"Chichiue, why can't Sasuke be gone for longer? I want to spend time with you when he's not around." Katsuki asked, grasping onto Naruto's hand tightly, as his blond father led him to the park to play. Sakura was going to bring her four-year-old son, Satoshi along too, since Satoshi and Katsuki were such good friends.

"Katsuki, why are you so cruel to your father? There's got to be a reason for it." Naruto asked, placing his hyper son next to him on a bench. Naruto hated seeing Sasuke so sad, and now, more than ever, he was going to try and fix it.

"He…All I remember is something from when I was really little…but, I don't really remember it all. I just remember that he took me away from you, and I remember being scared, and you being sad…He took me away from you, chichiue! I don't like him, I don't want him to do it again! I don't want him to take me away from you!" Katsuki cried, jumping into Naruto's arms.

"Katsuki." He whispered, sighing as he ran his fingers through the soft, black hair.

"He loves you. I remember what he did, but he only did it because he was shocked. He came home from a mission, and there you were! Katsuki, you have to forgive him. He's always going to be your father, and that's something you can't change. Please understand. It hurts me too, that you ignore him," Naruto explained, gently combing his fingers through Katsuki's wild hair.

"How does it hurt you? I love you, chichiue!" He said, hugging the blond around his waist, smiling.

"I know, but I love your father too, and I want us to be a family…Please Katsuki, can you try being a little bit nicer to him, for me?" Naruto asked, pulling Katsuki away from his chest so the little Uchiha would look into his eyes.

"Well, maybe…" Katsuki said, trailing off. But the tone of voice told Naruto that the little boy was lying. Hmm, where did he get that from?

"Katsuki!" A little

boy's voice called out, and Katsuki turned to it. Sakura was walking towards the Uchiha's, holding her sons hand. Once Satoshi saw Katsuki turn to him, he pulled away from his mother and ran to is friend. Together, the little boys ran towards the playground. Sakura sat down next to Naruto on the bench.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" Sakura asked as she sat down next to her friend.

"Ah? Oh, nothing, Sakura-chan. Don't worry about it." He smiled reassuringly, and the two fell into casual conversation while watching their children play together.

The last thing Naruto wanted, was to be woken up at three in the morning to be told that his husband was in critical condition. He didn't even bother getting dressed completely, as he woke up Katsuki and rushed to the hospital.

Apparently, Sasuke was attacked on the way back from a mission, by a large group of ex-Oto nins, that wanted to avenge Orochimaru's death. Sasuke, although deathly strong, could not take on all of them at once, and was beaten to near death.

"Sasuke, Sasuke!" Naruto shouted, running into the room. Sasuke lay upon a bed, bandaged up. He had tubes sticking out of his arms and stomach, and an oxygen mask on his face that as helping him breathe. If any of the medical instruments were to be taken out, he would die instantly.

"Sasuke!" He shouted again, running over to the unconscious form of his husband. He fell to the floor, on his knees and grasped Sasuke's hand tightly within his own, sobbing into the man's chest.

"Naruto…" Tsunade spoke softly at the door, her eyes teary. She hated seeing Naruto like this…He was supposed to be happy…not crying…

Katsuki sat on a chair near the entrance of the room, staring wide-eyed at his 'mother'. He had never seen the blond so sad! He'd never even seen him cry! And it was all because his father was dying? Did…did his mother really love his father that much?

"He'll live, right Tsunade, he's going to pull through, right? He's strong, so he'll make it!" Naruto asked frantically, shaking as tears rolled down his face.

"I…Naruto I tried everything I could…There's not much of a chance he'll wake up. His right eye has been damaged, and he may not be able to see from it, and his chakra has been completely cut off. He has four cracked ribs, a broken ankle, both broken wrists, and one of his lungs collapsed." She explained. She didn't want to say it, but Naruto had to know the truth. It was painful, of course, and Tsunade didn't want to be the one to tell him, but as Hokage, it was her duty. Friendship aside, family aside…she had to do it.

"No! NO! Don't tell me that! He…he's strong! He'll pull through! There has to be some sort of chance, right Tsunade? Something, anything! Even if it's only a little." He asked. He was so worried about Sasuke, that he didn't even bother to add 'baachan' to Tsunade's name like he always did.

"Well, I suppose there is a bit. About ten percent…That's all there is. As his husband, it's your decision whether or not to pull the plug. If you don't want him to suffer, then the sooner the better…" She said slowly, panting slightly as she tried to control her tears. She didn't want to do this to the boy she considered to be her little brother.

"He'll wake up, I know it!" He sobbed, resting his head on Sasuke's chest.

Three weeks passed and there was still no sign that Sasuke would be waking up. Naruto was getting weaker and weaker by the day. He fed Katsuki, and took care of him, without caring for himself too much. Besides, he barely had an appetite, and whenever he did eat, it was always something strange.

Naruto whimpered as he held onto the toilet seat, throwing up what little amount of food he had eaten last night. His stomach was still trying to empty itself, despite the fact that there was nothing there.

"Wha…what the hell…" Naruto stood up and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He took a cup from the sink, which he and Sasuke used to rinse out their mouths after they brushed their teeth, and filled it with water. He rinsed out his mouth and left the bathroom, pausing when he realized what was wrong.

"I…I'm pregnant. That's the only thing I can think of…I haven't been feeling well since before Sasuke left on his mission…" Naruto thought, bringing his hands to his still flat stomach. He still had a part of Sasuke with him…Sasuke was going to be a father again!

"Sasuke, you have to wake up now! You have a new child coming into the world soon, don't you want to meet him or her?" He questioned, smiling sadly.

"Chichiue!" Katsuki called out as he entered his parent's room, to find Naruto sitting on the bed.

"You look pale chichiue! Are you alright?" He asked. Looking at Naruto's hands that were slowly rubbing his stomach.

"Yes, I'm fine. We're going to visit your otosan now, you ready?" Naruto asked, smiling. Katsuki was young, but he knew Naruto's smile was fake…And it was all because Sasuke was on his deathbed.

"Naruto, I know it hurts, but I think it's time…" Tsunade said.

"No…I can't do this Tsunade! I…I love him so much! And…we're following his ambition! We're reviving his clan together…We have Katsuki…and…I'm pregnant now…I can't raise this baby on my own…I don't want to let go of Sasuke…" He said, sniffing as he held his stomach.

"I'm going to be a big brother?" Katsuki asked slowly. He always wanted a younger sibling to play with! And now it was happening…but…his mother looked too sad, and Katsuki didn't want his mother to be sad!

He always watched the other kids when they went to the park. Countless time, they always had both their parents, and sometimes asibling…And it always looked like so much fun… The family had a picnic, and played games together…but now…now his father was going to be gone and Katsuki would never experience something like that…

"I know you love him, but you have to let him go. Do you really want him to lay here, and not be able to do anything? You have to set him free, Naruto. I'll give you this last day with him, and tomorrow…tomorrow it'll be all over. And Naruto, please, be strong for your son," She said seriously, turning around and leaving the room.

"Sasuke…why did you do this to me? Why'd you leave me like this! Don't you understand how much I love you?" He shouted, sobbing into Sasuke's chest as he held onto his hand.

"Chichiue…" Katsuki whispered, suddenly missing his raven-haired father. The man had done so much for him. He had shown the little boy countless times how much he loved him, but Katsuki pushed him away…and now Sasuke was going to die thinking his son hated him.

After a few hours, Naruto had cried himself to sleep, his head on Sasuke's chest, and his hand grabbing tightly onto Sasuke's. Katsuki had woken up and walked over to his parents, looking at them sadly.

"Otosan!" He shouted, sitting on the side of the bed, shaking his father slightly.

"Please wake up! Chichiue needs you! And…I need you too! I'm sorry I ignored you! But please don't leave us! I want a family…I want to have picnics and go on vacation like my friends! I want you to teach me things that chichiue can't! Please otosan, wake up?" Katsuki pleaded, frowning. He was determined…he wasn't going to let his otosan die!

"Please, otosan! We need you! Chichiue loves you, and I love you too!" He said, staring into Sasuke's closed eyes lids. He gasped when he saw his father's eyes twitched. Was he waking up?

Sasuke opened his eyes slightly.

"O…otosan!" He yelled. Sasuke tried to move his hand, to take off the mask, but Naruto was holding onto it for dear life. Katsuki, seeing that Sasuke wanted to say something, took off the mask.

"Katsuki?" He whispered, looking into his sons eyes.

"Otosan! You're awake!" He yelled, throwing himself on top of his raven-haired father. Sasuke gasped at the pain, but let his son hug him for the first time.

"Nnn." Naruto stirred awake, feeling movement in the bed. He sat up quickly when he realized Sasuke was awake.

"SASUKE!" He yelled, but didn't move. He knew Sasuke was in pain, and didn't want to make his injuries worse.

"You're alive…" He whispered, crawling onto the bed so he was laying next to his husband, his face on the same pillow.

"Yes. I won't leave either of you yet. It's far too soon. You're going to be stuck with me for a very long time." Sasuke smiled, hugging his wife and son to his chest.

"That's fine by me."

It took six months before Sasuke could walk on his own, and get back to missions. He had healed completely except for his right eye. He was blind in his right eye now. However, his sharingan in that eye was completely unharmed. Because his last mission was technically successful, he was promoted to ANBU captain.

Katsuki quickly became very close to Sasuke, much to his delight, and Naruto was going to be promoted to Hokage after he had his second child, which was due any day now.

"I hope it's a girl…I think we need a girl in this family…"

"No! I want a little brother, girls are icky!" Katsuki replied, causing Naruto and Sasuke to laugh.

"Icky, eh? Why do you say that?" Naruto asked, curious.

"Because they are! You don't like girls, right? You two only like boys! That's why you married each other?" Katsuki asked, causing Naruto and Sasuke to laugh nervously.

"Hehe, well…er…you'll understand when you get older," Naruto said. He honestly didn't know what to say to his son…Whatever he chose would be fine with both Sasuke and Naruto would be okay with it, but right now, Katsuki was a bit too young to be thinking of that.

"Okay chichiue! I can't wait for my little brother or sister to be born! I'm going to teach it everything I know!" Katsuki smiled, he reached for his parents, and both Sasuke and Naruto took one of his hands within their own, so Katsuki was in-between them, and walked to the park together, hand in hand, for the picnic that Katsuki begged them to have.

"That's good, son, you'll make a very good older brother." Sasuke said, smiling. To have his son talk to him, it was an amazing feeling.

"Thank you otosan! I'm so exciting. Look, look! There's Satoshi, and Sakura and Lee! Let's go, let's go!" Katsuki said, laughing as he ran towards the Rock family, jumping on top of his friend, so the two rolled around in the grass.

"Naruto, thank you." He whispered, holding Naruto from behind, his hands on the blond's large stomach, halting him from catching up with his friends.

"Eh? For what?" Naruto asked.

"For everything. Naruto, I can't be happier. I have you, Katsuki, a new baby on the way…you're going to be Hokage, and I'm an ANBU captain. I can't ask for more." He whispered into Naruto's ear.

"Heh, you act as if you're the only one who's happy! I'm happy too, and I can't ask for more, either. I love you, Uchiha Sasuke."

"And I love you, Uchiha Naruto."

"Otosan! Chichiue! Come on, what's taking you so long?" Katsuki yelled from the blanket that he, Satoshi, Lee, and Sakura were sitting on. Sasuke and Naruto exchanged looks, before walking over to their son, hand in hand.

Awww, sweet! Katsuki loves his otosan now! It only took a near-death experience but it's alright, ne? Hehe.