WARNING sex violence and other stuff

For those kiba fans …not for you … I don't mind him but I had to find someone who would be cool as a bad guy.


Naruto and hinata were dating for 3 months now and tonight was their 3 month anniversary.

Hinata was soo excited her first 2 anniversaries weren't bad, but 3 months she thought it would never last this long. Also her stuttering habit went way with in the first month and she was soo happy now she could talk to naruto in full confidence. She stood infront of her mirror and looked at herself. Her hair was longer now, but she didn't know what to do with it. She tried putting it up, and pigtails, side pony tail, and a bun but none of them looked right to her.

"I like it down" a voice said behind her


Naruto was glad he had hinata has a girlfriend. She was smart and pretty. he wasn't sure about it at first because of her shy weirdness, but soon it all went away as he got to know her. He looked in the mirror at himself. His hair was little messy and his only black outfit was a little crumpled since he hadn't worn it since the old man's funeral. He straightened his tie and added a little more gel to his hair.

"there we go" he said as he walked out the door to go meet hinata


"Kiba what are you doing here" hinata asked in surprise

He covered her mouth with his hand

"hey… be quite… you don't want old man Hiashi hearing you do you" he said as he thrust her onto her bed

He uncovered her mouth and started to kiss her neck.

As he went down she started to shriek. Kiba bite down hard on her shoulder then put his hand over her mouth.

"what the hell did I just tell you about being quite" Kiba said angrily

Tears started rolling down hinata's face.

Kiba started ripping her top and soon it was on the floor. Then he quickly ripped off her bra exposing her breast to him. He cupped them for a second then gripped his claws into them. She started to scream, but Kiba just tightened his grip around her mouth.

As she sobbed Kiba pulled down her shorts and ripped off her lingerie, exposing her naked body to him. She started to sob as he quickly undressed exposing him to her. Without hesitation Kiba entered himself into her and griped her waist so tight that she started to bleed. As she started to cum he pulled himself out but then forcefully pushed himself back in. it went on for about another ten minutes until he heard akamaru's bark. He quickly pulled himself out of her grabbed his clothes and jumped out the window.


It had been at least a half and hour and naruto got worried.

"she's never late" he thought to himself

He didn't hesitate and ran as fast as he could to the hyuuga mansion which was all the way across town.


Hinata curled up sobbing on blood stained sheets when there was a knock at the door.

It didn't take long for neji to bust down the door.

"hinata what's wr-.." he looked over at her bed to see hinata naked and exposed in pools of blood crying.

"oh my god … hinata…. What happened to you…who did this" his screaming could be heard all over the hyuuga mansion waking up everyone even hiashi.

Neji ran to her closet and got a clean blanket to wrap her in.

"i-i-im scared n-n-n-neji" she whispered as she shook frightened in his arms. Neji sat there on the floor with hinata sobbing in his arms trying to calm her down and comfort her. Hiashi ran into the room.

"neji what is………….-…….hinata………what happened to her." He yelled in sorrow and anger

"I don't know….from what I saw I would have to say she was raped" he said looking down at the poor defenseless girl that now lay unconscious in his arms.

"not good she's lost too much blood" neji said in a stern and concerned tone

Hiashi pointed towards one of the main branch members

"get tsunade on the phone …………NOW." He yelled

soon there was a knock on the door and tsunade and 3 medical nin were standing in the doorway.

"okay exactly what happened that you know" she asked neji

" I don't know all that much but I ran into her room after I heard screams and then silence...and I saw her on the bed crying and blood everywhere but nobody in sight."

The med-nin took hinata to the hospital with neji not too far behind.


Naruto knocked on the mansion doors. Hanabi opened the door her eyes were red from crying.

" is hinata here" naruto asked in concern

Hanabi rubbed her eyes

"she's at the hospital with neji and father"

"what …." Naruto didn't have time to ask questions. What if hinata was injured or wounded or hurt. He could never live with himself if he let that happen.

Naruto entered the hospital in surprise. Neji, lord hiashi, lee, ten-ten, sakura, ino, shikamaru, and kurinai were all sitting around in the waiting room with the worst expressions on their face everyone looked distraught. Naruto walked over to neji.

"what …what happened" he asked trying hard to hold back his tears. As he waited for an answer he could hear the word raped, died, blood, and crying come from the 3 chunin konoichi's mouths. He couldn't hold it back any longer tears ran down his face as the thought of his love his girlfriend …dead.

"from the wounds it looks like she was beaten and raped." Neji's voice came like an echo in his mind.


Yay chapter 2 coming soon