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Our tax dollars at work." Duo said as he started around a chamber underneath the hanger.

Relena struggled against her bonds. She had awaken only moments before in the dark and bonded. Since she was both it meant that her dream was real, now she had to hope someone knew she was missing and would come find her.

'Come on Heero. You said that rookies weren't enough. You're the best so come and find me….. Please Heero….. Dorothy.' Relena begged her friends silently in her mind. Relena jerk to awareness when she heard a noise and then a voice. She froze in fear unable to help herself.

"Good afternoon Miss Peacecraft. May I call you that? Yes well I must say it is a pleasure meeting you again. Unlike your brother though; I have no intentions of to try to win you to my way of thinking. An older male voice floated through the air. Relena shivered slightly. It was an unkind voice but it didn't sound like some one she could reason with either.

"Who are you…. What do you want with me? Where am I? Relena finally managed to gather her courage to ask. A well cultured laugh answered her and immediately it reminded her of Dorothy and Marquise Waywrige.

"Gentlemen if you would remove our guest blindfold please." Relena felt people moved around her then hands touch her face as the blindfold was lifted off her eyes. Blinking rapidly as the light blinded her Relena struggled to get a bearing on her surroundings. Staring Relena was startled to see how old the man in front of her really was. He smiled benignly at her.

"Welcome to my humble abode Miss Relena." The man walked towards her dressed in military styled clothing.

"Heero and the others will find me." Relena said trying to stop the bloodshed she knew would take place because of this man.

"Oh I am quite counting on it, they will come and they will bring little Dorothy with them. They will follow beloved Queen and they will come into my trap. They are most likely trying to find you as we speak with Dorothy leading them. You see Dorothy is quite a bit like her cousin Mr. Treiz; both so predictable. In fact when she was younger she simply refused to leave a man behind, one of the best soldiers I had every seen pity she was a girl she could have lead the masses. Before her birth her grandfather had such hope for her. Now she still wield considerable influences those old men, the ones that condemned her grandfather for you in fact still hang on her every word. Some still on her every whim. Ah but you know what they say about old men and young girls." The man shrugged slightly as he turned his attention to something behind Relena. Now slightly frightened of him Relena demanded answers.

"Who are you? What do you plan to do with me?" Relena held on to her courage with all of her might. To her surprise this time the man reacted angrily.

"Who am I! Who am I… I will be the most famous hero of them all. When this is done I will be the destroyers of the Gundam Pilots. Those killers did not deserve a second chance. We Romerfellers should be the ones in power! Instead we hand all that power to a girl who gave it to man who used it to bring an end to the war that we started. We were force to watch as all of our power and glory was given to the undeserving. I my dear little princess am General Kevin De Grace. I was served as a second seat to Duke Dermal and I watched his very own granddaughter send him to his death so she could help you take the earth only to watch you both throw it away. And you my dear are the bait to catch our dear Dorothy. It has been well noted that she is one of your strongest supporters. What a more fitting end for our dear Dorothy then to have her die rushing to rescue you. And rest assure she will die, there is a man here quite eager for her blood. Is that not so Jonathan?" Kevin glanced to his side where a man was relining easily in a chair staring at a monitor.

"Indeed. Perhaps if you're a good little princess I won't make you watch. It's her fault we lost the war. Without her the colonies would have been victories; and then stooping to involve her self in the Mariemaia incident. The nerve of her recruiting soldiers to stop the fighting." Jonathan was quite younger than Kevin dressed in similar military alfit he actually looked quite insane in Relena's opinion.

'Heero, Dorothy you two had best work together and get me out of here alive…… if you don't I promise I'll haunt both of you for the rest of your lives.' Relena thought unhappily.

"Now my dear as Jonathan said if you behave you will not be harmed. I myself have no intention of killing you. You see far too many of the other members of old Romafellor would never forgive me or support our rise to glory if we let you die, or if they thought I had a hand in your death. But those Gundam pilots….. for their death I will be hailed a hero to the entire world." The general's eyes had taken on a bright shine as he spoke of his ambitions and in Relena's inexperienced eyes he looked just as unbalances as the other man.

"Please don't let any of my friends die trying to save me." Relena suddenly prayed as she watch the men in front of her study the monitors in front of them.

Dorothy let a little smile appear as the others got out of their suits to admire the tunnel system.

"Dose this run under Preventers?" Sally asked astonished Dorothy maneuvered her Gundam towards a flat bed on the train and settled her suit on it, getting into place Dorothy pop out if the hatch.

"Not exactly. It runs near but mostly under the air strip. We were to nervous to build it under anything to important incase it was infiltrated. They can blow up the tunnels but they won't get anything else. We are at least three hundred feet down. A precaution; one of the many you'll see. Now if you would be so kind as to load up we can leave. I'll await you in the cabin." Dorothy jumped easily off the flat bed to the floor and head for the front of the train.

"Hey Cat! Why are there three trains?" Duo yelled to Dorothy.

"Some of the players have to leave space to get here. They will be one of the last to join us but I have faith they will be here soon. A 911 went out to all of our old comrades to inform them of the situation. You may be surprised at who dose show up to the party." Dorothy giggled to herself as she boarded the train.

'Yes indeed you maybe surprised. Hang on Miss Relena we are coming for you and we are bring help from many hidden corners of the globe.' Dorothy smirked to herself as she imagined the expressions that would appear on some of the faces of her comrades.

"Man, I hate it when people are cryptic." Duo complained as he hopped down from his Gundam.

"She knows something important is going to happen." Trowa said as he exited his Gundam as well.

"Miss Dorothy never is without a plan… if she can find hidden help to help even out this fight. Rest assured she will." Quatre said coming up next to the other pilots.

"Well we should get moving no sense standing around…. Relena needs us, and we need to stop another war." Sally said with a sigh and a hand on her hip.

"You know…. Its only when some one kidnapped Lenna that a war threatens to break out… has anyone else ever noticed that?" Duo asked as they climbed onto the train.

"It's because of her status as a symbol…. If Miss Relena is seen putting her gold stamp of approval on a cause then the masses will follow…. It is because of that talent that those who guard the guardians were able to sway the masses into giving those who were once feared to be respected and to some sense hailed as heroes. It's just her way." Dorothy informed them as she study a huge map in front of her. Wufie huffed at her and turned his attention to the map.

"Do we even have a plan?" Duo demanded.

"Hm? Of course…. I will become live bait…. And hopefully live." Dorothy shrugged an elegant shoulder.

"Umm Cat… hate to tell ya this but that's not a plan…. That's suicide." Duo informed her.

"Miss Dorothy certainly there is another way. It is not our nature to toss an ally to the enemy." Quatre protested. Dorothy sighed she gestured to the map behind her.

"The forest is not that dense. It will be impossible for you to hide in it for a long period of time. The train can only take us to the outside of the city. We can't watch the situation with out some means of cover or protection." Dorothy said back obviously having already thought things through.

"You said we would have help. Why not wait for them?" Sally asked coming to stand next to the map.

"It will still take sometime for them to get to earth." Dorothy said sighing.

"They were underground hiding. We had to send a message calling for them to rise from the ashes again and help save humanity from itself. It wasn't a happy message that was returned but they will come." Dorothy explained slightly irritated. She narrowed her eyes at them all.

"We don't have time to come up with a complicated plan such as you are use to. This isn't even going to be a show of force. We will have to fight with machines and hand to hand. Jonathan is insane. He won't rest until I'm dead or Relena proclaims him supreme ruler. I for one think there are far more suitable candidates for supreme ruler." Dorothy tossed her head and headed for the front of the train Quatre sighed and then trailed after her.

"Miss Dorothy, we will find her." Quatre said softly his hand coming to rest on Dorothy's arm. She rose an eyebrow and then smiled at him.

"I am not worried about the recues. We do have Mr. Yuy after all. He will find a way if nothing else. I am not even concerned at how well the rescue will be executed. I know the men we are facing they are as unbalanced as they come they have a vendetta against me and more then likely against all of you. The men they have recruited are foolishly being lead and like any fanatic they will not give up until they are dead. This is one battle we can't simply toss them aside. It will involve blood and lots of it. I know that none of you want to have blood on you hands again but it the way of the solider. To bleed and make others bleed in defense of their cause. You believe in peace and are willing to fight for it. There is no more noble of a cause then peace." Dorothy said quietly her hand resting on top of Quatre's. She smiled at his slightly surprised expression then turned away from him.

"Once you told me that you believed in the heart that hopes for peace. That is my desire now. So believe in me please Quatre, I don't know how it will turn out but in the end I know we will win, light always conquers the dark. Miss Relena is the bringer of light and we are the torches that light her way." Dorothy said softly she then moved to the train engine. The others stared at Quatre's back as he started at her. Shaking his head he smiled to himself.

'I do believe in you Miss Dorothy that I do.' Quatre thought to him self sighing he turned to face the others.

"We need a better plan." Quatre locked eyes with Heero. He nodded.

"Got a lay out of the forest here, and another of the base as well as we could we don't have anyone on the inside this time." Heero said quietly in a way reminding them of the possible trap they could really be walking into.

"I know I've asked this before but I'll ask again. Can we really trust that girl?" Sally asked quietly.

"I trust her with my life." Quatre answered softly not looking up from the maps. Sally looked at the others.

"Lady Cat's been with Relena for almost a year, if she was going to make a move she could have done it a lot quieter and easier, I say she's on the level. You know she's worried and cares about Relena." Duo said leaning a hip on the table but ignoring the maps he had looked at them already.

"I concur with Duo, Dorothy isn't one for tapping around the door for a secret entrance she's more of the type to make her own. She wouldn't put Relena in danger, Dorothy's been on the front line every time and each time she has pulled through to help us in some way. This is no different." Trowa agreed. Heero raised an eyebrow at Trowa's small speech but inwardly he smiled. Apparently Trowa and Quatre really weren't so different from one another after all. They both seem taken with Dorothy but in different ways. Realizing that Sally was starting at him Heero shrugged.

"She knows a lot, a lot more then any one in this room is happy about her knowing and she has made a lot of effort to keep that knowledge hidden from the outside world. Who do you think covered up who the Gundam Pilots really were? Dorothy has been watching for something like this to happen for a while. I agree with the others she's on the level." Sally nodded it wasn't her nature to doubt Dorothy but it just seemed too neat and tidy of an operation. As if sensing her thoughts Quatre suddenly looked up and smiled at her.

"Miss Dorothy always has a plan for the inevitable. That's why she is never truly taken by surprise. She has been kept on her toes her whole life like us. She made previsions because like she said on the plane sometimes old men are paranoid. I knew about the plan I just didn't know she had them built." Quatre said quietly as he leaned against the table as well then pointing he smiled

"This should give us enough room to maneuver and to hide I suggest we aim for here first and then we try a new plan." The others looked over the map Quatre smiling at them again excused him self and headed for Dorothy.

"Miss Dorothy?" Quatre said softly Dorothy looked up from a journal and smiled at him.

"Ah Master Winner what can I do for you?" Dorothy asked closing the journal. Quatre moved to the bench she was sitting on and settled him self next to her.

"Miss Dorothy may I ask you something?" Quatre said finally. He wasn't looking at her but staring at the wall an unusual thing for him. Dorothy apprised him for a moment then shook her head.

"Of course, though if its top secret I may not be able to answer it." Dorothy teased that got her a ghost of a smile.

"Miss Dorothy, of all the place you could have gone, why Miss Relena? Why wait until after Mariemaia to go?" Quatre finally asked the question that had been bugging him for almost a year.

"Simple really, I had something that she need and to be honest she had something I needed as well. Miss Relena thought a beacon of hope for the masses is actually insecurity about some of her idea's though her passion tends to let her jump in headlong. I am a sound board, a backer if you will. I listen to her speeches and talk her through some of her thoughts and problems, and I keep telling her that Yuy will come back for her. Some day he is going to prove me right." Dorothy said with a shrug she then turned her attention to the wall as well.

"Miss Relena allows me to remember what a friend is. Some times that all I need from her. She knows my past as well as I know her's and we are aware of all the key players in each others lives. Many of the diplomats she knows now I know things about them they really wish I didn't and sometimes if its necessary I tell their secrets to Miss Relena to give her an advantage, though she rarely use them to her advantage. She could strong arm a lot more of the European diplomats if she wanted." Dorothy sighed in aggravation at an obvious sore subject. Quatre smiled in amusement. The both glance up as Heero leaned on the door frame.

"Tell me what you know about Jonathan." Heero said simply. Dorothy sighed and turned her attention to the ceiling.

"He's unbalanced, he was kicked out of his unit for it. He attacked anything that moved, but in his defense his whole family is that way, unbalanced I mean. I heard a rumor that he was going after the prize of Romefeller's seat but since that branch is all but destroyed I ignored it. A foolish thing to do on my part I suppose, I didn't even check out the probability of it. Some spy hm, Miss Relena's abductions is just his opening statement. If I had to guess he is after me, and has been from the start." Dorothy tilted her head and stared at Heero.

"Will you trade me for her?" Dorothy asked almost idly? Heero gave her a ghost of a smile.

"She would never forgive any of us." Heero answered. Dorothy sighed.

"No I don't suppose she would. Oh well it was worth the thought. I would feel better knowing that she wasn't a card in the deck but safely sitting on the sidelines protected." Dorothy frowned then sighed again.

"We're here." Sally said coming to the small group. They all nodded and got to their feet.

"Here we go again." Duo muttered. They all hear Dorothy's silver laughter and then they saw her jet into the sky.

"Be careful and come back alive, Miss Relena will never forgive any of us if we die here." Dorothy called out and then with a little wave from her machine she was gone.

"What just happened?" Duo asked confused

"Miss Dorothy plans to be the diversion, give her time to get captured and then we will move she'll signal when they have her." Quatre said knelling down in the forest the others followed his lead.

"So much for coming up with a better plan." Duo muttered irritated at Trowa. Trowa gave Duo a ghost of a smile.

"What makes you think we haven't?" Trowa asked calmly.


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