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"We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of our esteemed King GoldenDeath and his chosen mate, Chase Young."

The throne room of the palace had quickly been converted into something of a temporary chapel, the thrones themselves relocated to make way for the traditional altar and various artworks of decoration likewise moved to make room for the pews. Naturally, almost the entire kingdom had come out to share in the joy of their new, more benevolent king's marriage to the man of his dreams.

ArcaneThorn and MauveBane had been given front row seats, of course; the proud father smiled approvingly, arm comfortingly around the equally proud mother's shoulders as his grin of joy was masked by tears.

His baby was getting married!

"If the beloved would join hands..."

Without hesitation, Chase grasped GoldenDeath's hand in his own, pleased to see a small smile spread across his mate's face.

Death was beyond happy, he was ecstatic; I mean, the Chase Young, the only human he'd ever given a thought of equality to, much less admiration, found him acceptable, wanted him as wife.

If he could melt, he would have in a heartbeat.

The priestess held a white ribbon of silk high above her head for the congregation to see, speaking, "With this ribbon, I bind the souls of these two for as long as they should live," she tied a neat, little bow around the lovers' conjoined hands, "and though the knot shall come undone, may their hearts never drift apart."

Admittedly, Chase had been somewhat apprehensive about going through with the ceremony. Centuries of life as a bachelor had left him comfortable with no commitments, and in the past, whenever the possibility of it arose, needless to say, he quickly terminated any possibility of such a thing.

GoldenDeath, however, beautiful, intelligent, loving GoldenDeath was different than his past lovers. The young man wasn't only interested in his body or his power; no Death wanted all of him.

As Jack Spicer, that was one of the things that the warlord had found fascinating despite himself, the ability to be so completely infatuated with him for no other reason than that he existed.

Chase Young lived, and that had been enough to keep Jack, and now GoldenDeath, interested.

Unlike Jack Spicer, however, GoldenDeath was a proud, strong Kitavran, with skill enough to fend off even those twice his size and a mind sharp enough to contend with a delicate situation in which interplanetary war was at stake. He still had the fascinating trait of devotion that had always drawn Chase to him, but by way of a miracle, the rest of him had become interesting as well the minute he'd ceased to hold the persona the warlord had known for years.

This thought dispelled all doubts about the wedding immediately, and the man squeezed his mate's hand a bit tighter in his own.

GoldenDeath didn't just meet the standards, but instead had earned the title of his spouse, and Chase would gladly give it to him.

The rest of the ceremony happened to be in a very ancient Kitavran tongue, one that was so seldom used that only priests and priestesses knew so much as a word of it anymore, but though it seemed to drag on forever for both Death and Chase as they did no more than stare at the other in longing, the end eventually came.

"The ones named GoldenDeath and Chase Young are now wed; may happiness bless your way through the years!"

Cheers and applause erupted in the room as the warlord refused to wait any longer than necessary, and upon receiving this cue, used his free arm to pull his newly-declared wife as close as possible and kissed him passionately despite the fact that their hands were still bound together by the silk ribbon.

"You are mine," he whispered to the young man when he broke the kiss for air.

"Forever," Death immediately replied, "as long as you want me."

Chase smirked. "Forever it is, then..."


"You're splittin' so soon?"

"Yeah, Bane," the newlywed smiled at his surrogate father, appreciative of the arm curled around his back and the subsequent hand on his hip, "I'd never ask Chase to change planets, and I know Earth better than he knows Kitavra, so its really only fair."

"Death," ArcaneThorn frowned, "what about the kingdom? You're the ruler; what are the people supposed to do with you gone?"

"Already taken care of," GoldenDeath assured, "'cause I'm not the king anymore."

"Huh? Then who the hell is?" MauveBane frowned.

"That'd be you, dad."

"Me?" he gasped, "Since when?"

"This morning," Chase informed his step-father with a smirk, "my mate had all the paperwork filed bright and early."

"Much to your dismay, I seem to remember," the young man teased his lover.

ArcaneThorn and MauveBane shared a look. "Former King GoldenDeath, on the orders of the new King and Queen of the Realm..."

"C'mere and give your old mom and dad a hug!"

The Kitavran in question did so without hesitation, only temporarily separating himself from Chase to obey the command.

"I'm gonna miss you guys," he said quietly.

"We're gonna miss you, too, Death."

"Dear one," Chase Young addressed, holding the small orb recovered from among LeatherKnife's possessions in his hand, "it's time to go."

The dark-haired youth half-smiled, breaking away from the hug and returning to his beloved's side. "Don't fuck up the planet while I'm gone, okay?"

"Aw, you buzzkill!" Bane grumbled, to which his lover smacked him lightly on the arm.

"I'll keep him from wrecking everything," Thorn assured.

And with a bright flash of light, the newlywed couple was gone.


Chase, despite how vehemently he would deny it to any he knew, living or dead, was worried.

GoldenDeath had been exceedingly tired for the past few weeks, and often slept even more than twelve hours daily.

He refused his lover in bed aside from snuggling, and only left said bed to use the bathroom or eat.

When asked if anything was wrong, he would do no more than shake his head and end the conversation.

The warlord's senses were screaming at him that his mate was sick or hurt, and that he had to do something about it, but without knowledge of the situation and no aid from the mate in question in that department, there was really nothing he could do.

The last thing he needed right now was for Wuya to be making a nuisance of herself.

"Chase," she cooed for what had to have been the millionth time since discovering his return to Earth, "I am useful to you; Jack," she laughed, refusing to call the young man by his true name even now that she knew it, "isn't. He hasn't helped you with a single thing for weeks! I'll bet he hasn't even satisfied you in bed for-"

"My mate," he growled firmly at the woman, "is unwell. I expect nothing of him while he is so."

"Some mate," she scoffed, "just sleeps and eats all day, doesn't do a damn thing for you! But I would...I would do anything you asked of me," Wuya assured, "I would even give you an heir, if you wanted. You see, that's something you just can't do with Jackie: have a child..."

"Wuya, I-"

"I can give him a child," a quiet voice spoke, drawing gold and green eyes to the other side of the room where GoldenDeath clung to the frame of the door, looking utterly exhausted, "he doesn't need a kid from you, Wuya, not when..." a tiny smile twitched the youth's lips, and his hand went of its own accord to his flat stomach, "not when I'm already having one by him."

Then, as if the strain of staying awake was too much for him, he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

Chase immediately stood from his throne, and was to his fallen mate's side in seconds. "Leave," he softly demanded of Wuya as he scooped his love into his arms.

"But, Chase, I-"

"Leave!" he roared, leaving no room for questioning, and the witch made a hasty retreat while the warlord returned GoldenDeath to their bedroom.


" have conceived," the man stated more than asked.

"Yeah," his lover quietly admitted, "that's why I've been...weird, lately."

"I understand your drive to rest so often," Chase assured, "but why did you stave off any sexual contact? It wouldn't hurt the child."

The Kitavran's cheeks flushed a dark pink. " see...when a male of my race becomes pregnant, our...genitals temporarily change to become female, so we can actually give birth. I didn't want you to..."

The man sighed. "I could care less of your sexual gender, Death. You are my mate: whether you have a penis or a vagina makes no difference to me."

"I'll take that as a compliment, then," the younger chuckled, kissing the warlord affectionately.

Upon breaking away, Chase asked a very important question. "Do you know the gender of the child?"

This was a very crucial thing: if the baby was male, there could be serious complications.

As men do, it is their nature to surpass the one that came before them, their sire, and Chase Young being Chase Young, his son, if he had one, would challenge him for dominance, for control of the world.

Chase could not, and would not give that up.

Inevitably, it would result in a battle to the death, and no matter what the outcome, his GoldenDeath would be the loser.

Should the warlord win, he would have to spend centuries, perhaps even millennia soothing the hurt that would come from having lost the only child the Kitavran could ever have, and he would never have the young man's trust again, at least not to the full extent that he did now, and of course there would be his own pain to deal with from having killed son with his own hands.

Should the son win, GoldenDeath would be doomed, surviving on residual magic from their binding spell for perhaps only a day or two if not dying instantly. In that case, instant death would be the mercy. Should he last any longer than the moment of Chase's death, he would be completely devastated, haunted by the knowledge that the very son he bore had killed the love of his life.

It was truly a lose-lose situation.

With a daughter, however, such a thing would be less likely to happen; females were smarter, gentler creatures, and even if she wanted to take on her father's legacy, she would have enough foresight to know just how trying to achieve such a thing would damage her poor mother and decide against it. The child would still try to surpass her parents, but in a different field, would try to make her own name for herself instead of stealing her mother or father's mantle. She wouldn't want to be known to any as daughter of Chase Young and GoldenDeath, usurper of their empire; no, a female child would want to be known as the daughter of Chase Young and GoldenDeath, a complete success in gaining her own legacy.

This one was more of a win-win situation.

"Yeah, I know," Death admitted, "but...I don't think you're going to like it."

Chase Young braced himself for news of a son.

"Y'see, there's a huge problem on Kitavra; there are way more men than women these days, and that leaves a huge societal imbalance. Darwin's theory of natural selection went into effect a decade or so ago at an alarming rate, and so now, pregnant males will only ever have female children."

If he knew he sighed audibly in relief, the warlord didn't care.

GoldenDeath, however, took it as a sign of disappointment, and so apologized, "I'm sorry I couldn't give you a proper heir..."

His lover only chuckled at the statement, taking the young man into his arms and assuring, "I'm glad that you didn't."


The newest generation of Xiaolin monks froze at the sight of another person suddenly in the clearing with them, standing just before the Shen Gong Wu they'd been sent to retrieve.

It was a woman, lovely in all senses of the word and a Helen of Troy had they ever seen one.

Her complexion was pale, pure as ivory and equally without blemishes of any sort. Her hair was short, but dark, the kind of black that is so deep it almost shines blue. Her eyes were of a glowing gold and had slit pupils, which seemed to match with the slight points of her ears, and beneath each eye was a black mark in the shape of a hook. She wore a short, black dress with thick bands of gold trim around the skirt and both sleeves, akin in nature to her boots, and covering her thighs were royal blue leggings, showing that though she was a shapely and beautiful woman, she was not in the habit of showing off her body.

"Who are you?" their Egyptian leader, Azizi almost breathlessly questioned.

The young woman smirked, revealing sharp fangs in her grin as she informed, "I am BlackDeath Young, and I have been sent by my father to retrieve this Shen Gong Wu from you Xiaolin monks as a test of my training..."


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