Ch 4 together forever

Spoilers for you kiba fans you've been warned turn back now

This one might be a wee bit shorter than all the rest

Neji stayed by her side the whole time she was recovering the death of kiba . He could tell day by day she was getting better. She smiled more and she was seen a lot more often by her friends.

Everyone had seen her brightening smile again except naruto who left on a mission the day after he found her it had been 6 months since he was in konoha (he also didn't know kiba died). Finally he returned and as he entered the village he heard a voice shout his name. he recognized that voice he hadn't heard that voice that happy in so long.

He turned around and there was hinata running towards him. he picked her up and swung her around and then put her on her feet and kissed her. He let go but she pulled him in for another kiss.

"I missed you" she mumbled their lips still entwined

"I missed you too" he pulled away and looked at hinata

"what?" she looked up at naruto confused

He gave her a hug

" I missed you that's all" a smile slid across his face and this time didn't leave

" she's so different why does that make me so happy" naruto thought for a second but soon shrugged it off and started kissing her again.

A year later on the same day, naruto took hinata out to dinner. he was wearing a new tux ……that he took from sasuke's house. Hinata wore a lilac cocktail dress. They ate at the most fanciest restaurant in konoha. After they had dinner naruto took hinata to the top of the great hokage faces. There was the most beautiful sunset ever.


Hinata turned to see naruto on one knee. She cupped her hands around her mouth in excitement as naruto took out a small silver box and opened it.

Inside was a ring made of silver rimmed with gold in the middle was a stone...that she's never seen before.

"naruto what is this orange stone" she asked in amazment

Naruto pulled up his shirt which revealed that only half the seal was left on his body holding kyuubi in

"then …this…and….you…."

Naruto opened his hand to show his palm that had a big hole in it (more of a gash if you ask me) hinata moved her fingers around the hole it was completely healed but you could still see straight into the wound as if it was a window for something. Then as she ran her fingers over the healed see through skin she felt a prick and as soon as she moved her hand away a word appeared in naruto's hand


:hope you liked my ff like I said it didn't end up the way I thought but it's still ok especially the proposal and I want love tattooed on my palm: