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"Beep, Beep, Beep." Sounded the alarm clock at 6:30.

"Junior, get up. It's time for work." Kris said.

"Fine." Junior said with an attitude. It was Monday, his first day back since his accident.

They made breakfast, and Junior left for work, and Kris left with Kailey to go to Raintree.

When Kris went to Matt and Gillian who know lived in a house really close to Raintree with their 6 month old son, Michael.

"Hey Kris." Gillian said as she answered the door.

"Hey Kris, um I can't really watch Kailey anymore after this month. I'm going back to night school, and I'm working at a little boutique at the mall, so I'm taking Michael to a day care in the city, it's a really good day care, from what I read on the internet. You should take Kailey there, too. It's only 10 minutes from here." Gillian said to Kris.

"I'll look into it, thanks Gillian." Kris replied.

'That's a good idea, night school.' Kris thought all throughout the day

When she got home that night, she talked about it with Junior, and he thought night school would be great for Kris.

"But, it might be really expensive though." Kris said as she expressed her feelings with Junior.

"Kris we have plenty of money, you don't need to worry."

'Aww, he can be so sweet.' Kris thought.

"Okay, I'm going to do it. I'm going to go to night school."

"Good for you Kris." Junior said to her.

The next day, Kris told Gillian about deciding to go to night school, too. They talked about what classes they should take.

"Hey Kris." Jean said as she walked up to Kris.

"Hey Jean, guess what, I'm going to go to night school." Kris exclaimed.

"Kris, that's great!" Jean said with enthusiasm.

Kris did her usual work out on Wildfire, and then she picked up Kailey, and went to sign up for classes. Kris picked most of the same classes Gillian picked. When she was signing up, she knew she was doing the right thing.

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