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Summary: It's Valentine's Day in Konoha, and Ino's having a party? What do you think will happen? NejiTen

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Chapter 2:The Party


Tenten stared into the mirror in Ino's room not believing her eyes.

Is this really…me? I look so…different...girlie even. Wow Ino and Sakura are good. I wonder what Neji will say…

"Oh Tenten you're beautiful!" Ino gushed.

"I knew you would look great in lavender," Sakura said.

They had come up next to her, admiring their work. Tenten was wearing a knee-length, strapless lavender dress with a black ribbon around the waist.

Her hair not I her usual buns, but down and near her waist. She looked like a princess.

"Wow guys, thank you so much."

"Your welcome," Ino said smiling. She wore a spaghetti strap, light blue dress that sparkled in the light.

"Anytime you need our help we'll be there Tenten."

Sakura was wearing a pink halter dress that poofed out near the bottom.

"Well guys, what are we waiting for? People are gonna start coming, so let's go!" Ino yelled excitedly as the girls exited the room.


I can't believe it's time for the party. I don't want to go...but those stupid fuzzy browed guys didn't give me a choice. At least they didn't make me wear one of those ugly green suits…Tenten would think I was loser. But then again do I care what she thinks. Yes! No! Yes! Arghhh im going crazy now!

"Neji! You look full of youth! Tenten will be impressed by your classiness," Lee said barely containing his excitement (as if he tried)

Neji was wearing a lavender colored shirt, a black tie, and black pants. Needless to say he was looking pretty good.

"Oh Neji, here are your Valentine gifts to Tenten, this cute little bear holding this violet," Gai said handing them to Neji.

"Gai sensei we make such a great team, we turned Neji into Tenten's youthful Valentine."

"I couldn't agree with you more!"

"Gai sensei!"


"Gai sensei!"


Neji sighed. Do they always have to do that?


Where is Neji? I hope he's coming…

Tenten's thoughts were interrupted by Ino coming out of nowhere dragging an unsuspecting Kiba.

"All right, Kiba, now you have to flirt with Tenten until Neji comes over and does something about it," Ino instructed him

"Okay, 1. Neji isn't even here yet, and 2. What kind of 'something' do you mean?"

"Did I say you could ask questions? Nope, don't think so, so stop asking them!"

"WOOF!" Akamaru yelled at Ino

Oh this is going to be a looong night.

"So…hi Tenten."

"Hi Kiba."

"What's up?"

"…This is stupid…"

"Yeah, I know."


"You said it Akamaru." Tenten petted his head.

"So, Tenten, you like Neji?"

"Kiba, this is supposed to be a day of 'love' don't make me kick you ass."

"Yes ma'am!"

Tenten sighed just as Akamaru decided to jump out of Kiba's shirt, causing his drink to spill…all over his new shoes.

"NOOO! My new shoes! They cost me $75! WHYYYYY?!"

Seeing how ridiculously Kiba was reacting, Tenten began to laugh. Akamaru then made a puppy face (which wasn't that hard) and it looked so cute that Kiba just had to laugh too.


Okay I'm here now. I'm just going to walk up to Tenten, tell her I love her, then give her the gifts. Or should I give her the gifts then tell her? Oh no! What do I do?!

Neji's crazy argument with himself ended when he heard laughter. This laughter. And not just any laughter. This laughter was familiar…was it…no way…TENTEN!

What's she doing laughing? And with Kiba of all people? Stupid mutt, I knew I should've kept an eye off him!

Neji was fuming as he walked toward Tenten and Kiba.

"Hey Neji! Where are you going? And why are you…growling?" Lee asked with a puzzled look.

Neji ignored him and continued to walk toward Tenten.

I can't believe she picked Kiba over me, ME! THE Hyuga Neji.

A slow song came up as he made his way over.


Neji broke into a run and slammed Kiba to the ground.

"KIBA!" he yelled viciously.

Akamaru ran to his arm and bit him before he could harm Kiba. With Neji jumping up and screaming in pain, Kiba took the chance to run away.

Oh this is great, Tenten probably thinks I'm a loser now!


Wow! Ino's plan worked, but why did Neji have to cause such a scene?

"Tenten I can't believe you were actually dancing with that guy!" Neji yelled.

"So what if I was dancing with him? Don't you have a girlfriend to dance with?"

"Oh so Kiba's your boyfriend now?"

"So what if he is?"

The more they yelled the closer they got to each other.


"Um…this wasn't part of the plan was it?" Sakura whispered to Ino, they were a few feet away from the "happy" couple.

"No, no it wasn't, let's get farther away so she doesn't blame us."


Back to them...

"I can't believe I thought I loved you!"

Tenten yelled before turning on her heel and stomping off.

However before she could move, Neji grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing?" She asked, their faces only a few inches away from each other.

"I'm telling you that I love you too."

Before she could say another word, he pulled her in and kissed her.

It's as if fireworks exploded then and there. They knew that's where they belonged; in each other's arms.

They finally broke apart and Tenten whispered, "You know what Hyuga? I think you're an idiot."

"As long as I'm your idiot."

She smiled and hugged him.

In case you were wondering...

"OI! Gai Sensei! Neji and Tenten finally found their youthful love, that's so sweet!" Lee shouted to Gai.

"I know, it feels like it was just this morning they were arguing…" Gai said tearing up.

"Gai sensei…it was just this morning."

"I knew that! I was testing your youthful memory to be sure it was intact!"

"Gai sensei!"


"Gai sensei!"


Back in the world of sanity...

"May I have this dance?" Neji asked, holding out his hand.

"Of course," Tenten giggled, taking it.

"Oh and Neji, Happy Valentine's Day!"

"What's that?"

Tenten sweat dropped. "Nevermind, just kiss me."


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