Sasuke moans angrily into the thrusts, the bark of the tree cutting into his exposed back and the strings of chakra cutting thin lines of red in the many places they'd been tied to keep his bleeding legs apart and his arms broken and useless, the sound of his voice muffled by the hand on his mouth, the one biting through his screams, ripping at his tongue and lips as arteries were severed and blood filled his mouth. The jagged purple nails scratch into his cheeks and a tongue from the pads of a clay-worn, and somewhat burned, palm crashes hard against his own, lapping up the blood he fought so hard not to swallow.

He feels the hard, swollen cock shoved too far inside of him slam into his prostate and he bites back a scream, some sort of twisted, masochistic lust in it as the burning chakra cuts deeper into his every vital angle and the wave of stinging hits him from every place where red dyes his skin something raw. The second of Deidara's hands is wrapped around Sasuke's twitching cock, soaked in pre-come as the tongue licks and flicks at the bitter liquid and the thrusts grow more violent and the screaming only gets louder, more distinct, weaker, and there was something disgustingly desperate in it that Deidara could only glut in.

(Because all things considered, Deidara is a glut, and Sasuke has everything to give.)

And he finishes suddenly after a few more strokes, the orgasm hard and fast and almost silent, in a twisted way that only seemed to fit Deidara, because no matter how much he can make anyone else scream, he, himself (-is silent.) He doesn't waste time to pull himself out, and the jutsu in his hands fades away and from a distance, Sasori releases the chakra strings, and Sasuke falls to the base of the tree, his need to come hideously apparent as Deidara kisses his cheeks with his lips, the ones so much more (-gentle, maybe? But he is never gentle.) than the ones in his hands.

"Itachi's next, yeah."


... I might be banned for shit like this ; Yes, that's an implied Akatsuki gangbang you just read. Don't shoot me.