By: CrystallicSky

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Notes: Before you start reading, know that this is not only the first fic I've seen more than ½ of the way through, but also my first slash story, so yes, I'm a noob, but hey, I'm trying, so get off me! Also, if anybody seems REALLY out of character, it's because I've only actually seen about three episodes of XS, and if it's Chase that's out of character, as I suspect he is, only one of those three episodes had Chase in it, so sorry. And if you have any questions, before you comment with them, check my author's notes at the bottom, because if I think something needs explaining, I'll write it there, so yeah. I think that's about it, so read on, if you still want to!

A young man, in nearly-black robes of a dark blue shade, stood anxiously at the door to a throne room in an obviously impressive castle, if the door itself was of any indication. He wrung his hands in nervous anticipation as shouts and sobs echoed through the door.

"My ungrateful son has been gone long enough! LeatherKnife, you ensured his swift recapture! When do you intend to make good on your oath?!"

The gruff, livid voice was answered by a suave, calm one, though the undertone of pure malice made a shiver course through the very spine of the eavesdropper.

"Your majesty, you must be patient. The prince, though he tries very hard to hide, will not escape my grasp forever. In fact, I believe I've finally located the boy and now-"

"My baby!" a female voice sobbed hysterically. "Oh, is it true, have you found my precious Death?!"

The figure outside the door gave an exasperated sigh at the woman's shrieking, running a hand over his face and into his dark hair, brushing along two dark, wavy lines on the way. These lines began at the edge of his cheek, curving in the manner of an ocean's waves across the man's face until they joined into one sharp point upon the bridge of his nose. It was obviously not make-up or paint of any kind, else it would have smudged when the sweaty palm made contact with it. Bright blue eyes concentrated on nothing as he attempted to hear more of the conversation.

"Yes, my lady." The man's dulcet voice continued, spoken with the same intention one might use to coax someone to sip from a poisoned cup. "I'm sure it is the prince, for though his disguise is nearly perfect, he is unable to disguise his royal marks, and despite how convincing his act is, I can see right through it. I did raise him, after all, so I know his tricks. Sooner or later, though, he will slip up, and that is when I shall return him to you."

The honey-sweet tone made the dark-haired man wince in recognition of it, even as another figure moved to stand next to him, this one with a black marking on the opposite cheek that decorated the left side of his face with an almost zig-zagging splotch, several splatter-like dots surrounding it.

"No, LeatherKnife! As his nursemaid, you are responsible for him, and four years gone is quite enough! You will not wait for him to slip up. You will make him slip up, and he will return to his home!"

The black-haired man and his new companion with shaggy chestnut hair and jade-colored eyes could hear the smirk in LeatherKnife's voice as he answered.

"But, King...should he resist..?" He trailed the question off, not quite trusting himself to keep from showing his sick joy.

"He seems to trust his teacher and personal guard well enough, and so for this, you will bring ArcaneThorn," the dark-haired head perked up at his name, "and MauveBane," jade eyes focused on the door in interest, "in order to persuade him to return. If he does indeed refuse..."

The air was thick with nervous tension on the outside of the door, and though ArcaneThorn and MauveBane shared an anxious glance, LeatherKnife's voice practically floated through the door in rapture.

"Yes, your Majesty?"

"Use any means necessary for his capture."

The words settled in the air like lead, causing the hearts of the two men listening to drop to the bottom of their chests.

Preceded by a small, nearly psychotic chuckle, LeatherKnife's smooth voice, clearly contented with the words spoke once more. "As you wish, my King."

Quick footsteps approaching was the only warning before the doors swung open and a man with spiky, navy blue hair stepped between the two men outside the door. As his face, previously turned to the floor, raised to meet those of his companions, his black eyes and twin black slashes across the right cheek and the single slash across the other were all distorted by the maniacally wide grin he wore.

"Boys..."he began, "Pack your bags, we're headed for a little planet called Earth..." His sentence once again trailed off as he walked off, cackling like a madman.

"Thorn..." MauveBane started after a silent moment as he fingered a rosy sleeve of his pink and black robes with one hand, and tightly gripped a Chinese-style lantern of no apparent use in the other. "You're smart. Scientifically speaking, what are the chances of Prince GoldenDeath returning to Kitavra without getting hurt..?"

ArcaneThorn was silent for another moment, his hair still on end from the monster that passed as a nursemaid before finally answering his companion.

"With LeatherKnife involved? I would estimate less than five percent, Bane. I suspect that if the prince does indeed return to this planet, it won't be until after his blood has first been spilled." His grim tone left little room for hope.

"I was afraid of that..." MauveBane's muttered words seemed to reflect the true hopelessness of the situation, while over seven hundred million or so light-years away, said prince was having some troubles of his own...

A/N: Well, it's short, but there's the first chapter. I won't spoil anything for you, because that'd be rude, but, yes, LeatherKnife is effing psychotic. You know, I honestly wasn't going to post this until I was totally finished(and I have at least ten more chapters written, but they're longer than this and will take a while to type up), but today was my last day of school, and as a graduation-is-coming present, my friend who likes this story bought me a TMNT action figure, and whether you like TMNT or not, I love it, and I felt bad because I didn't buy him anything. So, as his graduation present, I'm posting up this fic for him early. Happy(or unhappy in your case, you crying person!) Graduation, Matt!

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