctor.

"Yes" replied Jean.

"You are Kristine's guardian, right."

"Yes I am"

"Hello I'm Doctor Owens."

"Kristine has broken her left leg in three places, and has multiple concussions."

Announced the doctor.

Where is she? Can we see her? How long will her recovery take?

Those were all questions Junior had for the doctor.

"Her recovery will take six weeks to a year, you may go see her,

She is in room 814b.

They all rushed to find room 814b.

Junior was the first one there.

When they got there the doctor said that it could take her two days to wake up.

After they were all there for four hours and she didn't wake up, most of them

decided to go home to get some sleep. Junior decided to stay at the hospital

until she woke up.

Junior drifted off to sleep at about one o'clock in the morning.

At about therein the morning he heard a noise.

Junior lifted his head to see what the noise was.

Kris was looking at him.

"Oh thank god." Junior exclaimed as he hugged Kris.
"What happened?" Kris asked with curiosity.

"Wildfire bucked so he wouldn't get smashed, and you fell and got trampled by another horse."

"Oh, did I break anything?"

"Yeah, your leg in three places."

"How long have you been here?" Kris asked Junior.

"Since 5 o'clock. I waited because I wanted to ask you something"

Junior said getting down on one knee, "Kristine Furillo, will you marry me?"