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"Urm...No I dont wanna explain" Robin told him

"Yeah I kinda dont either" Raven replied

"Well someone's gonna tell us whats going on RIGHT NOW" Cyborg yelled

"Alright Fine I'll go first" Robin told them

"This is going to be interesting" Johnny told Slade

"Yeah it is!" Slade yelled


"ROBIN STOP YELLING AND START TELLING US THE STORY!!!!!" Cyborg yelled blasting a hole in the wall

"Dammit guys stop destroying this place or its coming outta my paycheck!" The annoyed Random employee yelled

"Ok Ok anyways...When You told me Not to bring Johnny I snuck him in my suitcase and yes Starfire did see him like she said she did" Robin told them

"I Told you" Starfire said

"Ok Star I guess you were right" Beastboy said

"So I guess I have to send him back" Robin said like a 3 year old to Cyborg

"Yeah Ya do! He dident even tell his boss he was going! and he hasent delivered any mail in DAYS! think of the people who need to pay there BILLS Robin" Cyborg told him

"And I left My Keys in the Mail Truck and left the Trunk Running! Odds are someone stole it or Its outta gas!" Johnny added in

"Are You a Moron?" Slade asked him

"No I'm not your mom!" Johnny yelled

"MORON NOT MOM" Slade yelled back

"Wait What?" Johnny asked

"I said!--" Slade started only to be inturupted by Raven


"Go ahead Raven" Beastboy said glaring at her

"Alright Fine" Raven said with a Sigh

"Good luck Raven" Robin told her

"Stop inturupting I wanna hear this" Beastboy said as he looked at her

"So For awhile Now Slade and I have been Dating and I just dident have the heart to tell you Beastboy" Raven said

"Sounds like you dont have a heart at all Raven" Beastboy told her

"So How long has Robin Knew about this Friend Raven?" Starfire asked

"Well I found out about Johnny and Then My cellphone rang and Robin picked it up" Raven told them

"How long has this been going on Rae?" Cyborg asked

"A couple of months" Raven replied

"Did Raven tell you were engaged?" Slade asked Beastboy

"Oh C'mon You gotta be Kidding me Rae! I could see an Affair but ENGAGED!" Beastboy yelled

"Woah..." Cyborg said cause thats all he could say

"So Now thats everyone knows everything can I go back to my room now?" Robin asked

"Theres still the matter of ----" Cyborg said as the Movie theather Doors burst open

"JOHNNY!!!!!!! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???!!!!" Jinx Yelled

"Jinx?" Cyborg asked

"Why Hello Titans...and Slade" Jinx said

"What Brings you here Non-Friend Jinx?" Starfire asked

"Well I'm here because this Ass Johnny hasent Brought The Hive Fives Mail in DAYS!" Jinx yelled

"Told ya People like there Mail" Cyborg said

"Why are you guys standing in an empty Movie theater with a hole in the wall?" Jinx asked

"Yeah she's Right we really should go to the main Lobby here at LEAST" Beastboy said

"Well were already here so lets just finish the conversation right here" Slade suggested

"Whatever" Raven said

"So Cutie why did ya come all they way here for me?" Johnny said winking a Jinx

"I came to take you back to my base" Jinx told him

"Oh I know what you want baby!" Johnny told her

"Yeah I'm taking ya back to my place so the Hive can beat the shit outta you and get our mail!" Jinx yelled at him

"Couldent ya wait for your mail? Like 3 more days I'm on Vacation and all the Titans Drama is amusing!" Johnny told her

"No Gizmo's Mad cause he needs to pay his Computer Bill which you never gave him!" Jinx yelled at him

"3 days?" Johnny begged her

"NO NOW! and Billy Numerous Is waiting for his new TV guide cause he wants wresting!" Jin yelled again

"Please Just a few more days!" Johnny begged her again

"NO! Mammoth is waiting for his new Playboy! do you know how he gets when he doesent read his playboys?" Jinx asked him

"No...Not really" Johnny admitted

"Well lets put it this way when he cant see Playboy Bunny Pictures he makes me wear a costume!" Jinx yelled

"I bet thats hot" Cyborg added in

"Ok Ok I'll go with you and deliver the mail" Johnny said

"Its about time!" Jinx said dragging him out the door

"Bye Robin!" Johnny yelled as he got pulled out by Jinx

"Awsome now I have more suitcase space!" Robin yelled

"Anyways I think were done here" Cyborg said

"Yeah Its obvious who Raven wants to be with" Beastboy said

"Yeah it is Beastboy" Slade told him

"I'm going back to My Room" Beastboy said

"Come one Raven why dont we go back to My room now" Slade told her

"NO!...Urm...What I mean is wait guys I got something else to say" Raven said quickly

"What is it Friend Raven?" Starfire asked

"I'm Pregnant" Raven said --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ok Guys Now heres the thing I want YOU to tell me who you want the father to be you can pick ANYONE not just Beastboy or Slade you can pick any MALE you just cant be like "Starfire!" needs to be a guy and I dont care who Mad Mod Red X Gizmo Johnny the mail man Robin WHOEVER the name thats said the most WINS.