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Hello, everyone! Well I started this fanfic and just never seemed to finish it. Now I'm trying to reconstruct it and hopefully make it more organized and interesting. Remember, I do not own Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi does. Now, on with the story!

Chapter 1: The Betrayal

"I have to get up. They need me. Get up, Serena. Now!" Serena chanted over and over again to herself. Her head was throbbing and her right arm hung limp at her side.

Pushing herself off of the cold ground, she realized that one of her ankles was sprained. Determination filled her eyes as she heard the cries of pain from her fellow team mates. Starting to sprint, she ran towards their anguish filled shouts.

Flash back

BEEP. BEEP. Luna shot up in the air at the annoying sound of the communicator. "Serena, wake up. Something's wrong." Serena's eyes opened blearily at Luna's voice. "What is it, Luna?" Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Serena grabbed the communicator out of Luna's mouth.

At the push of the button, Sailor Mercury's tired face filled the screen. "Scouts…youma attack…park..." "Serena…" "I know, Luna. Moon Crystal Power!" Lights lit up the room as Serena was encased in ribbons. When darkness settled back in, Serena and Luna were gone.

Rubeus watched as Sailor Moon ran towards the park. Grinning evilly, he flicked his hand and a black portal opened up behind him. Two black shapes appeared for an instant then melted into the darkness.

"Too bad, Sailor Moon, that you're going to miss the show. Now no one will stop the Rabbit from being mine." Laughing he disappeared into the night, readying himself for the show.

Sailor Moon ran, pushing herself to the limit to try to be on time to save her friends. Faithful companion as always, Luna ran by her side in sync with her master. Out of the corner of her eye, Luna saw something black spiraling towards them.

"Sailor Moon, get out of the way!" Reacting on pure instinct, Sailor Moon dove towards the ground, scooping up Luna along the way. Before even hitting the ground, they were pushed into the air as another black ball of negative energy was hurled into Sailor Moon's back. Biting back a scream, Sailor Moon rolled onto the ground. Luna ran out of her arms alarmed.

"Sailor Moon, are you alright?"

"Luna, hide. I'll be fine." Grunting, Sailor Moon pushed herself up. Cackles of laughter floated into the air. The hair on the duo's neck stood up as the inky.

"Sailor Moon, watch out!" With the help of Luna, Sailor Moon barely avoided another blast. Spotting the enemy, she yelled out her attack.

"Moon Tiara Magic!" Both of them gasped in surprise when the youma just batted the tiara away like it was an annoying fly.

Grinding her teeth in frustration, Sailor Moon whipped out her wand.

"Fine, you want to play rough? Moon Healing Escalation!"

Not expecting this attack, the youma was flung back into a tree. Before it could get up, Sailor Moon yelled the attack again.

"Yes! Sailor Moon, you did it!" Sailor Moon watched as the youma turned to dust. "Now, its time to help the others." Sailor Moon started to run.

With her guard down, she had no chance to avoid the other energy ball coming at her right. Screaming in pain, Sailor Moon was hit in the arm. Eyes widening, she watched as a second youma appeared. Luna screamed to run, as the youma started to run towards Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon started to run, but the youma threw out its arms which turned into vines and held her captured.

"Sailor Moon, no!" Luna madly dashed and attacked the youma with her nails, but was ruthlessly thrown to the ground. Sailor Moon looked on in dismay as Luna lost consciousness. "Now, I will suck your energy dry!" The youma laughed hysterically at their predicament.

Struggling, Sailor Moon's body started to go limp as waves of her energy was sucked towards the youma. "I'm sorry, my friends. I failed you." Eyes filling with tears, Sailor Moon whispered her apology to her friends.

"World Shaking!" Sailor Moon dropped to the ground lifelessly. "Neptune Deep Submerge!" Gathering her remaining strength, Sailor Moon managed to open her eyes just in time to see the youma turn to dust. Roaming the area with her eyes, she found her saviors. There were two figures standing in the darkness, watching her. Just as soon as she focused in on them, they disappeared.

Glancing over at Luna and seeing that she was alright, she started the hard process of getting up.

End flash back

After what seemed like an eternity, Sailor Moon made it to the park. She had left Luna behind after she promised to catch up. Scanning the battlefield, she saw with a relief that everyone was alright.

Sailor Venus was kneeling on the ground, tending to Sailor Mercury's wounds while Tuxedo Mask was holding Rini to the side. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter were struggling to finish off a youma. Gathering what little energy she had left, Sailor Moon finished the youma off with her wand.

As if they just realized she was there, they all turned around to stare at her. Most of their faces were filled with anger, but some were void of any emotion. Sailor Moon stood still as Sailor Mars stalked over to her.

A ringing sound echoed through the empty park as Mars slapped her leader. "Do you realize we could have been killed? Or do you not even care?" Pausing to take a breath, she continued her angry rant. "Where were you Sailor Moon? Sleeping or maybe having a late night? Do you see what happened to Ami? She could have died, but you obviously don't care or you would have been here!"

Eyes filled with tears, Sailor Moon opened her mouth to defend her actions, but was silenced when Mars continued. "You disgust me. You don't deserve to be leader anymore. I can't sit by anymore and let you continue to put others at risk. Rini could have been captured tonight." Disgust filled Mars' gaze and as if she couldn't stand the sight anymore, she turned her face to look at her comrades. Sailor Moon, too, gazed at her friends' faces. Wondering if they too had thought she betrayed them.

Sailor Jupiter ignored her pleading gaze and said with venom in her voice, "I agree with Mars. Mercury could have been killed today. This isn't some video game, Sailor Moon. We need a leader who will take this seriously. One who doesn't fall asleep during meetings and actually is on time to fights."

As if slapped by her too, Sailor Moon's desperately sought out another scout.


Sailor Venus' void face turned hard. "I agree with Jupiter. I nominate Sailor Mars to be our new leader." Sailor Moon gasped and rapidly looked to her good friend, Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury had de-transformed and was leaning on Venus. One look into her eyes and Sailor Moon knew she would once again be disappointed.

"I am sorry, Sailor Moon. We need a responsible leader. I, too, vote for Mars." With that said and done, Ami turned her gaze to the ground. Turning her own gaze to her last chance, one that would surely be on her side, Sailor Moon looked at Tuxedo Mask.

Behind his mask, blue eyes were bright with rage. Recoiling with shock, Sailor Moon started to openly cry.

"You were always a ditz and lazy. When it was revealed that you were the princess, I thought you would revert back to Serenity and start acting like one. But you're nothing like her. I loved Serenity, I never loved Serena. We're through, I'm not going to let my past rule me anymore."

Now with everyone openly glaring at her, Sailor Moon lost it. She was on the verge of collapsing and all of her so-called friends couldn't even see it.

"Fine, you think I wanted to be Sailor Moon? I never wanted to be! All I ever wanted to be was normal." Taking a deep breath, she de-transformed. Feeling her strength rapidly leaving her, she finished her speech. "I thought you were all my friends, but I guess I was mistaken. I don't want to hear from any of you ever again. I'm through being Sailor Moon." She threw done her locket, the silver crystal safely tucked away somewhere safe, and ran off.

No one realized that a little girl was missing.

Luna cautiously walked over to Sailor Mars. She had seen Sailor Moon run off, but had missed the fight. All she knew was that Sailor Moon was hurt and needed to be resting, not straining her body anymore.

"Mars, what's wrong with Sailor Moon?"

Mars glanced down at her and rudely said, "What, that dim wit? She's crying like a baby because we kicked her out. We voted and we don't want her to be our leader anymore. Sailor Mercury almost died because of her carelessness!"

Luna looked at her shocked, and then turned to the rest of the scouts. By the look on their faces, she could tell that they were all in concordance with what Mars said.

Despite the anger she felt, she asked calmly, "Did any of you ask her why she was late?" Artemis had just run up to Luna's side looking confused.

Only Venus replied, "Well, we already knew she was either sleeping or pigging out." Luna just glared at her and repeated the question. Silence filled the area, but only Ami looked shameful.

"Fine, since none of you are willing to answer, I'll take that as a no. Then, why would you assume she wasn't in the position to come help. Did any of you think that maybe she too would be off fighting a youma or maybe even helping someone else?" Luna's scolding only affected Ami; to everyone else it fell on deaf ears.

Defiant as always, Mars argued. "Well, it doesn't matter anyways because she is always late!" Steam coming out of her ears, Luna opened her mouth to rebuke her, but Artemis beat her to it. "I have no idea what is going on, but I think it is you, Mars, who shouldn't be Sailor Mars. The scouts are always supposed to be loyal to their princess, no matter what. Maybe it isn't Sailor Moon who failed, but the scouts who failed her." With that said, the two felines ran off to try to amend some of the hurt done to their princess.

Serena ran to her house. Luckily for her, the house was vacant. Her parents and Sammy had gone to the hot springs for the weekend. Serena had declined because it was Darien's and her anniversary this weekend. Racing up to her room, Serena took out her stationary. Scrubbing at her eyes, she got out two pieces of paper. Clearing her mind off the anger and depression, she concentrated on writing a good-bye letter to her family.

"Dear Mom, Dad, and Sammy,

I know I was supposed to wait until next week to go to Melissa's, but I'm leaving tonight instead. Please don't tell anyone where I'm going. I'm probably going to be staying longer than originally planned too. If any of my so-called friends or boyfriend come asking about me, please don't tell them anything. They caused me a great deal of pain and I wish to start anew somewhere else. Please just remember this, I'll always love you and I'll be back one day. I'll be checking up on you guys soon, so don't worry! I'll be fine.

Love always and forever,

Serena Tsukino"

Folding the piece of paper, she sealed it into the pink envelope. Mentally preparing herself, she started the second letter.

"Dear scouts and Darien,

I know that I'm nothing like Serenity. If anything, I am her polar opposite. Yet I stupidly thought that was good enough for you, that somehow you guys learned to accept me for who I am. I now realize how wrong I was for thinking that. I'm going somewhere I can learn to be stronger and become a good leader. I'm sorry if in the end, I wasn't good enough for you. Please take care of Rini for me. Just know this one last thing, I will never forgive you. The Serena you knew is gone now and this new Serena is not so forgiving or naive. Good luck with the Nega verse without me, Luna, or Artemis.

Serena Tsukino"

After that down she contacted Luna and Artemis through her telepathic link. They had just recently figured it out and were going to surprise the scouts with it later on the next day.

Surprised at how angry they sounded, she went over her plan with them and begged them to meet her at the airport. Gathering their reassurance that they would meet her there, she proceeded to start packing for her trip.

At the park, the scouts and Tuxedo Mask watched as the cats ran off. What they had just said started to sink in.

Ami started sobbing, "What have I done? She was my first and only friend. What kind of friend am I? I repay her by abandoning her and turning against her!" Her anguish started to affect the other scouts.

Mina gently squeezed her shoulder. "It's alright Ames. We all said some pretty harsh things. I'm sure Serena will forgive us, but the most important thing to do right now is get you to the hospital. Darien, can you carry her there?" Rei looked up to the starry sky just in time to see one star flicker out of existence. Shivering, she ran to catch up with the rest of her team.

At the airport, Serena stood waiting patiently for her companions. She had already set out the letters for everyone and had gone by Molly's house to say good-bye. One thing was always for certain, whether or not she was Sailor Moon, was that Molly would be her friend and stick by her side.

Molly had cried and begged her not to leave, but in the end knew it was the only decision that Serena had. Before Serena left her, Molly had made her promise to write. Serena snapped back to the present when she saw Luna and Artemis slip past security. Artemis looked sincere and Luna still looked a little peeved.

"I'm glad you two could make it. I wouldn't know how to start my new life without you guys." Serena felt her self tearing up again, but stayed strong.

"So, you really are leaving then?" Artemis asked questioningly.

"Of course, Artemis, she is. She couldn't possibly stay with things they are now." Luna scolded.

Serena smiled; at least some things wouldn't change. "Yes, Artemis, I am. My new name will be Usagi Bunny Moon. Now, I want to make sure that both of you are willing to come with me." Serena hesitated; she was praying they would agree to come.

"Of course, we're coming. You can't possibly go off alone! Anyways, I couldn't stand seeing the scouts again so soon. If I did, I will surely go on a rampage!" Luna assured her.

Artemis looked uncertain. "I don't know. What if the scouts are approached by new enemies and need my help?" Usagi crouched down and looked at Artemis.

"After I left the scouts, Mother appeared to me and said that there won't be anymore enemies here as long as I stay gone. The main reason they were here in the first place was for the silver imperial crystal, so you don't have to worry about that. Please come with me, Artemis. Or else Luna will be awfully lonely!"

Her blue eyes became bigger and started to shimmer with tears. Artemis had no chance. "Alright, count me in. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into!" He grumbled.

"Great! Now, in order for things to go as planned, you two can't stay in cat form any longer." Serena warned. Both felines looked unsure, but Serena reassured them. "Don't worry, everything will be fine. Follow me outside for a minute."

Ducking into an alley outside the airport, Serena clasped her hands together and started whispering. Bright light emitted from her clasped hands then traveled to glow around Luna and Artemis.

Luna transformed into an elderly woman with long black hair. Some were in Usagi's trademark style, but most of it just hung down a little past her ankles. She was wearing a pale yellow dress with a purple coat. She also had a purse and beside her some luggage.

Artemis changed into a man with long, white hair and was wearing blue jeans with a white button up t-shirt. He also had one suitcase along with a briefcase and a black jacket draped over his arm.

"Wow, you two look fantastic! Now for the essentials. Here are your tickets, green cards, and etc." Usagi took the next five minutes handing out everything and getting things situated. They all had the last name Moon and would now be a temporary family.

Artemis and Luna were now Usagi's guardians. Rushing back into the airport, Artemis and Luna checked in their luggage. They had just gotten everything done when they heard their plane flight being called over the speaker.

While inspecting their new clothes and luggage, Luna and Artemis had realized that the new life the silver imperial crystal had prepared for them was fantastic. They had enough money to last them for a life time and even had jobs ready for them in their new life. Settling down on the train, the new family realized that this time, things would be different.