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Chapter 13: The Princess of the Moon Returns

"My head is killing me." Usagi cried while attempting to get up from bed. The last couple of weeks had been calm with no sign of the enemy. Linda had been saved by the antidote and was slowly recovering.

Everyone was getting along well and even the pairing of the Inners and Generals didn't bother her anymore. Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki had left shortly after arriving. In return for helping with the tests, they were given an item to help find their missing princess. Usagi felt sad to see Seiya go but she understood he had a duty to his princess that came first.

Rolling over, she looked at the calendar and sighed. Today was Darien's and hers old anniversary and coincidentally the day the scouts betrayed her. At that thought, the pounding in her head became more insistent and the idea of sleeping the day away started sounding better and better.

Not even an hour later, knocking came at her door. Trying to ignore it, she rolled over and put the pillow over her head. The sound of the door opening came next and little feet hitting the floor.

"Usagi?" Rini's voice came at her side forcing a reluctant acknowledgment from her.

Rolling back over and removing the pillows, Usagi looked at her future daughter. "Yes, Rini?"

"I was wondering if you could tell me something." Rini asked timidly, twiddling her fingers in front of her.

Sitting up in bed, Usagi ignored the need to stretch.

"Of course, Rini. You can ask me anything." Usagi said knowing there was no way she could lie to her daughter if she guessed her identity.

"Is Serena alright? I don't remember why she left, but I know it's because of something the girls and Darien did to her. I just need to know that she's ok…where ever she is." Rini said with each word breaking Usagi's heart.

Discreetly wiping away the tears in her eyes, Usagi gave Rini her best reassuring smile.

"Serena is just fine. She's just not ready to show herself just yet. I have a feeling though that she will soon." Usagi said. Rini smiled back and jumped up to give her a hug.

"Thanks, Usagi!" After that Rini left, leaving Usagi feeling even more despondent about the day.

Later on that day, Usagi was aimlessly walking the streets. She was feeling the need to confess her identity to everyone and to visit her parents. Unfortunately, she didn't know if that was the right thing to do. There were still people targeting the moon princess and if she was revealed, then who knew what kind of trouble would happen.

Startled, she found herself once again at hers and Darien's old bench. If she looked hard enough, she could see Darien smiling at her and holding out his hand. She used to love sitting there by his side with her head on his shoulder without a care in the world. It didn't matter that they were together in the past, all that mattered was how they felt now.

Walking closer to the bench, Usagi found to her surprise that Darien was actually sitting there. His head was bowed into his hands and he didn't even acknowledge her presence.

"Darien?" Usagi asked, almost afraid to talk to him on such an emotional day.

Whipping his head back, Darien stared at her with wide eyes. Then he slowly slouched back down and gave her a sad smile.

"For a minute there, you sounded like someone else. Have a seat, please." Darien said, waving his hand to the empty spot next to him.

Usagi could see that his cheeks were wet and instantly her heart went out to him. Doing a double check, Usagi pushed back the feeling and hardened it. He had every reason to feel this way. He's the one who pushed her away after all.

"How are you doing, Darien?" Usagi asked.

"Usagi, what was the final test in the Dream Land?" Darien asked, ignoring her question.

Taken back, Usagi thought about what to say. "They were trying to force me to choose between two people that I greatly care about."

Something flashed in his eyes and he tensed, but Usagi missed what it was.

"Who did you choose?" Darien asked quietly.

"No one. My heart is mine to give freely. Not to be forced into making decisions that I will later regret." Usagi said with a smile.

"Ah, that's a good decision. No wonder you were able to pass." He said returning her small smile.

"So, are you going to tell me what the problem is?" Usagi asked after a few seconds of silence.

Staring straight ahead, Darien waited before replying.

"Today was Serena's and mine anniversary. She was my world and I just threw her away like she was nothing."

Usagi sighed and nodded.

"The sad thing is, I don't even know why I did it. I loved everything about Serena. Even everything others would call faults like her frequent clutz attacks or how much she loved food and sleeping."

"Then why did you say those things to her?" Usagi asked quietly, not wanting to believe what he was saying but hoping deep down that it was true.

"That's the problem. I keep remembering that night and I can't phantom why I would say those things. It's like someone else took control of my body and forced me to say that. I was angry at the enemy that night and when Rei started yelling at Serena, all my anger and frustration went out on her too." Anger laced his words and Usagi was becoming more and more inclined to believe him. But if an enemy was really behind all this, then did she play right into their hands by leaving?

"I just wish I knew where Serena was so I could make this all up to her. To make everything go back to the way it was." Usagi placed a hand on his shoulder as he regained his composure.

If what he said was the truth, then none of this really was his fault.

"Darien, I have something I need to tell you." Usagi said. Darien looked her in the eyes and Usagi started to lose her train of thought. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. It was the first thing that attracted her to him.

"Yes, Usagi?" Darien said feeling the attraction and leaning in closer.

"No way! Do you see that?" Mina said pointing her finger at the duo on the bench.

Rei, Lita, and Amy looked to see where she was pointing and almost dropped the ice cream they were eating.

"What does he think he's doing?" Rei asked angrily, already stalking to where the pair sat.

"Of all the days for him to start making moves on her! When we are so close to finding Serena."Lita said just as angry.

"Guys, wait up! It might not be what it looks like!" Amy tried reasoning, but her voice fell on deaf ears.

*Back to Usagi and Darien*

Darien couldn't believe what was happening. He had realized what day it was this morning and had almost not gotten out of bed. He had already taken the day off and told everyone not to page him.

But he had to attend a meeting at the Silver Moon Castle later so had finally gotten up. Somehow he had found himself at his and Serena's old bench. He started to remember the good times they had and couldn't handle the sadness anymore.

Then Usagi had appeared and the feelings he was trying to bury for her started to resurface. He felt a pang of jealousy when she confessed what the test was about and for a minute wished that he was one of the people she talked about.

Telling her about what happened with Serena lifted a burden off his chest and made the day not look so bad. She looked at him with the same blue eyes that Serena had and before he knew it, they were almost kissing. Just one more second and…

"Darien!" Guiltily, he moved back to the other side of the bench and glanced at Usagi's dazed face. Both of them moved to look at Rei and the rest of the Inners confused faces.

"Hey, Rei." He said, not knowing what else to do.

"Is that all you can say after what you two were about to do? What about Serena? You know what today is. After all the times we had to stop you from committing suicide on today and all it takes is for…" Rei was interrupted midsentence at Usagi's shocked gasp.

"Why would you try to take your own life, Darien?" Usagi asked, tears in her eyes.

"Serena was my life. How could I go on without her in it?" Darien asked sadly.

"You can't make someone your entire life, Darien. You have to learn to live for yourself." Usagi said, clutching his hands.

"Get your hands off of him. Geez, you can't even leave him alone for a minute. And here I thought you were supposed to have Serena's best interests at heart." Mina said looking as if she wanted to remove Usagi's hands for her.

Usagi felt her blood began to boil and tried to chant calming mantras in her mind.

"I think you two need to calm down and mind your own business. Darien and I are adults and can make our own decisions on what's right and wrong. We do not need two busybodies helping us."

Turning away from them, Usagi looked back at Darien but could that their words were already taking their effect on him. Her opportunity to tell him the truth was gone for now.

Standing up, Usagi glanced at the girls and then did a double take. Behind them, someone was being chased by a nasty looking youma.

"Help me!" The girl being chased screamed as she passed them by. Usagi stared in shock along with everyone else as they saw it was the missing moon princess.


"And she's been like this for how long?" Linda asked Erika while gazing down at Rose's sleeping face.

"According to the nurse, about six months now. They are debating on whether to take her off life support now or wait a bit longer." Erika replied sadly.

"Darien doesn't know?" Erika shook her head no.

"He disappeared after you were brought back and has been busy catching up with his duties as a doctor. No one has been brave enough to mention yet to him that he has a sister he didn't know about who's also comatose." Erika continued.

"How do we help her?" Linda asked sadly wishing Travis was there to comfort her.

"I don't know. I really don't know." Erika said.


Pushing the blinking button on their communicators, they were both surprised by Cosmos' tired face.

"Guys, I need you to get to the mansion a.s.a.p. Things just got very interesting." After the cryptic message, her face disappeared.

"Let's go." Erika said and with one last lingering glance on their old friend, they left.

Later they arrived at the mansion and were directed to the meeting room. Everyone was gathered including Molly. The Inners and Darien had huge grins on their face while everyone else looked a bit more suspicious.

Usagi was at the front with a grim look upon her face.

"Now that everyone's here, I have some disturbing news." Waiting for everyone's attention to be directed her way, Usagi continued.

"Princess Serenity was found earlier being chased by the enemy. We were able to rescue her."

Instantly, people were shouting and exclamations of disbelief sounded throughout the room. Raising a hand, everyone instantly quieted and Usagi gestured behind her.

Luna and Artemis parted behind her revealing the missing princess. She looked just as she did when she left all those years ago except she was wearing a plain white dress similar to her princess one.

Usagi gestured for her to come near the front. Everyone watched with a held breath as the princess wearily got up and stood by Usagi. The resemblance between the two was apparent side by side with the only difference being hair color and hair style.

"Princess Serenity, please tell us how you were captured by the enemy." Usagi said and stepped back from her.

Twisting her fingers, the princess peered under blonde eyelashes at the room.

"All I remember is being chased by this scary looking youma. This man, he was clothed in a dark robe, kept telling me to come back. But I knew he was evil and that I needed to escape. I can't remember anything else." She said with tears in her eyes.

Immediately, Darien ran to her side and grabbed her by the arms.

"I'm so sorry, Serena. For everything that happened and what I said to you. I never wanted you to leave. Please, please forgive me." He said the last part on his knees with his head bowed.

Everyone waited to see her reaction and when she stayed silent, Darien lifted his head to look at her. Tears were streaming down her face with a look of confusion clouding it.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are. I don't remember anything before escaping!" With that outburst, Serena started sobbing with her face in her hands.

Darien immediately had a crushed look upon his face that made Usagi want to comfort him, but she stayed fast in her position.

"It's alright, Serena. We will help you remember." Darien said comfortingly.

The Inner scouts had the same devastating looks on their faces as Serena confirmed that she did not remember them as well. Luckily Rini wasn't there as well since Usagi thought it necessary to keep her out of this for now.

"Linda, do you think you can restore her memories?" Amy asked when everyone settled down.

Linda had a thoughtful look on her face but then shook her head. "No, I think in this case that it would be best for the princess to remember by herself. The memory loss might be from a concussion or from blocking a traumatic event. Either way, I would feel better if we knew why she had the memory loss before messing around with her head."

Everyone nodded at the logic but the hopeful looks were gone. Then Rei's face turned to fiery rage.

"Wait a minute, I thought Serena was in your custody? I thought you said you were protecting her and that she was safe?" Rei screamed at Usagi, stalking to her until they were almost face to face.

Immediately, Linda and Erika rushed to her side and the Outers tensed.

Usagi held up her hand to them and gave Rei a sad smile.

"I understand your anger, Rei, but I do not know how the enemy found her. We had her in a safe compound where no one should have been able to guess her identity."

Her words did not seem to placate Rei so Usagi turned to Serena. Getting to one knee, Usagi bowed before Serena.

"I am sorry, Princess Serenity. I failed you." Usagi said and felt everyone in the room do the same thing as her.

"We all failed you, Princess." Everyone but the Inners and Darien said, mimicking Usagi.

Lifting her eyes so she could peek under her eyelashes at Serena, Usagi saw the sorrow on Serena's face and stifled a gasp. She could detect no evil on the princess' face.

"Please, everyone, get to your feet. There is no need to feel this way. I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation to why this happened. I know you all did the best you could to protect me." Serena said as everyone slowly followed her order.

"Thank you, Princess. Once again you have shown how pure at heart you are." Usagi said keeping her eyes on the Serena's face. Still she could detect nothing but empathy at the situation.

Turning to Rei and the others who still looked suspicious, Usagi gestured to them and said, "I am sure the princess must be exhausted at her journey. Why don't you all give her a quick tour and escort her to one of the spare rooms? Travis, you can go with her and maybe one of you can jolt her memory."

The Inners, Darien and Travis nodded and escorted the princess out. Travis gave Usagi one last lingering look before the door closed.

With an expression of pure exhaustion, Usagi collapsed in her chair and rested her face in her hands.

As the last footsteps from outside faded away, Amoura broke the silence. "Can someone please tell me what the hell that was?"

Usagi lifted her head at her and replied, "The missing moon princess, duh."

Laughing at the look she earned, Usagi smiled.

"I'm assuming the enemy does not realize that Cosmos is the real princess and thought they could infiltrate our camps by sending a look-a-like." Zach volunteered.

"That's my guess as well." Usagi agreed.

"So what are we supposed to do with her?" Erika asked not quite getting what's so funny about the situation.

"I say we lock her up and see what information we can get from her." Amoura said smashing her fists together.

"Amoura!" Michelle said with astonishment.

Laughing at Amoura's chastised look, Usagi shook her head. "No there's something off about this situation. I was observing her the whole time and I honestly do not believe that she knows she is a fake."

Confusion created a tense atmosphere in the room.
"What do you mean, Usagi? That she is a clone or puppet?" Molly asked.

"I think that might be it. I don't sense evil from her. The question is how they were able to make the clone and what her purpose for being here is." Usagi answered and then gave Trista a questioning glance.

Trista shrugged and looked off into the distance. "I have not been able to see into the future for a while now. The gates of time are closed to me. But I would assume that she is here to get information and the rest of the rainbow crystals."

Everyone turned to look at Linda who tried to hide her fear. "I would rather not have that happen again. It was horrible feeling something being ripped out from within my soul." Covering herself with her arms, Linda tried to stop shaking. Nathan went to her and gave her a hug.

"We won't let that happen to you again." He said gently.

Usagi looked away at the sibling exchange and gave everyone else a stern look. "Until we know for sure what is going on, we have to continue playing along. By the way, thank you all for following my lead earlier. We have to make her believe that we are fooled by her appearance and we definitely need the Inner scouts and Darien to believe that we are on their side. We cannot have them running off with the imposter in fear that we are the bad guys. But we cannot leave them alone with her either. One of us has to be near her at all times. And if you feel like something suspicious is about to happen, then you contact me. Am I clear on this?"

Everyone nodded even though most still had looks of confusion and apprehension on their faces.

"It's the only option we have left. They believe she is the moon princess and will fight us to protect her. We have to let them find out on their own that she's a fake." Usagi finished and dismissed everyone. She prayed that she was doing the right thing by letting the enemy stay in their midst.

Before Trista left, Usagi motioned for her to come near.

"Trista, I need you to take Rini away from here until this all blows over." Usagi said quietly.

"I do not see how that will be possible if Rini finds out about Serena showing up." Trista said.

"Do not tell her then, we will tell everyone else that we don't want to overwhelm Serena by telling her about a future daughter she has. Please, I do not want Rini getting hurt and I know you don't either. I don't think I can protect her if she stays here." Usagi said her voice breaking in the end.

She just found her daughter, but now she had to lose her again to keep her safe. At least this time she would not have to worry about her.

Trista nodded and left to start on her mission.

Usagi dropped her head to the table and watched the door. With the way her day was going, pretty soon something else was going to pop up and blow her mind away.

Sure enough, Linda poked her head in. Seeing Usagi was alone, she allowed herself inside and gave Usagi a small smile.

"Hey there." Usagi said picking up her head and looking at her friend. Travis appearing really made a change to Linda's life. Now she didn't have the dark circles under her eyes and there was a glow about her. Usagi missed having that glow and regret kicked her in the stomach. If the enemy was behind everything, they were going to pay.

"Hey." Linda said and then gave her an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry I have to bring even more bad news but I really don't have the time to wait." Taking a deep breath, Linda continued.

"We have to tell Darien about Rose and I think you should be the one to do it."

Usagi gave her a stunned look. She knew Darien deserved to know about his sister but why did she have to be the one to tell him?!

Seeing her confusion, Linda explained, "I have seen the way you have been looking at him." Cutting off Usagi's denial, Linda said. "You cannot deny that you miss him and still love him. It's not that evident to most people, but those closest to you have picked up on it. We have also seen the way Darien looks at you and Travis told me what happened between him and Seiya."

"Usagi, even if Darien doesn't know who you are, he still feels the connection you two have together. You being the one telling him might lessen the blow and maybe help him decide what he wants to do about it."
"What do you mean do about it, Linda? What haven't you said?" Usagi asked, the feeling of apprehension growing.

Looking away, Linda said, "The doctors are giving up on her. Pretty soon they are going to take her off life support and then she will die. She has no living relatives that they know of that will take responsibility for her so they can do whatever they want with her. Only Darien can prevent that from happening and he has to do that soon."

Usagi nodded and soon Linda left. Everything was getting too difficult to deal with alone. Times like this were when she was glad to have someone to hold her and tell her everything would be alright.

Sometimes she hated being the leader. Not only did she have to deal with the imposter claiming to be her, but now she had to deal with telling Darien he has a sister who is also comatose because her rainbow jewel was stolen and is about to be taken off life support which means she will die. Then she has to worry about who contains the other two crystals and how to save them if their crystal is taken. And if the enemy was behind the scouts telling her off all those years ago, then can she really stay angry at them and blame them for what happened?

Feeling another headache coming on, Usagi groaned and wished her mother was there to help her.

"Headache?" A voice came to her right and she saw Darien staring at her.

Sighing at him, Usagi nodded and straightened out her form. Ever since the moment at the bench, she no longer felt the drowning sense of sorrow that she used to feel at the sight of him. It was like she could breathe again and feel her heart beating.

"I have some medicine if you need some." Darien said pulling up a chair beside hers.

"No, I'm fine. It's just from all the stress and enemy attacks." Usagi said waving him off.

He gave her a worried look. "I know we only just met, Usagi. But I feel like I've known you my entire life. If there is anything that you need to talk about, I'm here for you."

Feeling her heart break a little, Usagi said, "Well there is this one thing, Darien."

Not sure how to start off, Usagi waited a minute then said, "How much do you remember from the Silver Millennium?"

Confused at the direction she was taking, Darien thought for a minute. "Um mostly I just remember the time I spent with Princess Serenity. It seems like everything up to the moment I met her was like a dream. Like I wasn't ever fully awake and living. Then I met her and everything brightened up and became clear. She gave me a reason for living and from then on, it all became about making her smile."

Usagi felt her heart jolt at the loving way he talked and the wistful look in his eyes like he was reliving those times, but that wasn't what she wanted to hear right now.

"Do you remember your family during that time?" She asked.

With a pure look of concentration, Darien struggled to remember his family. "No when I try to remember them, all I can see are glimpses of a man and woman who dark hair and loving smiles. And a….I see a little girl with black hair in pigtails twirling around me."

Giving him a sad look, Usagi said, "That's your sister, Darien. Her name is Rose."

A startled expression spread across his face and he gave her an incredulous look. "What do you mean I have a sister? Did she die in the car crash that killed my parents too?"

"I don't know how you and Rose came to be apart. She could have been in the crash or she could have never been with you in this life time. All I know is she grew up in the same orphanage as Linda and Erika. Then they lost track of her until now."

Darien waited for her to continue but Usagi hesitated. He looked so hopeful staring at her and waiting to hear where his sister was now.

"She's in a coma, Darien. She was one of the rainbow jewel carriers and the enemy already got it from her. Pretty soon the doctors are going to pull her off life support." Usagi grabbed his hands and gave him an encouraging smile.

"But you can save her. You're her only living relative and you can take responsibility for her. You can make them keep her on life support until we figure out how to bring her back. And I promise you, Darien that we will find out how to do that." Usagi said.

"Please say something, Darien." Usagi said after he stayed silent.

"I don't know what to say, Usagi. You're telling me that I have a sister this entire time when I thought I was alone. I have missed so much time with her and now I failed to protect her when she needed me the most."

"Please don't blame yourself. I never knew about…I mean Travis never knew about Serena until he met us. And they are twins. This is no one's fault and now we can make sure neither of you are ever alone again. We will defeat the enemy and bring Rose back so you two can be family again."

Feeling his inner turmoil even if he wasn't outwardly showing it, Usagi finally stood and pulled him into a hug. His arms tentatively wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer. For once in a long time, Usagi felt complete and lost herself in the moment. She wanted to remember how this felt in case it never happened again.

She felt the dampness of her shirt where his tears silently fell. She rested her chin on his head and smoothed his hair with her fingers. Soon she felt him start to draw back.

His eyes drew her in and she felt the pull from the park again. Licking her lips unconsciously, his eyes immediately focused there. A blush crept up in her face and she felt like a school girl again. Even after she left, there had been no one else but Darien that garnered her interest. Well everyone except that moment with Seiya. She had tried to be attracted to other guys in her class and attended parties, but she couldn't make herself feel anything for any of them.

Now she could feel the heat flushing through her from his stare and the spot where his hands rested. From the smoldering look in his eyes, she knew it was affecting him as well.

"Usagi…" Darien whispered and moved his hands a bit up her waist. Usagi bit her lip and rested her hands on his shoulders. She could feel herself moving closer to him like she was being pulled in. The little voice in the back of her mind was telling her this was not the time to be doing this, but Usagi hushed that voice up.

Usagi absently wondered if her illusion would hold up if they kissed, but decided it was worth finding out. "Darien…" She whispered and it came out sounded more like a sigh.

Closing her eyes, Usagi felt the faintest touch on her lips before she was roughly pushed away. Confused, she opened her eyes right before Serena and the Inners walked in. Darien was staring at the wall with a grim look on his face with clenched hands.

Removing her eyes from him, Usagi plastered on a smile while Rei and the others tried reading what happened right before they came in. Serena smiled back oblivious to the tension and gestured to the Travis who was hidden behind everyone.

"My brother," Laughing softly, she smiled at him, "I can't believe I have a twin! He was going to show me to my room but then didn't know where you would want me." Shrugging at the thought, Serena gave her a hopeless look.

'She's either really good at her acting or she's really sincere.' Usagi thought but couldn't help to return the smile. Not sparing a glance at Darien, Usagi said, "Of course. I would love to help." And went to show Serena a room...right across from hers.

Darien looked at the two girls leaving and couldn't help but justify his actions. Usagi almost looked like Serena's twin and he felt a connection similar to the one he felt with Serena. He just couldn't control himself near her.

"Darien, what's going on with you?" Mina asked when he still hadn't said anything.

"Yeah, it's not like you to be acting like a love sick pup." Lita added.

Growing angry at their words, Darien calmed himself down. "It's nothing. She just told me some disturbing news."

"Darien, we are here for you no matter what. You can trust us to have your back or help you through rough times." Mina said growing concerned at his dismal state.

"Thanks, guys. I'm sorry to put you through so much since Serena left." Darien said feeling guilty at his anger. He wasn't the only one going through hard times.

"So what did she tell you to upset you?" Rei asked when no one else seemed like they were going to.

"She said I have a sister." Ignoring their gasps, he continued. "She's in a hospital near here and was one of the rainbow jewel carriers."

"What do you mean was? What happened to her?" Amy's questioned stood out over the rest.

"She's in a comatose state and will be taken off life support soon…that is if I don't go over there and claim responsibility of her." Darien answered.

"Well then go do that! Sounds simple enough." Lita said.

"That's not it though. What if she wasn't born my sister in this time? What if the DNA test shows we are not blood related and I can't do anything to stop them from killing her?" Growing angry again, Darien stood and put his hands on the wall.

"Darien, we can't afford to let our doubts overtake us now. Not when we just got Serena back and have allies in our fight. We will go with you tomorrow and get this straightened out. Even if you're not her blood brother, we can still find a way to save her. Maybe they will let you pay for her continued care until we can find a cure." Amy said gently. Darien looked at her and nodded. "Thanks, guys." He said.

"Princess, may I ask you something?" Usagi asked while she walked beside Travis.

"Please don't call me that. Serena is fine." Serena said. "But what do you want to ask?"

Sparing her a side glance, Usagi asked, "What happened to the silver imperium crystal? Did the enemy find it?"

Stopping Serena had a horrified look at her face, "I don't know what happened to it! What if the enemy did get it and that's how I escaped? Because they didn't need me anymore?" And with that Serena started crying and fell to the ground.

Usagi covered her ears at the baby like screaming and gave a look at Travis that meant 'shut her up'. All she could think was 'no wonder everyone hated it when I cried if I sounded like that!'

"Shhh….Serena. It will be alright. I'm sure the enemy doesn't have it. And they wouldn't be able to use it even if they did." He said consolingly and eventually she stopped crying.

"Are you done?" Usagi asked slightly peeved that her headache had returned.

"Yes." Serena said with a chastised look.

"Here's your room. You will be staying across the hall from me in case you ever need anything or attacked. You can scream and I will hear you. Or you can just run to my room." Usagi said.

"Of course, thank you so much for helping." Serena said and disappeared inside with her exclamations of how great the room was echoing until the door was closed.

Travis gave Usagi a look and she just rolled her eyes and pointed towards her room. Once inside, Usagi dropped on her bed and stifled a scream with her pillow. Travis sat beside her and rubbed her back.

"Want to talk about it?" He asked.

"Travis, am I doing the right thing? Allowing her to go on pretending to be me and fooling the Inners and Darien?"

Travis waited a moment for answering, mulling around the different choices.

"I think this is the only option you have. If you call her out to be an imposter then you have to reveal your true identity. You also risk any advantage we have over the enemy. If you try calling her out without revealing your identity, then they won't believe you and might try running away with the imposter."

Usagi nodded. "That's what I was thinking. I think there's something strange about all of this. She doesn't seem evil."

"I know what you mean, she's different. Like she's an actual clone of you that was imprinted with your personality." Travis said shivering at the thought.

"There's something else too." Usagi could feel her cheeks reddening.

"Something with you and Darien?" Travis guessed. Startled Usagi wondered how many other people have figured out something was going on. Reading her look, Travis grinned. "It's so obvious. You can practically feel the tension when you two are near each other."

Grimacing, Usagi said, "He almost kissed me…twice, but we were interrupted both times." Touching her fingertip to her lips, she could almost remember how it used to feel kissing him.

"But now is a bad time to try to rekindle that relationship. With the imposter showing up, Darien is going to be as distant as ever."

"Well, at least now you will know if he wants to be with you for you or for the fact you used to be Princess Serenity." Travis suggested.

Processing his words, Usagi thought it over. "So you are saying if he gives up the imposter Princess Serenity for me…then he really did want to be with me for me. Not because we were together in another life. Travis, you are brilliant!"

A huge smile blossomed across her face. This was the solution she had been searching for ever since Darien once again appeared in her life. This would be the best way to see whether or not they were ever meant to be together.

"Of course, I'm brilliant! I'm your brother." Travis said right before he started tickling her.

"Travis! Stop tickling me!" Usagi screamed trying to get away from him.

Passing outside the room, Darien was trying to find Serena when he heard laughing. It sounded vaguely like Serena and Travis so he knocked on the door. Instead he was greeted with a very rumpled Usagi and laughing Travis.

"Darien." Usagi said with a smile.

Darien looked questioningly between the two and decided he didn't want to know. Jealously was leaving a bitter taste in his mouth and he was still confused about his feelings for Usagi.

"Did you need something?" Usagi asked closing the door behind her and leaving Travis out of the conversation.

"Yeah, where is Serena's room?" Darien asked ignoring the downfallen look on Usagi's face.

Pointing to the door across from her room, Usagi said, "Right through there."

Darien nodded and turned to go, but stopped when Usagi said his name.

"About today…" Usagi started until Darien stopped her.

"I'm sorry about that, Usagi. I was lonely and with Serena being gone and today being our anniversary, I wasn't thinking straight. It won't happen again." He said turning his back to her, missing the tears welling up in her eyes.

Brushing them away, Usagi maintained her voice. "Alright, Darien. Good night then."
"Good night, Usagi." With that Usagi went back to her room while Darien stood there for a few more minutes with clenched fists. For some reason, that just felt wrong to him. Instead of going to Serena's room, he just went back to his. He had some things to think about.

Leaning against the door, Usagi felt the tears fall down her face and Travis scoop her in his arms. With Darien's words echoing in her head, it felt like her heart was breaking all over again. She needed to be stronger if she ever wanted to survive the next couple of weeks.