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Robin was in the kitchen eating a sandwich when all of a sudden Beastboy walked in

"Hey dude I just got back from TRYING to Kick Cinderblocks ass with Cyborg but he knew our plan!" Beastboy yelled

"I know Beastboy" Robin said

"I mean it was just so weird me and Cyborg were talking on our communicators saying our next moves and BAM he knew our every move!" Beastboy yelled again at Robin

"I know Beastboy" Robin replied

"YOU KNOW! HOW DO YOU KNOW!" Beastboy yelled

"Because I gave him a communicator" Robin said while smiling Proudly

"What? Why?" Beastboy asked

"Because he seemed lonely" Robin replied sadly

"DUDE ARE YOU CRAZY!" Beastboy yelled

Just then Raven walked in and man was she pissed off because of all the yelling it was disturbing her meditation

"Whats going on in here? Beastboy did you wash your underwear in the dishwasher AGAIN?" Raven asked

"Hey I'm not the one being stupid here this time its ROBIN" Beastboy said


"Well Beastboy sometimes its nice to do good things for other people" Raven told him

"Really? So is it nice that me and Cyborg got our asses kicked because Robin gave Cinderblock a communicator?" Beastboy asked Raven

"Wait a sec Robin did you give Cinderblock a Communicator?" Raven asked her Leader

"Maybe..." Robin said

"ROBIN!" Raven yelled

"Ok so I did but he seemed really lonely" Robin said

"Well I guess we could just get it back and call it a day I mean after all you only gave it to one person I guess It couldent do THAT much harm" Raven said

"Oh But Raven I dident just give him one I gave Slade one too!" Robin said with a smile


"Because he Asked for one" Robin told her

"So you gave him one because he asked you?" Raven said

"He dident just ask me he even said please!" Robin said

"Yeah so now we have 2 communicators to get back and then we can call it a day" Raven said

"Thank god today was so long and boring" Beastboy said

"Beastboy you got up at Noon and played video games how is that long and boring?" Raven asked

"Well I guess it wasent so bad today after all" Beastboy said

Just then Cyborg and Starfire walked in coming back from...WHERE EVER THEY WERE!

"Friends I have Returned and Now I wish to spend time with my boyfriend Robin" Starfire said

"Well I cant spend time with you now star" Robin said

"Why not Robin I thought we were how do you say it here on earth?...Together?" Starfire said

"We are together but I have plans I need to call Slade on his Communicator" Robin said

"Oh I see Well prehaps we can do the Making out later...WAIT did you just say Slade has a communicator?" Starfire asked

"Yes Thats what I said" Robin said

"Yeah cause Robin's stupid like that and gave him one" Beastboy told Starfire

"Robin?" Cyborg asked him

"Yes Cyborg?" Robin replied

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Cyborg asked him

"I dont really know" Robin said

"Friends I was wondering if any of you got the mail?" Starfire asked

"Nope star the mail mans running late today" Beastboy said

"Oh I was expecting a letter from my home world today" Starfire said

"Johnny the mailman is NEVER late I wonder why he is today" Raven told everyone

"Hold On guys I'll find out!" Robin said pulling out his Communicator

"You dident" Raven said

"Hey Johnny its Robin whats up man? wheres my mail?" Robin asked

"Oh Robin thank goodness you called I got a flat tire on elm street so no mail until I get it fixed" Johnny said

"No Mail? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Robin yelled

"Yes Robin sadly its true" Johnny the mailman said

"I cannot allow this!...TITANS GO!" Robin yelled

"NO do it yourself" The others said

"NO" Robin yelled

"Yes" everyone else yelled








"I'm the leader I call the shots!" Robin said

"Your also Crazy so therefore it dosent count!" Cyborg told him

"Seriously Robin if any of us gave a villian a communicator you would FLIP" Raven said

"Thats cause I'm special" Robin said

"Hey guys I fixed the tire" Johnny the mailman said on his Communicator


"Now Robin Calmly tell us who else you gave a communicator to" Cyborg said

"Lets see Cinderblock,Slade,The mailman,Gizmo,Mammoth,Jinx,Trigon,Dr.Light,MadMod,Ravens Mom-Robin said only to get cut off by Raven

"YOU GAVE ONE TO MY MOM!" Raven yelled

"Yeah Cause your moms hot" Robin said

"WHAT!" Yelled Starfire

"But not as hot as Starfire My girlfriend" Robin said with a cheezy smile

"WHO ELSE?" Starfire said in a pissed off voice

"Well theres Spongebob square pants,Brother Blood,Mother Mae Eye,Old man Jenkins,Blackfire-" Robin said as he got smacked By starfire

"ROBIN YOU GAVE ONE TO MY SISTER? DO YOU NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE?" Starfire said with a starbolt ready to go

"Of course I do Its just EVERYONE NEEDS A COMMUNICATOR!" Robin said

"Correction not everyone needs one" Raven said

"Yeah dude you dont see US going and hanging out with Villians" Beastboy said

"Raven did" Robin said

"With who?" Raven asked

"Slade" Robin said

"I WAS KIDNAPPED" Raven yelled

"Thats only what you want us to think you secretly LOVE Slade and YOU know it!" Robin said

"What thats Impossible Raven is my Girlfriend" Beastboy said

"Thats right and I would NEVER cheat on Beastboy especially with Slade" Raven said

"Awww ya really mean that Rae" Beastboy asked

"Of course I do" Raven said

"This is to Mushy can we please just fix this issue?" Cyborg asked

"Alright Fine I'll just press the button on my main one that says explode it will get rid of everyones" Robin said

"Then I'll have to make us 5 new ones" Cyborg said

"Make it 6" Raven said

"Why 6?" Cyborg asked

"Because I tend to lose mine or drop it and break it" Raven said

"That sounds suspicious" Robin said

"At least she doesent give one to EVERYONE like you do" Beastboy said

"Fine I'll explode them all now" Robin said as he pushed the button making all the communicators blow up

"So does are main 5 still work?" Starfire asked

"Actually Yes" Cyborg said

"Good so Now that everythings taken care of LETS ALL GO TO BED" Robin said

"Works for me" Cyborg said

"Alright Robin can I come into your room for some how do you say it...Fun" Starfire asked

"HELL YEAH" Robin said

"How bout you rae wanna come to my room?" Beastboy asked

"Yeah sure I just have to make some tea for tomorrow morning meet me there" Raven said

So everyone left to there rooms and Raven was setting her tea pot up for in the morning and she made sure she was alone and took out her Communicator

"Hey Slade whats up?" Raven asked

"Your late for calling me" Slade said

"Well you know how Robin's been communicator crazy lately I'm surprised yours still works" Raven told him

"I removed the exploding bomb from mine so he couldent blow mine up" Slade said

"Cause your always smart like that" Raven told him

"I Love this Communicator almost as much as I love you" Slade told her

"Yeah I know you do and I kinda feel bad getting Robin in trouble for giving you a communicator when I'm the one who actually did" Raven told him

"But that still doesent explain why your late" Slade told her

"Ya know how Beastboy is always wanting something" Raven said

"When are you going to break up with him Raven and tell him about us" Slade asked her

"Thats why its called Cheating Slade He's not supposed to know" Raven said

"Well how about we get together tomorrow Raven?" Slade asked

"Sure come Kidnap me around 10am" Raven said

"I'll be there" Slade said

"RAVEN HURRY UP WITH THAT TEA" Beastboy yelled from the hallway

"Well I have to go as you can hear" Raven said

"How unfortunate for you my dear" Slade told her

"You have NO idea" Raven said

"See ya tomorrow" Slade said

"Alright bye" Raven said as she hung up the communicator

"I'M COMING BEASTBOY" Raven yelled

The End?