By the time Maddie made it back to her son's room, he appeared much more awake. His eyes were no longer merely half open but now fully open as he curiously looked around the room. "Oh, you're awake." Maddie commented as she entered the room.

Upon hearing her voice Danny attempted to sit up, pushing himself up with his left hand. Pain shot through him and he slouched back down. "What happened mom?" He asked in a tired voice.

"You don't remember?" Maddie asked. His blank look answered her question so she continued on explaining. "Well Jazz was driving you and Sam…"

"Jazz drives? And who's Sam?" Danny interrupted her. This caught Jack's attention and he turned his attention from the magazine in his hands to his son. As he waited for his mom's reply he reached his left hand up and rubbed at his eyes to try to wake up more.

"Well of course she does, after all she'll be in college at the end of this summer." Maddie told him.

"College? Didn't she just start high school?" Danny questioned. Maddie didn't get a chance to respond as the nurse knocked on the door. The nurse made her way to Danny's bedside and checked the IV fluid levels.

"Good to see you're awake Danny." The nurse commented.

"When can I go home?" Danny asked the nurse.

"I'm afraid not for a while Danny. The doctors still need to do another surgery to fix your leg." Danny gave her a quizzical look before flipping the blankets off him. He was met with the sight of his right leg in a near full cast.

"How did that happen?" Danny gasped out. The nurse glanced at his parents.

"The last thing he remembers seems to be from about four years ago." Maddie told the nurse. The nurse nodded.

"I'll see if I can get the doctor in here to check on that." Next to her Danny yawned. She turned to him. "In the meantime, why don't you rest Danny, you need it." She put the blanket back over him before leaving the room.

"I'm not that sleepy." Danny yawned. Maddie was about to reply when Danny was already drifting off to sleep.


The doctor had come to check on Danny the next morning. Now it was later in the afternoon, and Jazz was allowed to come see Danny. Maddie stood by her daughter in case she needed help. Maddie had decided she would tell Jazz what the doctor said when she saw Danny. When they entered Danny's room, Maddie couldn't help but laugh a little at the sight. Jack was seated next to Danny, and had the television remote control in his hand. While Danny was reaching out with his left hand while saying, "Dad, let me have the remote."

"Ghost channel!" Jack exclaimed. "If you don't change the channel, you can adjust the volume." Jack placed the remote on Danny's lap.

Danny laughed a little before pushing the volume down button. He kept pushing the button until you could barely hear the TV.

"Aw Danny, now that's not fair." Jack complained. Danny laughed again.

"Danny how are you today?" Jazz asked as she sat at his other side. Danny turned to look at her.

"What happened to you?" He asked when he noticed cuts and bruises on her arms. For the first time, Jazz saw how he looked, and it stunned her speechless. Danny waited for her to answer his question. She looked from the bandage on his forehead to the cast on right his arm. Her eyes stopped his fingers. They were each wrapped up, but you could still tell they'd been broken.

Jazz took in every detail about him, trying to put together what she had been told happened with what she now saw. On his left arm was the IV line, carefully placed between scrapes and scratches. Aside from a long scratch down his left cheek, the left side of his body didn't seem as injured as the right side was.

Danny seemingly forgot his question as he turned back to taunting his dad with the television volume. Jazz looked to her mother.

"The doctor said his memory could come back as he is reminded of things." Maddie told her.

"What about his broken bones?" Jazz asked.

"From what the doctor said he still needs more surgery on his leg, but once his hand heals they were start physical therapy to help him regain use of his hand." Jazz nodded. She had wanted to know, but now she just wanted the heavy atmosphere to be lifted. She came up with an idea and smirked. Reaching over, she took the remote from off Danny's lap. Jazz then changed the channel.

"Hey!" Both Jack and Danny said.

"It was getting to the good part too." Jack pouted.

"Like you could hear it anyway." Danny said. Jazz smiled some; at least things seemed more light.


Sam sat irritated in her bed. It had been nearly two whole days since the accident and she hadn't heard anything new on Danny. In addition she wasn't allowed to see him yet. She wasn't sure if it was because she couldn't move around yet or because he was that bad off still. She tried to think positive and assume it was her who couldn't move yet.

Sam flipped through the television channels for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. She sighed, still nothing was on. A glance at the clock told her she had yet another two hours to wait for her favorite show to be on. She was so bored that she almost wished her parents hadn't decided to leave for a while to get lunch.

The nurse walked into her room to check on her. Sam waited until the nurse was finished before asking, "Can I see my friend Danny?"

"Daniel Fenton?" The nurse asked.

"Yes." Sam replied, "May I see him yet?"

"I'm not sure." The nurse answered, but seeing the look of disappointment on Sam's face, she added, "But I'll check and see if you can."

Sam smiled a little; at least she might find out for sure why she hadn't yet been able to see him.

"Thank you." Sam said before turning back to the television. The nurse nodded as she left the room. Sam glanced back to the clock and sighed, still waiting for something to happen.