Summary: When a tragic car accident puts 3 lives on the line and police are out to find the one responsible for the accident. Jack and Maddie are under a lot of stress and it doesn't help any knowing that it's possible they won't find the one responsible for the accident.

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"Why do I have to drive you two to the movies again?" Jazz asked Sam and Danny as they walked out to her car.

"Because mom and dad said that for the weekend you had to look after me and take me where I needed to go." Danny replied.

Jazz sighed as she got into the car. She realized that Danny wasn't the most trustworthy person ever, but he was 16 now he should be able to handle taking care of himself. He'd certainly have to since come September, she'd be off at college. Sam got into the car and sad by Danny in the back. Jazz glanced at them in the rear view mirror. She was well aware of the fact that they'd been going out for the past few weeks.

She pulled out onto the street and started driving toward the movie theater. She still couldn't get over the fact Danny'd failed his drivers test, so he still couldn't drive. But then, recently he'd been failing a lot of his classes. Jazz pulled into the left turning lane to make the final turn before arriving at the movie parking lot.

As she made her turn a speeding car suddenly came up, and ran right into them.


Jack and Maddie paced in the waiting room lobby waiting for news. They didn't expected it too quick, as they'd just gotten here. Mr. and Mrs. Manson appeared soon after them and they sat on the other side of the lobby. All they knew so far was that it was a bad accident and it didn't look good.

At first Jack and Maddie were upset they had to leave their weekend get away, until they heard why. They rushed home as quick as possible. A door opened, but it was the front door. Tucker came running in. "I came as soon as I heard." He told them. "What happened?"

"We don't know yet." Maddie told him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fenton." They heard a voice say. They looked up to see a doctor, Dr. Haynes, standing in the doorway.

"Yes, what is it?" Maddie said as she jumped to her feet. "Can we see them yet?"

"You may see Jasmine now, since we have her stabilized. But you'll have to wait to see Daniel. He is still in the operating room."

"What about our Samantha?" Mrs. Manson exclaimed as she too jumped to her feet and walked closer.

"She's on her way to recovery, you may see her in a few minutes." Mrs. Manson nodded then sat back down in the closest chair.

"If you'll follow me I'll take you to see Jasmine. There you'll see her nurse, who will explain to you more of her condition." The Fentons nodded and followed him down the hall.