Preparing For The Inevitable

The poem I wrote during the period when I was really hit hard by the fact that Snape could die in book 7.

I am shaken
I am weak
Trembling with fear
At what my mind has seen.

I see you
Framed in your final moments –
The scent of your breath
As you gasp one last time,
The echo of all your laughter
And all your pain
Flashes before your dark eyes.

There is light
That blinds me
Then there is only darkness
And you are motionless on the ground.
It looks like you're dreaming.

The rain comes down.
Though it looks like velvet on your skin,
It feels like a shower of knives ripping me apart
And I fall to my knees,
Tears seem so inadequate
To express the all consuming ache
That steals my breath
My voice
And my reason.

It has stolen you from me.

I am shaken
I am weak
Trembling with fear
That what my mind has seen
Will, inevitably,
Come to be.