ToA: The Fonic crystals And The Sword

Blade is owned by me and the other characters that are in this story are other peoples so yeah... by the way after the proluge Blade will no longer talk it will be told by me...

It has been 500 years since that day. I was a child born into a rich family, I dont know what happened to my parents but everyone says they were murdered by someone and they were right but they didnt know by who.

My butler, Shoney told me when i turned 16 he would tell me what really happened to my parents. I never found out because one week before my birthday he died unexpectedly in a fire, someone had set my mansion on fire.

I think i was uncontious then but i woke up when the fire started and got out of my home. I sat and watched the fire, it went on for three hours till the entire place was gone, or most of it i should say. After the fire i went and looked to see if anything was still there.

I went and i found a few things...

One of the things was a small metal box which was locked and i couldnt open it, the second one was a book and the third was my father's prized sword which he never let anyone touch.

I picked up my fathers sword and i hit the metal box with it hoping it would open and oddly enough it did. The box had a few more things in it...

It had 2 jewels and a set of instructions. I opened up the instructions and it had my fathers writing on it. It said "If you want to be more powerful in magic then insert one of the jewels into your arm".

I used my father's blade and i cut my arm and put the jewel into it. I then used my clothing as a wrapping for my arm so I wouldnt bleed everywhere.

I felt a little stronger and I said some strange words which i think were "kine nanki fonei" and my arm instantly healed.

I then read the last part of the instructions they read "Insert the other jewel into my blade". I put the jewel into the blade and the sword started glowing and i heard my father's voice. He said "My son, since you are hearing this you know we arent living anymore".

"Why father?" I asked immediantly

"I cannont tell you now as i am weak from talking to you this much". My father replied

"Why not, will you be able to contact me later?" I asked quickly

"Of course i will my son, I will contact you when the time is right. I will then tell you more. Good bye for now."

"Good bye father." I said as his voice faded

The blade hit the ground and lied there motionlessly. I went over and picked up the sword. "Father, I am going to borrow you're sword for a while, will that be ok?" I asked the sword hoping it would answer. It didnt and i assumed it was a yes.

I turned and looked at the book and opened it. There was nothing in there it was blank. I then felt a pain in my arm, the jewel was taking effect and my wound opened up and blood spilt on the book and it revealed some information.

The book said this...

"This book will only open by the the blood of a rich, noble family. This book will record everything you do from here on out all you need to do is write your full name and i will record everything afterword".
I wrote my full name in the book and it shut itself and the title read

"The book of Trace: the undefeated swordsman.

"Thats my fathers name!" I exclaimed.

"Wow father was really a good swordsmen back when he was still alive. I'll never match up to him" I thought.

I put the book in my pocket and left the ruins of my mansion to see where my instincts would take me...


Well i suppose it isnt to bad so yeah, leave comments on what i should improve on sadly all i got is wordpad so no spell check for me... if i need to space more or anything tell me and ill try to work on it thanks!