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The Turner Family

Port Royal

It had been one year to the day since Will joined his wife and son. They spent three weeks in Tortuga before they set sail to Port Royal. Will spent every afternoon playing with his son and every evening tucking him into bed accompanied with a story from their book. He helped Elizabeth around the house and they spent several nights talking until dawn, making new plans for their future together.

One night just after supper, Will heard a knock at the door. He went to answer it and found Jack Sparrow waiting to be let in. Will was surprised at his emotional reaction to his old friend. He shook his hand strongly and invited him in, telling him that they were just about to put little William to bed.

Jack looked around the Turner home with an appraising eye and said that for a whelp and his "bonnie lass that is unfortunately not really a new bride seeing as they have a junior whelp already and were sadly separated for ten long years but finally have been reunited and can finally start to make an honest living together," it was an upright home. Will, confused by Jack's speech but also recognizing the compliment, thanked him.

William saw the two of them in the hallway and ran to them, begging them to tell him a story together before he went to bed. Jack and Will exchanged an amused look and agreed. Elizabeth followed the three of them up the stairs to William's room, chuckling to herself.

As William lay in bed, eagerly awaiting their story, Elizabeth once again stood in the doorway and observed the scene in front of her.

"Well, now, dear William," Jack began. "Allow me to enlighten you as to the situation involving your dear old dad and me as we decided to go on a mission to rescue your poor mum after she so graciously invoked the right of parlay with our old friend Hector so many years ago…"

The story took nearly an hour to tell, and William was still fully awake by the end of it because all four of them were laughing to the point of tears. It had quickly gone from being a story to a banter between Will and Jack as to who the real hero of the story was, along with Elizabeth piping up in her defense several times.

When William finally fell asleep, Will escorted Jack back down to the parlor while Elizabeth poured them all glasses of rum. They sat up all night long, regaling each other with heroic tales and their takes on their many adventures. They had come so far since they all met, and they had found lifelong friends in each other—though deep down, they knew they were all pirates and sometimes made selfish decisions. Will had his loyalty, Elizabeth had her determination, and Jack had his uncanny ability to make things up as he went along. Each a pirate in their own right, and each a good human being as well.

As the sun began to rise over the horizon, they began to make plans for a voyage. This time, all three Turners would be aboard the Empress, and it would sail alongside the Pearl. They had no destination in mind, but that did not matter. All that mattered was that one day very soon, they would all be on the sea together.